October 3, 2013

Weekend Plans...Homecoming 2013

Happy October weekend everyone!!! Best time of the year, right? This weekend is full of autumn-ish events for us. And so far the weather looks as if it will cooperate. Friday night Madison is planning on going to the movies and Rhett is working there. Before that I am trying out a new recipe for dinner...Philly cheese steak sloppy joes. : )

Saturday is busy around here. Steve has a special event at work so he will be gone most of the day. And Madison will be preparing for the Homecoming Dance.   Even though she no longer attends the high school, she is allowed to attend as a guest.  And as luck would have it, a senior boy invited her to be his date. He is a nice young man and a good friend...insert emphasis on the word 'friend' here...and I am hoping they have a good time. I am enjoying the relationship break around here lately. ; )

They are planning on attending Mass at 5:00, so they will be here before that for pictures. We are planning attending the same Mass...but we will be sure to sit on the waaaay other side of the church. ;

Sunday we have a soccer game at 3:00. Before that I am planning a small brunch with some pumpkin French Toast. Yummmmm. After the game we are planning our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. Ahhhh...fall. : )  And that is what we are up to this beautiful autumn weekend. I hope yours is happy and cozy and yummy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for stopping by, my friends!

One more vacation shot from my phone...Flynn praying the rosary for a good, safe trip.

I returned home to find my dear mother had taken very good care of my pretty mum.

 I am loving autumn treats these days...

and being all ready for cozy autumn evenings inside...

and these beautiful handmade quilts I had made from a very talented woman on Etsy. Late last spring I sent her pieces of my very favorite clothes from each of my children. Well, minus Flynn because she is still wearing her's. And last week, these arrived. I couldn't be happier. Each outfit has such wonderful memories attached to it. That little white hat there? Madison wore that home from the hospital. : )

Here is Peyton's. I gave no instructions...but I am so happy she put the Cookie Monster front and center. Peyton wore that every single day for almost an entire winter!

And my Rhett's. I was so excited to buy little boy clothes! He wore that Old Navy Rugby all the time.

We returned home from the beach to find the leaves were just beginning to present their beautiful gift to us...

and every year I marvel at them as if it were the first time I have seen them.

This is the view from my porch...and now you know why I love fall so...

and this is a tree behind my neighbor's house. : )

Kirby alerted us to some friends in the yard this week.

They were probably looking for these...from the trees that line my driveway.

Back from vacation means back to school. And all of my kids this one was ready to jump back in.

She is doing well. And she loves to call me "teacher." : )

She inherited my love of all things autumn. The first day of October meant bringing out the Halloween clothes...

and hair bows too.

She and I prepared a special snack to welcome October back...

and they were good. : )

Happy October!
And here is the link for the Etsy shop for the quilts...she is a joy to work with.


  1. These posts are my favorite. Sounds like you have a busy, but fun weekend planned. The food you're making sounds delicious. I didn't know there was such a thing as Pumpkin Spice English muffins! Loving the fall right along with you. Enjoy, my friend.

  2. We have Homecoming here this weekend too - so fun!

  3. Sounds like you guys have a great weekend planned! We are heading to the beach for one last quick trip. The leaves are so pretty where you are. Here where I am in N.C. nothing has started to turn yet.

  4. Hi Billie Jo! I want to live at your house...your view is spectacular! And you went from a beach vista to those trees. Awesome!

    You are going to be one busy lady, but all of your plans sound like fun. Dances and pumpkin patches and special foods, it all sounds wonderful. I am going to visit my daughter this weekend. We will have some 'gal time' and then I'll stay at her house for a few days.

    Those cupcakes look mighty good :)
    Happy Weekend to you, my friend,

  5. Beautiful fall pictures. And I so wish I could pull off a Halloween outfit like Flynn's...stripey leggings and a pumpkin tshirt...TOO cute! I hope Madison has a great time at Homecoming. Post pics please! And I'm SO impressed that they're going to Mass first. You have wonderful kids. Happy fall, friend!

  6. We are celebrating this week also with the kids. Crazy things to wear to school etc. That is great that the school lets her participate in that activity. It really is a fun time. I still remember my coke guzzling contest at my homecoming so long long ago. My son is not dating but going with a bunch of friends to the dance. I wanted to go to the game so bad but it is raining and raining here in MN. Horrible for garage sale people and weddings!

    love all the pumpkin stuff.

    Please can you link that esty lady who does the shirt quilts! that is the neatest idea!

    happy happy homecoming sweet bloggy friend!

  7. Oh I just love all your beautiful fall pictures....if only I could find a way to get out there to visit you!
    I love the quilts. I have a big blanket for both Nicolas and Isabella that is made from some of their baby blankets.
    I hope Madison has a wonderful time at homecoming this weekend. I love that they are going to mass before the dance. God is always first.
    Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  8. Fall is just beautiful where you live!!! Our leaves are just beginning to turn...we still have several weeks before we see such beautiful color on our trees. Flynn's little outfits are so cute! *sigh* My one and only girl just isn't into coordinating seasonal outfits anymore! LOL Guess whose bedroom desk arrived today???!!!! Squeal!!! Getting ready to write a post on her big bedroom reveal. Some changes coming to the blog...but it's all good. Thank you for your words of wisdom and sound advice. I took it to heart!!! Hugs,Val

  9. Thanks for the link to the quilt lady! I am currently working on a quilt for Mary's bedroom...but I too have saved all of her most precious outfits...as well as those of Ben and Luke's. Love baby clothes quilts!!!

  10. Oh these pics are sooo wonderful! This is my favorite season, too! I just love those blankets - what a good idea! When the girls are older, I will have to remember to do that! Hope the trees stay like that for a few weeks! It's still 80 here until Sunday!

  11. That is so neat that your daughter and her friend are going to attend Mass before going out to the Homecoming Dance. I love it when young people put God first in their lives - then everything falls into place. Those quilts are soooo cute! Love it. Isn't fall just the best?! Have a happy, happy weekend!

  12. One more thing....let us know how you like "Killing Lincoln." I read it earlier this year and quite enjoy it. "Killing Kennedy" was also good, but I don't know if I'll be up to "Killing Jesus." I also love your photos of the beautiful fall leaves.

  13. Out of all the photos, I dear say, the beautiful nature pictures are my fave :) It's still hot here, although we are "supposed" to have a cold front move in tomorrow. Cold = 70's for us ;) Back up in the 80's next week, which is the type of weather I prefer. Looking forward to homecoming pictures!

  14. oh you really do have some fall color and I LOVE IT!! we would settle for at least the temps around here!:) I think we have a few days of highs in just the 70's thank goodness!!:)
    Flynn looks so sweet in her Halloween gear! she is really getting big mama!! sorry!:(
    and please oh please tell me the name of the etsy quilt lady!!!! you have no idea how long making a quilt like that has been on my to-do list! forever!!!!!!!
    of course since I can't sew, I knew i'd be hiring it out!:) haha they are just beautiful!!
    have a happy day billie jo!


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