September 26, 2013

Weekend Plans...Abbreviated Edition

Well, that week flew right by. I'm writing this on my iPad as our vacation comes to a close.  Friday night will find us enjoying our last night at the beach. This translates to final walks in the sand, goodbyes to the beautiful ocean, and strategic packing to get everything to fit back into the van. Add to that sentimental and tired kids, and I'm sure a few tears will fall...

Saturday we will get up and start our trip home early. The ride home is never as exciting, but truth be told, I am always happy to be home sweet home. Depending on what time we get home, we may attend Mass. If not, we will go Sunday morning.

Sunday finds us back in the real world. Madison has her last day of work for the season at Dairy Queen, and Steve and Rhett have a soccer game. Peyton, Flynn, and I will stay home and get started on laundry and such. I plan on working on a vacation post too. : )

Sorry no pictures...they are coming soon! But I do hope your weekend is happy and autumn-ish, whatever your plans may be!


  1. Enjoy that last walk on the beach. Safe travels home my friend. Home always feels good. And your autumn home is the best!

  2. Nothing better than vacation on the beach! I'm always happy to get home too, no matter how great it was :).

  3. Oh, soak up that ocean and beach and all the good things about it!! I remember the last day of our Mexico vacation (Tom's parents took us 3 years ago) Oh, my gosh, I wanted to make that last day double in hours and I just wanted to sit there all day and soak it all in...oh, well, vacations must end and they only make us appreciate home that much more!

    Can't wait to see pictures!
    Have a safe trip home!

  4. ditto on the pictures..Cannot wait!

  5. Have a safe trip home, sounds like you are getting thrown into reality as soon as you walk in the door! Looking forward to hearing all about the days at the beach!

  6. Be safe. Looking forward to the official vacation post...with pictures! <3

  7. Silly me, thought you were already home, lol. Can't wait for pics. Blessings


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