September 28, 2013

Beach Vacation 2013

We traveled several hours south last week to one of our favorite vacation spots...Ocean City, Maryland. We have been going there for several years now...ever since Madison was a baby. Sitting on the beach, staring at that vast, beautiful ocean always brings me peace. I had a bit of a hard time this year that first day, because I missed my sweet parents. We always brought them with us, and they loved it so. The beach holds so many wonderful memories, and I hold them dear to my heart. My mother's health issues prevented her from coming, but she stayed at our house, spent some time with our puppy Kirby and sat on the porch and enjoyed the leaves, so I felt better about that. And I did phone my dad one afternoon, and he sounded so good, it made my heart happy. It was a good day, and I was able to actually talk to my dad, without that heartless Dementia standing in the way. : )

We had a wonderful, laid back, quiet family week together. Spending time at the beach in September is empty beach, perfect temperatures, and no crowds at restaurants! We stayed in a BEAUTIFUL condo right on the beach. Another plus to vacationing at the beach in September...way lower rates! We stayed at a gorgeous place, and paid less than half the summer rates. : )

Below are way too many pictures of our trip... Just in case you have some extra time on your hands. ; )

Hello, Beach! How we've missed you...
First view of the condo is always exciting...
I loved the beautiful kitchen where I cooked absolutely nothing. : )
And the living room was cozy and bright.
Choosing bedrooms is always a treat...
this little lady ended up here, with her bestie Peyton.
And my bathroom passed my OCD inspection as well. : )
First official beach picture...finally here!
The weather was beautiful all week...and these three spent a lot of time doing this...
while this little lady spent hours doing this. : )
Sometimes it got a little windy...
but these two didn't seem to mind.
After a bit, this little one wanted to put on some "sunscream" and "catch a wave."
After a few days, she was ready to go...
and she loved it...
and wanted to make sure we all saw. : )
I remembered you all too!
I found this on my little Flynn wanted to post a picture of her snack.
She worked up quite an appetite swimming in her new princess floatie Madison bought her.
One of my favorite pictures...
and this one of the message that my sweet hubby made for me...
and this one too. : )
We had these a few too many times. But since we live nowhere near one, it was a special treat.
We got dressed up and went out to we are at my favorite place. Even though we are at the beach and had all kinds of yummy seafood, pasta will always be my fave. : )
We had a great meal at this place...BJ'S on the Water...
We spent evenings on the beach...
and walking on the Boardwalk.  Steve and I were walking behind our four precious kids, and I got a little teary. Surprise, right? But I swear it was yesterday we pushed our little one year old Madison on that very same boardwalk...Time passes quickly, but provides many blessings. : )
Ocean City 2013 was wonderful...
so until we meet again...thanks for the memories.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love Flynn's little polka dot swimsuit. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time.

  2. Oh Billie Jo! These photos are wonderful, I love seeing the family (and YOU) in them. I have never been to Ocean City, but it looks amazing. I want to put my house up for sale and move into that condo. Where do you find places to stay like this???

    I am sorry to hear about your Mom and Dad. It's so hard to see parents get older and more frail. And dementia...yeah. My mother-in-law had that. It's so sad. But I'm so happy he could have a great conversation with you, and remember the love that is there.

    Welcome home :)

  3. that message from your hubby was the best! So glad you all had some great family time!

  4. Like your shirt said, "Life is good". Indeed it is my friend..blessings

  5. What fun! Love the condo looks nice and relaxing and I'm so OCD about bathrooms being clean too, how else am I supposed to feel clean ;) You got some great pics of your family and your husband is awesome for making that in the sand for you. This post makes me miss Summer already!!

  6. This is great! So happy that you had this family time. What a sweet message from your beloved ;) The condo looked gorgeous and I had to laugh at the no cooking thing. That would be me, too. That a dream to always have an immaculate looking kitchen! Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us all :)

  7. now THAT is a vacation!!! You know how we go on vacation...usually camping somewhere. I would die and go to heaven at that place. Just beautiful. So glad to hear you had a good time. Family + Beach = Heaven on Earth!

  8. What a lovely getaway! Time with family is the best. My daughter is moving to Maryland so maybe will will have to check out Ocean City when we go to visit her. Great condo too! Hope you have a great week.

  9. Love love love love love this happy wonderful post friend! I'm sipping my tea and smiling for you. Happy, even teary moments walking on the boardwalk, calling your Dad, Flynn on the beach, all of your kiddos together, the I love you in the sand... love it all! And that condo... to die for! September on the beach... ahhh! (one of the awesome perks from homeschooling for sure!) so so so so so happy for you and your sweet family. Thanks for sharing your trip! xoxoxo tara

  10. What a wonderful vacation! I so want to experience the beach in the Fall...when temps are lower and crowds are nil! Such adorable pics...I love Flynn's bathing suit! Too cute. The sweetest part, though, was about talking to your dad. So happy for you, Billie Jo. (BTW...have you read Colleen Carroll Campbell's "My Sister's the Saints"? If not, you need to order that one. It's her autobiography and she shares her journey with her father's alzheimer's diagnosis. It moved me to tears, but I bet it would be really moving to hear another Catholic's perspective in dealing with this dreadful diagnosis.

    Hugs, Friend!

  11. I love everything about this post! I am so happy you were able to get away and spend time with your beautiful family. I am so happy you were able to talk with your dad while you were away.

    Oh and your condo looks amazing!!

  12. Great pics of the family and your awesome vacation! It looks like it was such a wonderful trip with great weather. Ahh that condo and beach looks like it was what the doctor ordered. I'm sure it's hard to get back to reality! How sweet is your husband?!

  13. Billie Jo!! I loved all the pictures!! Looks like a wonderful time! Love what you said about the kitchen!! (so funny!) and I LOVE the beach!! We had a vacation planned for Florida, staying in a condo on the beach last September but then Simeon got sick and we had to cancel. We still dream of going there someday, but now seeing the East coast, maybe that's our place? Looked like you got both kind of weather, cooler and warm! Loved your views from the windows and I would have sat on that balcony every morning!! (sipping my International Foods coffee!)

    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us!

  14. Wow! It looks like the perfect week. The place where you stay is gorgeous too. All of your pictures are great. I'm glad you had fun.

  15. I forgot a couple things, first, I've been thinking about your parents, and they (and you) are in my prayers. Must be so hard. What a blessing your mom stayed at your home though!

    Second, I forgot to say I love your blue sweatshirt, it's so YOU--(beautiful)

  16. oh I wanna be there!!! like now!:)
    What a beautiful vacation for such a beautiful family. sorry your heart was aching for you mom and dad. I know that must have been hard.:(
    Flynn looks so sweet in the sand. happy and carefree. oh to be young!
    and that is one amazing condo!!
    glad you enjoyed this time together!
    have a happy day billie jo

  17. What a wonderful vacation! It sounds like the salt air really did you some good :)

    That's the one thing about Colorado--no [real] beach unless you get on a plane. I miss it so much. The beach was a huge part of my life and my parents' lives growing up (Sea Isle City and Cape May in NJ) because my granparents had a place and would go down the shore for the entire summer. I understand what that ache must be like when it's such a *whole* family thing. I'm so glad you were able to talk to your dad on a good day! And that you relaxed in that beautiful kitchen without having to worry about cooking ;)

    I love Flynn with that bow still in her hair despite the location--so adorable!!! And that message you are just the sweetest and your whole family just glows with love! I hope the kids (and you grown-ups) will cherish these wonderful memories!

  18. What a great vacation and place for family memories. And, what a great time to do it-lower rates, less crowds- perfect! Isn't it great schooling at home when you can just take the time away and not worry about scheduling conflicts?? ;) Every picture exuded bliss and sweet moments. Thanks for sharing!


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