September 25, 2013

Fall In Our House 2013

Fall is here! And that means we are spending a bit more time inside. I love making our home feel more cozy this time of year. Adding a few touches here and there does the trick. Here a some pictures of fall in our house. I would love to see some of yours!

The table in the mudroom is decked out with a few small pumpkins, and greets visitors with the warm scent of Harvest Welcome.

The kitchen table has a few small touches too...

like this cute ceramic pumpkin

and our ever popular candy dish filled with autumn wrapped goodies!

A couple little touches hang on the kitchen walls...

and this one hangs right over my desk.

The sideboard has some decorations I have had forever, and the brand new leaves the girls made in school.

The fall mantle is simple but warm,

and this cute little pillow adds a sweet touch nearby.

We decorated the holiday tree with autumn ornaments...

acorns, and pumpkins, and colorful leaves.

The hearth room is cozy with the late afternoon sun shining in.

Adding just a few touches to the bookshelf makes all the difference.

The kitchen sink even gets an autumn addition.

And our very favorite candle burns brightly in our home every autumn evening.

Happy fall, friends!


  1. Oh, everything is homey and inviting! I only have a small baking pumpkin on the table...that was moved to the entry way because everyone uses the table...

    How was the beach?

  2. Your home is so charming and cozy for the pretty Autumn season :) Beautiful job, my friend.

  3. My favorite posts ever are the ones when you open up your door and invite us in. I'm sipping my tea and thinking that I need you to come over and help me rearrange all of these fall decorations that are all over in bins around me. I only have a few things up right now but your post gets me in the mood to dig out the rest of the pumpkins and find a cozy spot for them. Okay, my favs in you house? 1. The special touches above the bookshelf with the picture of Flynn in the middle... love how you arranged all of that! 2. Always, always, always, your holiday tree... that's it! I'm going out for one this weekend! Where oh where did you find the fall ornaments? 3. Oh and the way the afternoon sun shines in your hearth room... lovely... cozy... perfect! 4. The mantle, the sideboard, even the soap... love it all!!!!!! Now, off to decorating... :) xoxoxo tara

  4. LOVE your home!!! So cozy and perfectly ready for Fall!!! I can't wait to get our decorations out...they're still sitting in the orange tub since last weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. Wow! You sure do go all out! It looks great!

  6. OK. not only do you have to cook for me..but also come and decorate my home also. Something that I only do at Halloween, Christmas and Easter. so much work!

    you make it look so easy peasy. and it does look marvelous!

  7. Beautiful! I will post pictures next week, payday is then. I think..I shall move in with you all, lolol. Blessings

  8. I love Fall and your home looks so cozy and I bet it smells amazing with that pumpkin candle burning! Thanks for sharing all your decorations with us, I need to get it together and set up our decorations!

  9. Beautiful! Can you come decorate for me? Joseph would be running off with most of the decorations so he could play with them. Where did you get your pumpkins in the first three pictures? They are so cute!

  10. I love it all! What a happy home :)

    I love the idea of a holiday tree for all seasons!

    I branched out (for me) this year and put a tablecloth with runner on the dining room table, a fall wreath on the door, and a few pumpkin candle holders and leaf sprays around the house. I agree, you can come decorate for me any time! ;)

  11. Everything looks so warm and cozy. I just want to cuddle up under a blanket with a cup of coffee and good conversation. I'm taking a trip and headed west....

  12. Hi Billie Jo! Where do you live? I'm coming over!!

    I love your hearth room, I don't have a fireplace, and I love yours. I thought I saw a Christmas tree in the first photos and thought "That can't be?" Oh, I get it! It's a fall tree! What a cute idea!

    I also love your sideboard. Is that an antique? If I put out candies, I'd eat every single darn one of them. Maybe I shouldn't come over after all...

    Loved to see your house. It looks warm and friendly, just like you :)

  13. Love it! Perfect autumn touches. And I especially LOVE the holiday tree. I may have to copy that idea. Happy Fall, sweet friend. :)

  14. I think if I ever had to get stuck outside a stranger's house in a blizzard, it would HAVE to be your house :)

  15. This is great! You are inspiring me to get going on this :).

  16. Your home is beautiful as usual friend.
    I had my pumpkin candle burning tonight as well.

  17. You know I wait on pins and needles to see your holiday decor shots! Just LOVE these! I would just love to walk in your cutie country house every day! That holiday tree is just so creative!

  18. love your fall home! especially that bowl full of treats but it's night time and I haven't had my ice cream yet so that's the mood i'm in!!:) haha
    thank you for letting us take a peek inside.
    you know how much I love that!:0
    have a happy night


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