June 30, 2013

What's Inside My July Folder

July...The lazy, crazy hazy days of summer...not much goes on around here this month. My folder reflects this, especially this year. Now that we have decided to cyberschool, many things that were on my monthly list of things to do are no longer necessary...no need to order school uniforms or start looking for school supplies when Walmart puts them out on the day after fourth of July. So anyway, here is my July folder...

And here is what's inside...
The first thing inside is the July poem. Madison wrote this one several years ago!
Beautiful July
July comes in with the sun shining bright
Playing during the day
Sitting on the porch at night
Sparklers and fireworks
Let's celebrate the red, white, and blue
Thank God for America
It gave freedom to me and you
Running through sprinklers
Riding scooters and bikes
But the summer seems to be slipping right by
Let's treasure these moments of beautiful July
Because before you know it
It'll be school time
Madison Stoltz
The next thing is my list of things to do this month.
1. Fill in yearly school memory books.
2. Christmas in July
3.Start listing items needed for fall-clothes and jackets.
4.Order birthday gifts for fall birthdays.
I also have a few yummy recipes for special red, white, and blue desserts. And that is about it! Happy July! Happy Planning!


  1. July folder?? When did June happen?? Time is passing way too quickly. It only seems to pass faster the older I get. I don't like it :)

  2. Folders for every month! WOW! I LOVE that idea. Your organization skills are way beyond mine. Happy almost July!

  3. Hi Billie Jo! You know that when I read this post off I go to make my July folder. You're a motivator.. and I love it!!! How was your Anniversary weekend? Bet it was sweet! Hope all is well with you and all of your littles! xoxo tara

  4. Can't believe it's July 1! Those Fourth of July desserts look yummy! I'm taking inventory here of school uniforms already and figuring out what we need to order for August - it will be here too soon!

  5. I need to start doing the monthly folders. I could use some organization around here. Can't believe it's July already. Yikes!

  6. Love your folder posts! I have been working on mine.
    I love the poem Madison wrote.
    Christmas in July I love July 25th...I played some Christmas that day. Ray just laughed at me. :)


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