June 27, 2013

Weekend Plans...Anniversary Edition

Another summer weekend is rolling around, and this one is a special one for me and my sweet hubby...it is our 22nd wedding anniversary! Yes, that makes us officially old...but still as much in love as we were that stifling hot June day so many years ago. Saying yes to Steve was the best decision I ever made, and I am thankful every day for his gift of love. And support. And wisdom. And patience. And awesome parenting skills. Did I mention patience?

Friday afternoon the kids and I are going down to visit my dad in the nursing home. He is doing a bit better in this setting, despite a few falls. Thankfully, he was not hurt. I am thankful he is in a place where he is safe and sound. After our visit, I am taking the kids to our favorite quick dinner spot...Taco Bell! Have you tried the Limeade Sparkler yet? You must.

Saturday is our special day, and as such I plan on doing nothing. That is until I spot some random thing that needs straightened, or organized, or cleaned. OCD is such a joy... We are attending early evening Mass and then Steve and I have a date night planned! Without kids! Eeek! Having kids far apart in age bonus: free babysitters! We ordered some pizza kits that are arriving Saturday, so the kids will have those and some fun free time while Steve and I go out to eat and pretend that we are not wondering what the kids are doing. And there we go...another Brady Bunch episode reference...remember the one where Greg and Marcia were babysitting and Cindy had the sniffles? Oh...sorry...there I go again...

Sunday is happily free. Free from anything. Our first Sunday of the summer with no place to be and nothing to do. I think I will have some pancakes and fresh fruit for brunch and possibly some sloppy joes for dinner. In between...summer fun...playing outside, watching old movies, sitting on the porch. And that my friends is what we have planned for this summer weekend. I hope yours is happy and sunny and yummy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for stopping by! : )

Happy Anniversary Steve! : )
It's the funniest thing...the older I get, the blonder my hair gets...hmmmm.

What do you do when your hubby surprises you with 2 baskets of these beauties?

Make strawberry pie, of course...

and strawberry muffins too!

All set for our Monsters University premiere party last weekend...

just some simple table decorations, but the kids thought it was so neat!

All ready to see the movie...and it was great!

Check out this parade that passed through our TV room this week. : ) 

My little Flynn...

Happy Summer weekend, friends!


  1. Oh my gosh, happy anniversary! So smart to make built in babysitters, we went for the see-how-many-kids-we-could-have-in-the-fastest-time-possible route :)

    You look even more beautiful now then on your wedding day - amazing!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love your wedding picture, beautiful as always.

    Those strawberries look delicious!

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary! You are a beautiful couple..and doesn't 22yrs fly by. I am always amazed how fast it goes.

    Cool theme. You make everything so special for the kids.

    ...and you are an amazing cook. it is official..you are moving to MN!!!

    coffee and tea and cool themes...over at the neighbors!!

    have a great weekend and love that man, bloggy friend.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Billie Jo! You were such a beautiful bride...but I think you are even prettier today!!! But I do love our "big hair" from way back in the day!!! LOL Strawberries look delicious along with your baked goods...and a Monster U "premiere party"...uhhhh, MOM.OF.THE.YEAR!!! Seriously.

    Enjoy your visit with your dad and your weekend!


  5. Things in common (are you getting tired of this game yet?): Taco Bell for quick dinners, built in babysitters, and OCD :)
    Love the Monsters Premiere Party...so cute! And the little train that you caught running through your living room made me a little weepy for those days. We rarely have trains anywhere anymore. Love that you caught that little memory.
    Happy Anniversary weekend. Hope you have a wonderful date night.

  6. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! to a beautiful couple who made a beautiful family and a beautiful home! I love your blog (you already know that) and my day is not complete without stopping by.. I always feel the comfort of home right out of your posts. Maybe it's the strawberry pie!!! Looks sooo good. I'm so glad that your anniversary weekend is a relaxing one for you two. Enjoy your dinner out! Hope it's not at Taco Bell :) hee hee! Love and marriage is grand, isn't it? :) Here's to the next 22!!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary and congratulations on a job well done! You have a beautiful family and I love reading about your weekends. This one sounds perfect. Enjoy your dinner date. We just used our oldest to babysit for the first time last weekend and it was divine. Have fun celebrating all you've created!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved! What a beautiful wedding picture. Isn't it amazing how quickly time is passing??!! May God bless you abundantly throughout this next year and always. Looking at the food pictures, no lie, my little Clementine was going, "MMMmmmm...." LOL

  9. Happy Anniversary!!!
    22 years is awesome!
    and I love the built in babysitter thing!!
    we are not quite there fully...but close!:)

    we saw monsters U too and loved it!!

    have a happy day billie jo


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