May 9, 2013

Weekend Plans...Prom and Mother's Day 2013

We have an exciting, jam packed weekend planned and I am very excited for it all. First dear sweet only best friend Marian is coming up to visit! I promise to take pictures as evidence that I do actually know a real life person who can stand to be friends with me. Friday night, my sister Margie is taking Madison to get her nails done for Prom, and Steve will be working late so dinner is still up in the air. I am thinking about take out from my favorite place...steak salad anyone?...and then a movie and catching up with Mar.

Saturday will be a busy day of Prom preparations for my Madison. She is going to her first prom with one of her very best friends, Jeffrey. Jeffrey is also her very first friend...she met him when we moved into our old house and they have been friends ever since. He is a senior, and Madison was thrilled he asked her to go to his prom with him. She has a beautiful dress, and is doing her own hair and make up. She is awesome at that and I am sooo glad she likes to do it herself. After pictures here, they are off to Mass and dinner before the Prom. We are planning on Mass ourselves then home for Barbecue beef sandwiches and cheesy fries for dinner.

Sunday... Mother's Day! I plan on being surprised with breakfast in bed...hopefully a  turnover and a cup of coffee and lots of homemade cards and gifts from my littles. Sunday afternoon we have a soccer game.  Hopefully the rain will hold off until that is over...then I am thinking pizza and wings for dinner before Marian heads out. I am secretly hoping for one of Madison's Dairy Queen cakes too! Hint to my hubby if you're reading this. ; )

Well that is what we have planned for this busy spring weekend. I hope yours is happy and sunny and full of love, whatever your plans may be. And to all my sweet bloggy friends out there who are mothers or grandmothers or Godmothers or mothers at heart...Happy Mother's Day to you!

   "It will be gone before you know it. The fingerprints on the wall appear higher and higher. Then suddenly they disappear."
Dorthy Evslin
American writer
Ahhh...bath, blankie, milk, and Max and Ruby...Life is good.
Ever wonder what Heaven smells like?
Every few days, I like to make this up for breakfast and after school snacks.
Two of my three little ladies...
A sweet little guy brought this home for me!
Our soccer star!
He's pretty tight with the coach...and this was before the 3-0 loss on Sunday...
Peyton all set for the earlier than usual field trip day...
One of the many blessings of having kids far apart in age...
watching them love each other and help with the important things in life...
like learning to pedal a bike! Which, by the way, was Madison's first bike too!
Time to go in? Already? Really?


  1. Oh my gosh, so sweet! How do you keep everything straight from proms down to Max & Ruby? You're an awesome momma, and have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. Sounds like a sure win with an awesome weekend ahead! We'll be awaiting all the photos :) Enjoy the weekend and Happy Mother's Day to a very dear friend!

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you. You are such a sweet mama!

    PROM!! so exciting! Pictures of the dress, hair and nails???!!!

    I also love that I have a little one at the end for the big kids to love. It is a blessing. AND I also saved all the baby stuff she uses as well. Those are great pictures.

    Go soccer!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! Great pictures and sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  5. Busy weekend for sure! Happy Mother's Day...early! It looks so beautiful where you live!!! Is it mountainous? I can't wait to see prom pics!!! I have such fond memories from my proms! Enjoy your girlfriend time.


  6. Enjoy this weekend, especially time with your best friend. Good for you! Getting a daughter ready for prom...oh my. So exciting! Looking forward to the pictures! I LOVE Baby Magic. I love cuddling up to little ones fresh out of the tub and lathered up in that Baby Magic goodness. That and Dreft baby detergent for clothes. May you have a wonderful Mother's Day!! You deserve it!

  7. Can't wait to see prom pictures!! Blessings for her and Jeffrey for a wonderful night!

    My favorite smell is the little ones after their bath too, fresh lotion on...although, my 3 year old already likes only my lotion. I might have to switch to baby lotion, just so she uses it. I have a friend that thought it was so funny that I lotioned up my kids for as long as they let me, after their baths...SO I love that you do it too!

    Have fun with your friend, such a blessing!

    I love having babies and big kids, it teaches them to be good parents someday and I know my littles will have nieces and nephews to enjoy when they are teens. (probably anyway)

    Happy mother's day, God bless you!

  8. Prom how exciting! I can not wait to hear all about it! I love that she is going with her best and first friend.

    How fun to spend the entire weekend with your friend Marian. Enjoy your time with her.

    I love your family pictures. You can see the love you have for one another.
    Enjoy your busy weekend. :)


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