May 12, 2013

Don't Blink

Madison and her best friend Jeffrey had a great time at Prom Saturday night. I was so happy for them both, and in awe of how they have grown from those two little preschoolers who played spaceship on our swing set into these two young adults who are old enough to drive to dinner, Mass, and Prom. This is what they looked like on their big night.

And this is what they looked like years ago on their first "date" at our house.

Oh,  how my heart smiles when I think of that day. I remember standing outside taking that picture. I remember saying to Jeffrey's mom, my friend and neighbor Sharon, "Someday they will be going to prom together!" And we laughed thinking about that far off day. I got the pictures developed...those were the days before digital cameras, folks...and we smiled at how cute these two were on their very first date. And then I tucked the pictures away and moved on with life.

I answered the door when Jeffrey knocked to see if Madison could come out and play. I cleaned my house. I grocery shopped. I went to church with my little family. I gave birth to more sweet babies. One day, I moved with my family to a new home outside of town, and no longer answered the door to little Jeffrey's knocks. I cooked meals. I decorated for Christmas and Easter and Halloween. I baked cookies and did laundry. I picked my kids up from school. I read books. I gave birth to one more sweet soul. I took trips to Disney world and the beach. I gave baths and brushed hair. I clipped coupons and took walks. I slept. And I blinked.

Then one day I heard a knock at the door. I opened it to see a face I remembered, but did not recognize. It was Jeffrey, wanting to know if Madison could come and go for a ride. Somehow, someway, as I lived my life in what seemed to be the blink of an eye, this young boy who danced in my living room to Britney Spears and swam in my pool for hours on end and ate countless peanut butter sandwiches at my kitchen table had grown into a young man. And he asked my Madison to his senior prom. He told us he would not have dreamed of taking anyone else.

And so now, as I look longingly at these pictures of my Madison and her friend Jeffrey, I realize just how quickly life passes by...and I cherish each and every minute, knowing even the smallest of moments will become a wonderful memory in just the blink of an eye.


  1. Oh, this made me cry!! How beautiful. How fun to have a friend like that, to grow up with, to trust!! I can't believe how much Flynn looks like Madison did!! Madison you are a lovely young lady and look so very beautiful! (and your friend Jeffrey, what a handsome young man!)

    Your dress looks so pretty against the spring background!

    Thanks for sharing them with us Billie Jo! Happy blessed Mother's day!

  2. How special! What a blessing to have a good friend for so many years.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is the sweetest post! What a wonderful story!
    Happy Mother's Day, sweet friend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. So a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing their prom pictures with us.

    Yes in a blink of the eye they grow up. It makes you realize how special each day is that you have with them.

  5. Dont they say. Because they do grow up so fast.

    This was the bestest post evah.
    Your daughter is beautiful and to have a handsome young man to take her is a blessing.

    I love her dress and flowers!

    Happy Mothers day, friend.

  6. This was so beautifully written and I want all the moms to read it. You're so right, and your daughter is Gorgeous with a capital G.

  7. Sweet and beautifully written. So true, so true. I keep reminding myself to take the glimpses, take the pictures on my heart because it does go by so very fast.

    Precious post and be sure to tell your daughter she looked stunning. And Jeffrey looked handsome too ;)

  8. What a sweet, beautiful story. They looked so handsome for the prom!

  9. crying... for real... you write beautifully. I've never even met your daughter and I'm sorry that it had to go by so fast for you.

    Oh how I love that you wrote about those years so simply, so lovingly you days one into another.

    You are such a wonderful mom.

    Sweetest post ever.

    PS~ amazing that you have that picture of them from when they were little.

    Still crying... what is wrong with me? :)

  10. This was great... and frightening as I think of how fast everything is ALREADY flying by! Your daughter is stunning. She has a beauty that shines from within.


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