April 23, 2013

My New Secretary

Being that I am the CEO of this whole operation here, it is only fitting that I have a secretary, right? Someone to answer the numerous, persistent phone calls that we receive on a daily basis? (Read sarcasm here...like no one calls me. Probably because I never answer the phone.) Anyway, I didn't have too many applicants for the position. I did have one little lady that seemed have a stellar resume. Young, energetic, friendly, and seems to be here alot. Yep...you guessed it. My little Flynn got the job. Well, more like she appointed herself. She is the official phone answerer here. And Heaven help anyone who tries to take her job.

It has worked out fairly well. Perhaps since my mom and Steve are about the only ones who call on the house phone. My favorite exchange goes on between Flynn and Steve every time he calls. I am not kidding.

Flynn: "Hello?"

Steve: "Hello, Flynn. It's Daddy."

Flynn: "Oohhh. Is this my Daddy or
             Grandpa Daddy?" (meaning my dad)

Steve: "It's your Daddy...Steve."

Flynn:  "Oh, hello Stephen. What are you doing?
              Mommy is eating cereal.
              Do you know that pink balloon I had on Halloween?
              Remember that day? Kirby is sleeping
              and him took mom's sock again.
              Mom's on her iPad....." This part changes daily.

Steve: "Can I please talk to Mommy real quick?
             I have another call coming in. Flynn?"

Flynn: "Oh yes. Bye. Wait... Mommy,
             what is that I say after bye?"

Me:     "One moment please..."

Flynn: "One moment please..."

Me:      "Hi honey! Steve? Hello?  Hello?

Ok, so maybe we need to work on it some more. But I think she's a keeper. I mean... she makes my coffee too! : )


  1. Love the picture of sweet Flynn making your coffee. :) I need a new coffee pot and would love to get the kind you have.

  2. Oh she's a doll! Love the conversation. If she really does make your coffee, you've got it made!

  3. oh that is too sweet billie jo!
    aubrey loves to run and dash for the phone when it rings too.:) that is a sweet conversation and so perfect to write down and remember.
    and she makes you're coffee?? that girls hired!
    have a happy day

  4. OH, that is so cute!! I love that picture too, adorable. The 2 oldest girls run for the phone when it rings. Drives me nuts. I should show my 6 year old how to answer I suppose...

  5. it is a girl thing

    my boys always ignore the phone..but my 12yr old girl just runs to answer it. She also is hoping it is her dad.

    Cutest little coffee maker in the world!!

  6. Adorable! I usually let my phone ring, too! It drives my mom crazy! Perhaps I could borrow your cute little helper:)
    I hope you all are having a great week!

  7. Perfect, darling, I love it!!!! PS ~ I just bought two of those shirts for the girls from Gymboree... the birthday girl shirt, right, so cute! xoxo

  8. And yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day. How fitting!


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