April 21, 2013

A Little Touch Of Spring

Once the Easter decorations were packed up and stored away, and the house sparkled and shined from our marathon spring cleaning weekend, I got out a few sweet spring-y things to add a touch of color to our spring home. Not too much, though. After having holiday and seasonal themed decorations around since Halloween, I am ready for a bit less now. A few spring things here and there, but alot more bare space to allow the sun to shine in and the fresh air to flow. So....here is our house all spiffed up for spring. And to my bloggy friends who are still in the clutches of Old Man Winter...hope these pictures bring you some idea and hope for what is surely coming your way! : )

Our cleaned out hearth room with the holiday tree all decked out for spring...

with sweet little chicks and ducklings.

The spring mantel ...

adds just a touch of color to a crisp, clean room.

My sister Margie brought me this pretty wreath when she came for Easter dinner. Love!

And a few cute flowers, the only ones I can't ruin, are here on the computer desk.

 Lastly, because I am not a fan of flowery, spring-y scents, and I am a fan of food...our Cranberry Orange candle burns every evening in our spring home.

Happy Spring!


  1. Everything looks wonderful! And your spring cleaning from last week is still holding up, it seems. Have a great week Billie Jo.

  2. oh i love spring decorations...just what we need when the wind is howling outside and winter refuses to leave right??:)
    everything looks so beautiful and cleeeeean!!:)
    i'm not a flowery candle girl either...and i LOVE the food ones!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  3. Looks great, Billie Jo! I put away any Easter decorations this past weekend. It was a cleaning weekend, but that's okay. And then on Sunday, it was take the baby to the park day :) Hope you were able to get out and enjoy some of the gorgeous fresh air! I just love spring!

  4. Everything looks beautiful, springy and clean!! Love the wreath and the wood flowers!

  5. I was just thinking, I don't have any spring decorations besides Easter. I have Christmas, Fall, lots of Halloween..but no spring!! Will work on that one because yours makes me smile!

    Your beautiful home looks wonderful, bloggy friend!

  6. Good Morning! I love your spring banner. I am the same way with candles I love the food smelling candles. Bath and Body have some summer one out that smell wonderful right now.
    I love the cute flowers on your computer desk.

  7. I love everything! Oh the little joys in life like setting up a few spring things around the house. I love just as much as you! Wish we lived next door!

  8. So nice to have less stuff out sometimes - although I always get excited to get fall decor out! ;)

  9. I love these pics you put up of your decorated home for each season/month! It makes me want to live there, for sure!

  10. I so WANT it to be spring...the snow is almost melted out there from the last storm. Still a chance of more snow tonight and then, it appears, to warm up. Here's hoping!!!

  11. Billie Jo, I really love your Spring mantle! Do you mind if I share it on Pinterest? Very inspiring!


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