April 25, 2013

Weekend Plans

The last weekend of April? Is that right? I can't believe how quickly this school year passed by. I'm sure my kids feel quite differently...Friday night is free of plans. I think we may go and visit Steve's mother in her assisted living home . We don't get over to see her enough, and I feel badly about that. The kids are hoping to try a new pizza place there, and I am all about not having to cook trying new things, so pizza it shall be.

 Rhett is serving a funeral Mass on Saturday morning and Madison works during the day, which is nice because she can go to Mass and dinner with us. During the day, I think we will take advantage of the nice weather to clean out the garages. It doesn't feel like spring until Steve has officially emptied out the garages and swept out all the yucky winter remains. Then we organize all the balls, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, bubble wands, bikes, scooters, parachutes and basketballs that will be our besties for the next 6 months or so. Saturday early evening is Mass, followed by a Chinese dinner out. Two for two on not cooking for me. Yay!

Sunday is supposed to be a nice day. I am soo excited to try these slow cooker ribs from Patty!!! I have never made them and am thankful to Patty for giving me the recipe and the confidence to give them a try. I think I will serve them with baked potatoes and cornbread and broccoli. Since it will be nice, I am hoping my parents will come up and join us. Well that is what we have planned for this last weekend in April, our last slow, no plans made weekend for quite some time! I hope yours is happy, and warm, and yummy, whatever your plans may be!

Peyton and I made donuts last Saturday morning. They were delish!

All ready to pick up the kids. ( Yep...jammies again... ) That is her new lion that Rhett got her at the circus. His name is Tiger... : )

Flynn Grace...3 years old already!

Lunch this week...cucumber slices and

this soup. It only has 80 calories per serving. Which is great for me since I prefer to save all mine for my bedtime snack of junk food.

Seeing these all over the house means only one thing...soccer season has started! Yay!

Flynn had her first play date this week! She loved it and did great. I cried because that is my niece's little girl and I realized how old I am. OK...so I didn't cry. But I am really old.


  1. Yah! I got a new crock-pot/slow-cooker for my birthday! Looking for yummy recipes!

    I am old also with a 3yr old. We have so much in common!

    Happy weekend, friend!

  2. You are so funny! Enjoy two nights out of the kitchen! Your meal on Sunday sounds wonderful!
    I am headed out tomorrow for my college girls getaway in Charleston!

  3. Those donuts look yummy! I love hearing your weekend plans. Makes my life pretty boring though...cleaning things out this weekend too..we have the same toys for summer!! Got fresh chalk all ready to play this weekend!

    I saw those ribs at Patty's too and want to try them next round of meals I plan! I've never made them either!

    Have a great weekend friend! God bless you!

  4. How is it you made donuts and didn't invite me over? ;) Those look yu.m.my. I cannot believe it's the last weekend of April, but with a yard full of snow yet I can't believe it's even spring!

    No weekend plans, which is good because next weekend is Jonah's First Communion and we'll take the calm before the busyness. I also have a new little great niece that was born this week, so we'll get over to visit and meet her. Yay!

    1. ps...had a dream with you in it last night..you were living in Duluth MN (check the map, but it's on Lake Superior)and owned an ice cream shop. We were so exicited to meet and you made me an ice cream cone! lol!!

  5. The lion's name is Tiger!! That made me laugh. How sweet. Enjoy every minute of the weekend, dear friend.

  6. How great to have (second?) cousins to play with. Those donuts look amazing, and I am heading over to see that recipe now.

  7. Enjoy your two nights off cooking!!! And I agree that this school year has flown by - can''t believe the end of the year stuff is all starting up!


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