April 18, 2013

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here. Spring cleaning is done. Two of my favorite sentences right there! This weekend Steve and Rhett are going to camp with some friends to introduce Rhett to turkey hunting. I don't know who is more excited...Rhett or Steve! Rhett spends alot of time with Steve at work, and has made many good friends there. In fact, I think Rhett enjoys spending time with Steve and his friends as much as kids his own age. Rhett is quite mature for his age. I have always said he is an old soul. : ) They are heading to camp Friday evening. Madison and Ryan are going to attend the school play, so that leaves Peyton, Flynn and I to fend for ourselves. My sister Margie is coming up for the weekend, so I think we will get some take out and stay in with some movies and popcorn.

Saturday is a quiet day. The girls and I have no plans until Mass in the early afternoon. After Mass, I think we will see if my parents would like to join us for dinner at a local pizza place near their home. My dad is still hesitant about going out, but if the weather is nice, I would like to encourage him to give it a try. After dinner, I think we will swing through Dairy Queen for a treat made by my favorite gal, Madison!

Steve and Rhett are planning on returning earlier on Sunday. Madison and Ryan are spending the afternoon at his house. I am going to put some beef in the crock pot in the morning for barbecue beef sandwiches. I may make a pasta salad to go along with them, too. Then it will be baths, showers, lunches, and backpack packing to prepare for a brand new week. And that's it. That is what we will be up to this early spring weekend. I hope yours is sunny, and warm, and cozy, whatever your plans may be!

I made this spice cake last Friday night. It was perfect for breakfast and snacking during our spring cleaning weekend.

Our prayer shelf all sparkly clean!

We have had some rain here, and look what is happening! I am always in awe of God's gift of nature.

Speaking of God's gifts...this is Madison's latest art project from school. She amazes me.

April cupcake delivery! The ones with the straws are root beer float.Yum!

First walk of the season...and yep. That would be my daughter...still in her jammies at 4:00, jumping in puddles, wearing her snow boots. That's how we roll around here!

Love this. That's all.


  1. Love the jammie walk!!! SO cute. Something to look back on someday---"Remember when you used to go out in your jammies and...?"

    Wow, Madison is very talented!! She should teach Art!

    What's with the cupcake thing? I saw that last month too. (but forgot to ask)

    Love your prayer corner!!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

    It's grocery weekend,(every 2 weeks) that's what I'll be doing. (Sam's Club and Wal-mart)

  2. Your weekend sounds perfect as usual. I hope your Dad is able to go out for pizza with you. :) I love it all; except for the pack lunches and get ready for a new week... yuck! We've been on spring break here and I just dread Monday morning (and maybe Sunday night too!) Here's to a happy one for you and your tukey hunters:)

  3. Your cake and cupcakes look delicious! Did you make the cupcakes too? Your prayer corner looks beautiful. If I had something like that set up, most of the pictures, candles, and statues would be broken from the kids. Flynn looks adorable and I love Madison's painting!

  4. I always like having Friday and Saturday "off" from packing lunches! Your daughter's art is awesome. She's so talented! And that last picture....complete sweetness. Have a great weekend Billie Jo

  5. Love your prayer corner...I would love to have a place where we could gather or go to when needed.

    Your cake looks wonderful. Oh how I wish I could enjoy a piece with you.

    Have a wonderful weekend with the girls. :)

  6. That spot in your home is perfect for a prayer corner. The other day I was wishing I had a spot to put all my religious items, bible, candle and pictures. I have some upstairs by the computer..not the best spot in the world.

    happy weekend sweet bloggy friend!!!!!

    I love spice cake!!

    sweet little girl in jammies..savor savor savor

  7. Wonderful post! You have so many great things to share! The art project is wonderful! Is it oil pastels or paint?
    Enjoy time with your sister!
    We are busy with friend's birthday parties today. Fun, Fun!
    Have a great weekend, friend!


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