April 15, 2024

Monday Morning Coffee Talk


Good Monday morning, my friends. I hope your weekend was just what you wanted it to be. We had a nice one here. Steve and Christopher went hunting on Saturday, and Peyton came to spend the day with Flynn and me. It was like old times, I have to say! They baked a cake together, a yellow cake with chocolate icing from scratch, and we watched a movie I hadn't seen in years. Flynn recently read the book The Outsiders, so we watched the movie. It was one of Peyton's favorites when she was younger. And I remember reading it myself in Eighth Grade! When the movie came out in 1983, which I refuse to believe was forty-two years ago, it was THE movie to see. 


Saturday night, the entire family was here for dinner. Steve cooked steaks, I baked potatoes, and Kyrstin made a salad. It was so nice having all of us together around the table, talking and laughing—and enjoying the homemade cake, too! Sunday was mass, followed by a nap for me and the newest craze, Pickleball, for others. Then, a few of us went to the movies to round out the weekend. 

A few random things that have no purpose other than to jump from my brain to this screen:

~ Movie theatre popcorn is substantially better without the syrupy imitation butter substance added.

~ People who leave detailed, helpful reviews for clothing on websites need to be appreciated more than they are. 

~ You should always check your pockets before washing clothes. Also, torn, wet, clumpy, shredded tissues left in said pockets are evil pieces of torture.

~ No matter how busy or tired you are, you should always make your bed. Folding down the covers and sliding into a freshly made bed before you fall asleep instead of plopping down and tugging pieces of intertwined sheets and blankets to cover yourself is well with the effort.

Leaving you with these today, just because it's Monday.

Have a cozy day!

Billie Jo


  1. Wow! Wow! The Outsiders. Blast from the past. Glad you had a fun weekend. So true about checking pockets. I still don't alway remember. Then bam, tissue guts everywhere.

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I've seen these memes and they are all spot on for me.

  3. Sounds like you had a busy wonderful weekend! Ugh, yes I remember that movie so long ago...
    Agree with Lori, those memes are spot on for me too! LOL! Have a great week!

  4. The memes are hilarious! Also, The Outsiders...look at what babies they were! And all were probably on the cover of Teen Beat, which I probably read cover to cover :) What a great movie.

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I also had a nice Sunday with a little nap. It's so nice to be able to do that sometimes!
    Love all your random things - so true!

  6. The memes. They are so true and perfect. I love your weekend. I miss having our kids around. Life can get a bit lonely. It's a good thing I have hobbies. I cannot believe that move was so long ago. I'm older than I thought. :-) Is there any of that cake left? I'll be right over. lol

  7. I LOVE those memes! Especially going home to take a nap. That is me!!!

    At our school they read The Outsiders in 7th grade and then have an Outsiders day where they're either a soc or an outsider and everyone dresses the part. I haven't read it in so long that I should probably revisit it before my kids get to that age!

  8. Hope you week is as lovely as the weekend you had with family.

  9. Glad you had a beautiful weekend. I really liked the memes!! Have a great week Billy Joe🌷!

  10. The calm down quote is the best and funniest I have read in forever! We both laughed and laughed. You have sure made this Monday a good one. Sounds like you had the best kind of weekend. I remember The Outsiders very well.

  11. Cracking up laughing at the mem about hair and makeup or looking homeless. I'm afraid I rock the homeless look most days! Haha! But, I'm clean! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Do you know I have never seen The Outsiders?! I knoowwwww!! My son had to read it in 8th grade, I think, or maybe 9th and he watched it also. It's one of those movies I need to sit down and watch sometime. My attention span is just so short. And I agree that crawling into a bed that was made up feels heavenly! It's the first thing I do when I get up.

  12. My eldest read Outsiders for school last year. They just made it into a musical and it's currently on Broadway and I really want to go watch it.
    I agree.. always make your bed!

  13. Love the funnies.

  14. Movie theater popcorn is perfect without that oily stuff they call butter. I made the mistake and had to relearn that the last time I went to a movie - a few weeks ago.

    I greatly appreciate detailed and helpful clothing reviews (really any reviews), and I try to leave helpful ones.

    I'm thankful hubby will make the bed often. Unless I'm making it from scratch, I often just pull the covers up and neaten things up - for all intents and purposes, it's made I agree about getting into a made bed. I can't imagine the alternative.

    I hear you on tissues left in pockets. The groans that can be heard from the laundry room!

  15. Nice weekend with family. I also love to do a little nap and hate the tissues forgotten in pockets! You get pieces everywhere on the clothes!
    Thank you for your Birthday wishes Maxime had a nice party with his friends !


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