January 5, 2024

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Happy Friday, my friends! It is the first weekend of the brand-new year! From time to time, here in this little space, I like to reintroduce myself and my family just in case anyone reading is new. Let's face it, we are a lot! So, here we go...

Steve and Billie Jo (That's me!)

  Met in 1987 ~ Married in 1991 
   Steve recently retired after thirty-six years in his family's automotive business. 
(He loved every single minute!)
He loves people, talking to people, walking, being outside, cars, hunting, and his family.
I am a former elementary school teacher turned happily homeschooling mom.
(I love every single minute!)
I love being home, not talking to people, reading, being inside, TV, napping, and my family.
Our greatest blessings are our four children,
Madison, Peyton, Rhett, and Flynn.

Madison and Nicolas

Madison ~ 27, Married to Nicolas since 2019 ~ Loves tea, makeup, fashion, helping brides find their perfect dress, and Nicolas.
Nicolas ~ From Denmark ~ Loves watching professional soccer, gaming, cooking fancy meals, and Madison.
They live near us with their precious pup, Draper.

Peyton and Christopher

Peyton ~ 23, Married to Christopher since 2021 ~ Loves baking, cooking, homemaking, sharing her love of children as a nanny, and Chris.
Christopher ~ Loves coffee, building things, camping, hiking, computers, and Peyton.
They also live near us with their beautiful pup, Jenny.

Rhett and Kyrstin

Rhett ~ 21, Dating Kyrstin since 2020 ~ Loves cars, gaming, movies, watching football, Mexican food, and Kyrstin.
Kyrstin ~ Loves cats, iced coffee, helping others, holidays, and Rhett.
Rhett lives with us, so we get to see Kyrstin a lot too.


Flynn ~ 14, Loves dogs, gaming, reading, movies, tubing, hanging out with her family and friends, and ice cream. She also plays piano and recently got a ukelele. And she really does love homeschooling.

Mocha and Cosmo

Mocha ~ 8, a sweet Yorkipoo ~ Loves apples, cheese, snuggling, and her mom.
Cosmo ~ 7 months, a cuddly Cavapoo ~ Loves Mocha, playing, treats, snuggling, and his new family.

You are all caught up.
Have a cozy weekend. We may see some snow here in Pennsylvania!!
See you back here on Monday.

Billie Jo



  1. Even though I feel like I've "known" your family for years, it was fun to get reacquainted. You have such a lovely family...AND you, my friend, look amazing! xx

  2. Very nice to meet your family. Each person unique and beautiful in his or her own way.

  3. It's so fun to see your family and dogs and how much y'all enjoy life. Have a wonderful weekend and stay cozy!!

  4. I love this! I've been following your blog for a long time but I still learned some new things. Yes, PA is about to get some snow!!! Looks like your way will see more than my part of the state. Stay warm and cozy!

  5. Love the info on your family. Love how all your children are so close to you so you can see them often.

  6. Beautiful family! When you live near adult children, your life expands!

  7. Although I've been reading your blog since spring, I was glad to see this introduction and I learned lots more. For instance, I didn't know Rhett was living at home for the favorites of each child. You are very blessed my friend. With two of our three children living far away, we don't get to see them often at all. I do miss my kids. There. I said it.
    Blessings and hugs,

  8. I love reading about you!! Have a great weekend!

  9. This was perfect! Miss you all!! We may be getting some snow here too. I'm excited to be snowed in! Talk soon! Love you!! : )

  10. You have a lovely family.
    By the way, I 'm back.

  11. Beautiful family and adorable pups! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the snow.

  12. What a sweet post. Nice to meet all of your family members.

  13. Dearest Billie Jo,
    That was a nice introduction and you can feel proud as the Parents of those 4 + additional family.
    Also the pups are true family members and that says a lot about their human Parents.

  14. A terrific way to start the new year...we get to know a little more about your lovely family! You've been on my mind...it's obvious you're all so close, that's so, so wonderful! And as mine get older, move on, grow up, I find it so hard...when we've centered ourselves around them, I feel a bit lost (even though I know growing up and chasing dreams is how it's meant to be) I still worry...the world, and some of it's people, can be scary at times...any advice on getting comfortable with all those changes? It looks as if you've done is beautifully!

  15. Nice to see the pictures of your family and to learn about them. I love Peyton's hair.

  16. What a lovely family! It was fun to catch-up on all the details. Nice post. See you again soon!

  17. That was fun! I didn't know Nicolas was from Denmark. That's very cool.
    You have a beautiful family!

  18. Your family is just so awesome! You know I cracked up when you said you enjoy not talking to people! LOL! Are you me?? Haha! I love the pictures of everyone. Such a beautiful family! Even the sweet little pups!

  19. Good memories of your family!!! I read through an old diary I got in 1973 from my Uncle John. 5 years to write things in. I did 4.5 years then quit when I was in CO in the USAF. I need to write more to catch myself up. It has been awhile since I have written in a journal. I enjoyed doing homeschool with our two children. Happy weekend!

  20. You have a lovely family, Billie Jo. And the are growing up so fast! Xx

  21. You have a nice family, nice to meet you all!

  22. I know you know this already, but your family is beautiful! Have a peaceful weekend!

  23. What a lovely family and I loved Mocha and Cosmos, gorgeous!

  24. Hi Billie Jo~ Love your family! I've been reading so long, I feel like I know them personally! Beautiful post. Hugs, Barb

  25. Good morning, I am thankful to know you for a long time. It is always nice to read about your lovely, loving and happy family. Enjoy your day dear friend. Hugs

  26. I'm happy to say that I knew many of these. But I learned a few things too. Flynn looks so grown up in her black dress. These are wonderful photos of the family. And from all the goodies I've seen in the past, Peyton doesn't just bake, she's the Master Baker haha. I enjoyed catching up on all of their lives, Billie Jo.


  27. Your sweet peeps are all grown up...and yet, you seem to not age!!!! Hugs, Friend


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