August 18, 2023

Friday Photos

Good morning, my friends. Friday again? This past week was a busy one here, as each week is as we begin to wrap up one season and start thinking about the next. Spoiler: my favorite! Tuesday evening, after a beautiful holy day mass, we all went to dinner at one of our favorite places in town. At mass, we ran into Linda, our friend Fr. Ross's mother, and she joined us for dinner. It was a lovely evening.

 Especially since we had our very favorite server! 

We just adore her!

I have been trying to do more reading and less scrolling, and this book was just the thing to help me do that! It is different from the books I usually enjoy, but it is so good. It tells the story of two families and spans several years, and that is all I will say about that!

How has your weather been? We have had rainy and cool weather here, and I think I felt a hint of autumn! Last night I made a comfort meal of roast chicken with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and corn. I am not over hot dogs on the grill with fresh cut-up fruit, but this tasted so good on a rainy late summer evening. Lest you think I can pull off a mini-Thanksgiving dinner just like that, it was easy! I used a Perdue Oven Ready Seasoned Roaster, which is already seasoned and bagged. You just put it in the oven and cook. The drippings make delicious gravy! The mashed potatoes are the BEST boxed ever! They are Idahoan Instant and honestly taste homemade.  The corn is Birds Eye steamable frozen, easy, and delicious! The stuffing is homemade and worth the extra time, believe me! If you have yet to make homemade stuffing, try it sometime. Just rip some bread into pieces and let it sit out a bit. Saute chopped onion and celery in melted butter with salt, pepperer, and poultry seasoning, then let cool and add some beaten eggs. Pour this over the bread in a baking dish, add some chicken broth, and bake for about an hour at 350 degrees. 

Flynn and I both got passing grades from the dentist this week. I always love the feeling after a good cleaning and vow to keep them that sparkly myself. And I do. Until I don't.

Well, Mocha and I are going to start our day. Tonight, we are having a very dear friend and his family over boating and pizza. You may remember him...

Justin spent a lot of time here this summer sleeping on my couch and eating my food, so he offered to cook us chicken for lunch last week before he left for college. I am thinking the oven...silly me! He shows up at eight in the morning and rigs this up in our yard and cooks chicken all morning!

I went with it...and It Was Delicious! He cooked raw potatoes and veggies with olive oil too. We rounded it out with a fresh peach pie made by my Peyton, and it was perhaps the best meal of the summer! He cleans up too!
( From August 22, 2013 )

Justin is now married to the sweetest young woman ever, and they have the cutest little one-year-old boy that we adore! 

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! 
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  1. Sounds like a great week! Wishing you a wonderful weekend too!

  2. Good Morning Billie Jo! I enjoyed reading about your week and it's business. It's hard to believe it's Friday already. We really like Idahoan potatoes too. We used to use them for convenience when we were camping, but they taste so much like the "real deal" that we use them all of the time.
    Justin sounds like a sweetheart. How fun to have him over for dinner and a catch upl Have a lovel weekend!

  3. I'm definitely sensing autumn creeping in this week. The rowan berries are turning a glorious shade of red. X

  4. God morning, Billie Joe!!! I'm glad you had a good week with rain in your area. Its finally cooler here than earlier this week. Story you shared about Justin sounds nice. Creative young man. That's our son's name too!! I made a peach cobbler this week-yum. Have a good weekend!-Becky

  5. Yes! I am not over the grilled food either but this tiptoe into cozy food is nice! We've had a beautiful mild week here but it's going to go back to the upper 90s for the next bit. So the grill it is!

  6. I love a turkey dinner any time of year! Yours looks like it was scrumptious! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I have not heard of this Perdue chicken; I must try it! But I do use these same mashed potatoes. Justin seems like a wonderful man!! and can cook as well. His wife is a lucky lady. I hope you have a great boating and pizza adventure! You take the best pics of food!

  8. And if you don't have time to leave the bread out for the homemade stuffing - just toast it!

  9. Oh such a wonderful feeling have a good dentist report. Too bad those 6 months go by so quickly before the next time. :)
    Our weather here today was sunny, windy, and cool. A lot like most of the summer days here!!

  10. Love seeing pics of you all together as a family - such a big beautiful bunch! And love that you had a wonderful Fall moment of cozy and the best stick to your ribs kind of meal. ;) Have a wonderful weekend ahead with your sweet visitor. xoxo

  11. Aww - so sweet of him to make chicken for you - and it sounds yummy! So does your turkey meal.
    That is a cute server you had! :)
    I think the weather is going to be cool early this year. I'm still hanging onto Summer! :)

  12. Such great memories, Billie Jo, thank you for the many smiles my friend.

  13. Looks like a great weekend coming your way! And what a treat to have Justin come back with his family. That says a lot about you and yours.

  14. That meal looked so cozy. And, that chicken! Wow. Love the baby dear pic so much. Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Jenny in Nc

  15. Don't mind me...I'm just over hear catching up on two weeks of blog reading! I'm the same way about the dentist. :) I love that Krysten was your server. Such a cute picture of you and Mocha!

  16. It gets me every time to see those deer in your yard, my friend. What a sight they are. Your roasted chicken and mashed potatoes look delicious. I will have to try the Perdue oven ready one. And I couldn't help but notice your coffee cup in the background with your book. I have a thing for them haha. It looks like a Pioneer Woman cup, but not sure. I love her kitchen items. This is a great picture of the family, and a sweet picture of you and Flynn too. : ) It's nice that you went to dinner with the family after this very special holy day.



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