April 7, 2021

Every Morning Every Night


Spring is beginning to work her magic here in Pennsylvania, and although the transformation seems slower than usual, we savor every single moment. That seems to be a theme for me lately. As I get older, I find myself wanting the peace that comes with simple and intentional living. I am less structured with schedules and things. I clean when things look dirty. I walk when I feel like lacing up my sneakers. 

There are a few things I continue to do, however. Little things that make me happy. Every morning I wake before everyone else. In the quiet of the early morning hours, I start my coffee, peek outside at the lake, and watch my birdfeeder for any new visitors. Coffee in hand, I head to my spot on the couch, right next to the end table where I keep my prayer books, planner, and laptop. I can see outside, and while I say my prayers, write in my journal, and check my planner, I watch the feeder and the lake because both bring me peace as I begin a brand new day.

In the early evening, after the kitchen is cleaned from dinner, I turn a couple lamps on low in the family room, fold and set out a few throws, pick up any stray cups or plates, and light a candle for the evening. We usually gather here after dinner or after we come inside, so I like it to be cozy and neat.  Before bed, I fold up any throw blankets, pick up all the dog toys, straighten my end table, and blow out any candles. Peyton runs the dishwasher before she and Flynn head to bed, so I know that is done. Steve takes the dogs out and locks the doors, and we are set for the night. 

These little things make my heart happy and allow me some sense of calm. I cannot control what happens in the noisy outside world, but I can ensure our home and hearts are peaceful, welcoming, calm, and cozy. 

Do you have any routines that help you, my friends? I'd love to hear. 
Thanks for visiting! Have a cozy day.


  1. I love to get up as early as possible, to be the only one up for a while, that precious morning solitude that for years was so rare. I am working hard at not being envious of your morning view, we have rented a cabin in the Adirondacks on a beautiful lake, and there is something magical about sitting there gazing at it. I also savor the coming of spring, our trees here are all budded but only a few have teeny tiny leaves. The daffodils and other spring flowers are so promising, and I absolutely revel in it all. Thank you for sharing, your blog is such a joy to read, so peaceful and good.

  2. What a lovely view outside your window. I love that you light a candle each night. And it's special that you write in your journal each morning. I am an early bird, often getting up at 5:00, making coffee, and looking outside my big living room window to see if it has snowed. Seeing the woods all around is a pleasant change for me. Your little bird feeder is cute, and it must make your heart sing when you see a bird come to visit. I think we all have our little routines which bring a bit of stability to our lives, and yours sounds wonderful, Billie Jo.


  3. Rituals are a nice way to maintain calm. Your views are magnificent and I would happily add that morning cup of coffee while looking over the water as my daily ritual!

  4. Reading your post reminded me of a Scandinavian word: hygge. Coziness, harmony, contentment. It sounds lovely, doesn't it? Your lifestyle is an example to us all of what is possible with a little effort. This past year has forced me to slow down and examine what is really important to my mental and physical well being. It's a work in progress. 💖

  5. Love your routine! I have hot tea while I do my Bible reading and planning for the day. Evening routine is clean kitchen sink, put out clean towel and dishrag and make sure everything is put away. With just the two of us at almost 50 years of marriage, the house stays clean! Each stage of life has blessings . . .

  6. I have a somewhat similar routine. I need to do devotional prayer time each morning, and journal too. And I always check how the bay is looking and any critters in my backyard. Lol And each evening I have my routine around the house...to make sure certain thermostats are set at right temp, fill humidifier that runs in the dry months when heat is on at night, turn of lights, put on night lights, check doors locked and alarm set. And I'm also really good with beauty routine before bed. No matter how tired I wash my face (besides brushing teeth etc) and do my toner, moisturizer etc. I'm a pretty good creature of habit once something is set in my routine. 😉

  7. I love this. I usually wake up first and sit at the kitchen table looking out at the sky. I have breakfast and read the word before I get ready for work. I love a peaceful place to rest and watch God's creation in action.

  8. What nice routines. I get up after hubs as I am a late sleeper. Then I have a diet coke and check phone messages. Often dawdle for about 1/2 hour to an hour. Get dressed and do a few things around the house, before hitting the shop. I try to have dinner ready about 5-5:30, then we watch the news and do any errands that need done together. I rip dresses for the next day while watching or listening to some TV. Then I blog, read my scriptures and go to bed. With the evenings getting longer I will spend time outside on garden and yard things. As it is spring I check the new baby chicks every morning, and I also water my seedlings in my portable green house. Come summer I will add hand watering all my flower boxes and our small Orchard by hand in the morning.

  9. "As I get older, I find myself wanting the peace that comes with simple and intentional living. I am less structured with schedules and things. I clean when things look dirty. I walk when I feel like lacing up my sneakers. "

    I like that, a lot!!!!!!!

    You must be so happy, with this latest home spot. Don't see how it could be improved upon. -smile- that view, any time, any season... -happy sigh-

    Seems that, if we don't make a peaceful home spot, we would certainly explode, now. Everything, outside of the home, is ridiculous. Humans do not do well, immersed in Lies, False Reporting, Screaming, and Down Right Stupidity.

    Home... Our safe retreat...

    🎀 💟 🎀

  10. I am not a early morning person, I'll be honest. On work days, I am up and
    heading to the shower, prepping for a day at school, check my phone, make my lunch,
    tea and water for the day. Hopefully I have some time to sit and be before hopping in the
    car and heading to a busy day at school.
    Evening is quieter.

    M : )

  11. I like keeping my house in order and 'puttering' around to organize and clean. It helps me feel like I can sit and read or blog and enjoy it more. We hike just about every other day...so I spend my off day doing extra chores around the house. You have beautiful views outside! WOW!


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