November 16, 2020

What Makes You Feel...

Good morning, friends!
Let's chat, shall we?
Pour a cup of whatever makes you happy and get cozy.
So, what makes you feel...


For me, it is thinking I am all done for the day, and then opening up the dryer to find clothes that must be folded. Not towels and washcloths that can stay in there for days. Nope. Dress shirts and pants that will require ironing if I leave them in until morning.


I feel happy waking up on a day I know I can stay home with my people and have no appointments or commitments. Or visitors.


Oh, I don't know. Maybe buying a prelit Christmas tree knowing full and well some of the lights will go bad but doing it anyway and then having it for two years and putting it up only to find a group of bulbs not lighting and you have no idea where the replacement bulbs are even though the woman ay the store said to put them in a safe place because you may need them someday?


Making homemade pasta and sauce takes me right back to my childhood. I literally feel like I did on those Sunday afternoons, smelling my mom's sauce all day and knowing we would all gather together in my mom's yellow kitchen for dinner.


I feel disappointed when I find a new recipe I want to try and no one else thinks it sounds good because it has one-sixteenth of a cup of pecans or one-eighth cup of tomatoes or uses chicken thighs instead of breasts or a sprinkle of chopped onions. Just to name a few.

My life. My family. My home. My simple, cozy life.

How about you?
Happy Monday, my friends.
Thanks for stopping by.



  1. So cute to find/use these 50's illustrations!!!!!

    Since it's just the 2 of us, not so many "Won't-eat-that!-ness" to deal with. -smile- Mostly my I-can't-eat-that-ness, due to G/F eating necessity.

    🍗 😋 🍗

  2. I can really relate to the lights. That is why I bought a no light tree. Yes I have to put on the lights but I know they will work!

  3. We are also a no light tree. But somehow, we still have light struggles every year. I love hearing all these things about you!

  4. I literally just opened the doors to the laundry room and realized I didn't finish the laundry yesterday! GRRRRRRR! And yes the the annoying fact that my family doesn't like chicken thighs even though everyone knows that dark meat is better!

  5. I loved this post my friend. I've been under the weather for ten days now.
    The house will require a reckoning even with my family's help.
    Good thing it's only the six of us for Thanksgiving!
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  6. Frustrated? Opening the washing machine to throw a load in, and of course someone else put one in, and left. So I open the dryer to nicely put someone's clothes in there, and what? A load in there too? Not all the way dry? ugh. Also when someone uses up the rest of something and doesn't let me know that it's all gone, so I can replace it. Happy? Cold, snowy days like today, with the fake fireplace humming and the coffee nice and hot...

  7. Oh Yeah!!! I can relate to all these scenarios! Aren't we blessed to have wonderful family and friends?!
    I HATE finding clothes in the dryer that need hanging up just when I think I am done for the day! UGH! lol. xo Diana

  8. My little cottage, my family and my crafting projects make me happy. Love the 50s illustrations.

  9. Love love love the vintage photos always. What a fun post! I relate so well to almost every single one my Friend, So thankful for you during this season. 😊 🙏

  10. Your vintage photos make me smile. The nostalgic one especially spoke to me, as I love pasta! And that Pink phone, how delightful is that? The "happy" one I really related to, cause that makes me happy too. Like appointments or schedules, just reading wonderful blog posts this morning. : )


  11. Right now with everything going on and things changing by the minute, I just
    trying to go with the flow. Taking it day to day.

    Enjoy your day.

    M : )

  12. Fun post- I loved the throwback pictures! Put our 2nd pre-lit tree up tonight, only to find about 1/4 of it was lit. UGH! But that's okay- we'll figure it out! I'm also very happy for the simple things in life that make me so happy- it really doesn't take much! :)


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