November 13, 2020

Weekend Plans...Decorating???

Happy Friday, friends. What a beautiful, strange week around here. I know it is November. But it looks and feels more like March or April outside. Don't get me wrong. I love a nice day as much as the next guy, but in the middle of November? When my mind is clearly on all things turkey and presents and Christmas music????

I do take solace in the fact that the cozy begins earlier each evening, and I can light the candle and dim the lights and put on the Christmas music and it doesn't seem so weird. I am thinking about pulling out Christmas and starting to decorate this weekend. I am going with a "Less is More" theme this year. So we will see how that works out. 

Sharing some photos of the ways Flynn and I spent our days this week. Not pictured: Schooling at the kitchen table, sharing the last Scotcheroo, and laughing at Tik Toks for way too long. And finally, an update on my skin cancer my Christmas jammies no less. The dermatologist said it looked good! No more Vaseline! No more bandage! Wear your sunscreen, ladies. Yes, even in the winter. 

Have a cozy weekend with your people.
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  1. I love the idea of a less is more Christmas, if this year has taught anything it is time to get back to the basics so why not let Christmas share in that feeling too! Glad to hear your recovering well, but totally the reflection off of the winter snow is even harsher on our skin then in the summer so wear sunscreen!

  2. We are definitely doing "less is more" this year. So glad your skin is all healed up! It looks good! Our warm respite ended and now it's cold again, so it's coming your way!

  3. Just trying to catch up, so sorry to read about your scare. Thrilled your skin is healing. After such an awful year I am thinking about more and going over the top but time will tell. Take care sweet friend.

  4. Looks perfect!

    Hooray for the good report!

    Yes, evenings come sooner, and Cozy looks even better then. Plus candles and twinkle lights and some Christmas decorations!

    Looking forward to the new Hallmark Christmas movie on Sun. night. I am doing a post on it, tomorrow!


  5. I have been thinking of starting on the decorating too. I like to have trees up before Thanksgiving so we can eat Turkey and enjoy the coming Christmas holiday. Your surgery scar is looking really good. I always wear moisturizer that is also sunscreen, so I hope that is enough to keep me good. You photographs are beautiful. So glad you have had a good week. :-)

  6. Since I work in retail--I am really delusioned with the early decorating. I refuse, period...and the same with Christmas music, work is playing it. Not that I am trying to sound Scrooge like, I am more of a traditionalist. I know this year has been weird and all, and I get it, truly I do. NOW, Let me say, my Christmas shopping is done, since my retailer is doing Black Friday for 4 weeks and not one day, I found great deals. Oh gee, I will have to show you the cute sign I found today...a woman came through and had this cutest sign...anyways, I'll make a post.

  7. OH Billie Jo, I think you should do whatever makes you happy and if that means decorating, please do and I hope you show photos. smiles and lots of hugs.

  8. So good to know that your scar is healing. I'm actually considering decorating for Christmas a bit earlier this year too. Have a wonderful day.

  9. It seems we all are thinking about early decorations. Hubby put up the tree last night. I suggested we go early this year on tree and music. I am glad your cancer ordeal is over.💖

  10. I always go out and buy way too many miniture and small pumpkins for in the house. Also love pumpkin smelling will keep my house decorated with these for awhile more. I am thinking of doing less of decoraciones for Christmas. So much has happened this year, less seems better.

  11. Everything about this year is crazy! So over it. But finding the joy wherever I'm able as well. Your scar is healing beautifully! My moisturizer and often my foundation have sunscreen in them. So even in the winter I do have it on. Such an important reminder. I hope you continue to find your holiday joy my Friend. Christmas music is on all the time here. Drives my kiddos crazy. Lol

  12. Play on, Flynn. It's so lovely around your neck of the woods, and the third photo of the sunset over the water is beautiful. That's good news that your scar is healing nicely. The "less is more" décor sounds like a good idea. Looking forward to seeing your holiday décor this Christmas.


    ps.....I hope Flynn learns to play Silent Night someday. That's my favorite Christmas song hehehe.


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