August 14, 2020

The Week That Was

I made a fresh, easy, favorite summer meal.
And you can too!

Throw some olive oil in a pot. And then add a bunch of freshly pressed garlic cloves. But cook them on low! Garlic burns quickly. Add some tiny tomatoes. Best if they are from a garden! And let them cook down together while you stir every now and then.

Meanwhile, boil some water and add some pasta. You can add salt to the water. But I never do. I know! The horror!!! My dad loved thin spaghetti. So do I.

Have your kids shred some Parmesean and chop some freshly clipped basil while you watch the stove. And then drain the pasta, throw it all together, and enjoy!

I dressed and went out this week. 
First time since my procedure!

And the remainder of the week, I tried to remember to do as much of this as I could. 

For my Catholic friends, tomorrow is The Feast of The Assumption. My favorite feast day of the year. A priest told me years ago that this is the perfect day to bring special intentions to Mary and ask her intercession. Each year, I leave a few special intentions at her feet, including a happy, healthy school year.

Well, that is it from here, my friends. I hope you are well, safe, cozy, and happy. Enjoy your weekend the way you do. Thanks for visiting!


  1. I hope all goes well with the boo boo. Pasta looks great!

  2. There must be a wee bit of swelling, and thus, the little ice bag. Actually, in the heat of summer, I seem to feel a bit swollen, allllll overrrrrrr. ~sigh~ A *body~size ice bag*, would feel good. LOL

    I refrain from salt, so as not to allow ankle swelling. ~sigh~ Nearly nothing tastes that good, but.... I do not want to be one of those old ladies, who can only wear slippers, because her ankles and feet are so swollen. So I applaud your not adding salt to the pasta water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~smile~

    Love seeing the front of your new home. It is 2 stories, as I wondered. ~smile~ Lovely trees for summer shade. The lake, peeking out, behind. I'm sure you will continue to enjoy living there.

    'Miss BB'🐝🐝
    "Beside a babbling brook" blog

  3. Yum!!! That pasta looks delicious! Tomorrow is absolutely one of my favorite feasts as well. :) Have a good weekend.

  4. Take care of yourself Billie. The dinner looked very good. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. Your pasta recipe looks delicious! It looks like you a taking good care of your wound. You do not look swollen at all. I'm sure you will heal up nicely. Take care!

  6. Oh that looks delicious! I must make this soon! Enjoy your day in your beautiful home, HUGS!

  7. The pasta looks so good. Thanks for sharing the picture of your new home and take care of your wound. Happy Saturday.

  8. Your home is lovely from the outside as well as the inside. That pasta recipe looks so delicious. Glad you are healing up. Stay safe and well, my friend.

  9. Thank you for reminding me of this special day. What a beautiful photo of Mary. Your pasta looks really good, and you know, I love thin spaghetti too.

    Have a relaxing weekend, Billie Jo.


  10. Yummmm!!! Did I tell you that paul's favorite pasta is the boxed Kraft spaghetti that you only add tomato paste to? I could spend all day making homemade sauce and he would still prefer that $1.00 box. : )

    Glad that your beautiful face is healing well.

    The house is just perfect.

  11. Your pasta looks amazing - and you're a good food photographer. I hope you are feeling better and the pain is minimal.

  12. Perfect garden pasta. Yum! 😋 Wishing you continued healing. xoxo

  13. Your pasta dish looks so fresh and yummy! Hugs to you. ~Juli


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