August 17, 2020

Just A Thought

I remember leaving for vacation several years ago, so happy to have our entire family together for an entire week. Just the six of us. And I remember thinking that we didn't have that many more years that it would be just us. Someday, I realized, each of our children would find his or her person, and things would change. Someday there would be someone else joining our family activities and traditions. I couldn't imagine how that would be.

But God is good, you know? When that time came, and Madison met her Nicolas, he wasn't just another person infiltrating our family. Somehow, he fit right in. He belonged. It was never us and Nicolas. It was us. Seven of us now. We feel the exact same with Peyton's fiance Christopher. Again, he fits right in with us. I never feel as if we have to act or be different. Christopher is a part of our family. Even if it isn't quite official until spring. Who knows what the future holds for Rhett and Kyrstin? They are at the very beginning of their relationship. I have to say, however, that she is a sweet, kind, funny, young woman. And we all love her and enjoy every moment she spends with us. Now all nine of us. 

Life is wonderful, isn't it? Over twenty-nine years ago, Steve and I started out as a little family of two, plus a cute little kitten. Those two young people have so far created a family of nine, plus two precious pups. (Well, three if you count Madison and Nicolas' new puppy, Draper. ) What could make a mother's heart any bigger, any happier, than knowing the baby she held, the child she raised, is so very happy in love?

I hope you have a wonderful week with your family, my friends.
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  1. It's just amazing how love grows! So happy for your family!

  2. Beautiful post, my friend. Bought tears to my eye, smiles.

  3. Beautiful words, everything happens for a reason and as time progresses on life unfolds itself in wonderful ways. So happy for you and your family!

  4. As I always say... You and your husband are the ones, who made this possible.

    You brought them up, and are still bringing, your children up in a home, which is an example of what a loving home, can be. They saw this. They absorbed this. They were thus looking, for the same kind of individual, for their life partner, to help them make this kind of a home, for themselves.

    And to give your children credit too... They found these individuals. Because not every child, from a good home, does seek out the best. So your children get much credit too. ~smile~

    I know, it is your way, to thank a higher Source. And your Dear Readers, do the same thing. I do not have a higher Source. So, I give all the credit to you!!!! Please accept this, for a change. ~smile~ You have to know, that you parents did a whole lot, to insure, these happy outcomes! You have to.

    Let's enjoy the "Fruits of Late Summer"

  5. This is just so wonderful, beautiful pictures also!!!!

  6. I loved seeing your family. Oh yes, you are all blessed with a big family's love.Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  7. Love this so much! Family is the one of the most beautiful blessings we're given. A true gift πŸ’

  8. You have a wonderful family and I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of each and their special person. Flynn will complete the circle one of these days too!

  9. This IS all wonderful stuff; so fortunate for your people to choose wonderful people.

  10. You are blessed!! It is so good when our kids attaches themselves to good people. Thanks for sharing, lovely photos of the kids!

  11. God is good indeed! You have a beautiful family. God bless! ~Juli

  12. Yes, God is good. Your family is growing in lovely ways. : )


  13. Love this! I know about the feeling that this could be the last Christmas Thanksgiving fill-in-the blank of just the six of us.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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