March 18, 2020


Mocha is right by my side these days.
We are schooling, reading, sharing family dinners, and talking.
Talking about how people will one day read about these days.
 We are called upon to let them know we listened, prayed, hoped, and came together.
And how we persevered.

Have a calm, cozy day sweet friends.


  1. Well said. We are doing the same. Miss you all! Stay cozy! xo

  2. Yes, one day people will be talking about these days and I trust that they will see that we pulled together, persevered and at the end of the day said, "this too shall pass." Hugs

  3. Hope all is going well! Take care!!!

  4. Yes - prayer, peace and togetherness. :) Take care of yourselves!

  5. Hi Billie Jo~

    Prayer and perseverance, we will make it through...hugs to you and yours!

    Hugs and Love,

  6. This too shall pass.
    Sending love, my friend. X

  7. I love Mocha and your outlook. Bee well. XO

  8. Indeed we have been praying and hoping! We wonder about those that have less resources than we do. Keep safe and healthy!!

  9. I read on a FB post that someone said, Ever feel like your life was written by a fourth grader? Yeah, there was this virus and we had no school for like a month and everyone was out of toilet paper, then it snowed.' haha We will look back at this some day, crazy times. Your little Mocha is adorable!! Take care my friend!!

  10. Love these thoughts, Billie Jo. Happy Friday...I am delighted to have the day off as the family I work for are going away for the weekend.

  11. Oh Mocha, you are soooo cute. Isn't it something that they will talk about this in years to come? Just like the Spanish Flu back in, I believe, 1918. I like your new blog design, Billie Jo, it's lovely.


  12. Mocha has to be the cutest pup ever!


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