March 16, 2020

Things To Do These Days

Here are some ideas of things to do while our lives respond to the changes in our world.

Keep calm. Children learn from our behavior. 

Get ready for the day. Even a quick wash up and clean, cozy clothes help us to feel productive and awake.

Complete school assignments, if any, in a designated space together earlier in the day. Don't fret about everything being totally correct or complete. A positive experience is more important than a perfect grade.

Read favorite books out loud while snacking on cookies, crackers, or apple slices.

Watch shows together that your children may not have had the chance to see. Some suggestions: Little House on the Prarie, The Incredible Hulk, The Waltons, and old game shows. Game Show Network and Buzzr have great shows from the past!

Teach skills we often don't have time for anymore. Show your kids how to iron or fold laundry. Take turns planning and cooking a meal with the food you have on hand, switch seasonal clothing out of closets and drawers, or show them how to make a favorite family recipe.

Get out those favorite old family games. Think Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, or Checkers. We love to play family card games! We play 31 or Knock, Knock, all the time. Maybe teach them an old favorite like Pinochle or Canasta. If you forget the rules, check online.

Keep in touch with elderly friends and relatives. This is important. They are lonely, as they cannot have visitors now. Have your children call Grandma or a favorite neighbor and talk to them. Really talk. The time we spend means so much more to those wonderful people.

Take a virtual museum tour! Travel + Leisure has some listed HERE.

Pray together. For the world leaders, our government, the doctors and nurses, scientists, elderly care workers, and all of us as we maneuver our way through this scary, unprecedented time. 


  1. Great advice! We are looking at this, not as a hardship, but as an opportunity to get to those tasks we normally don't get done - unfinished projects, going through old pictures, spring cleaning, piano playing, writing notes, calling folks, etc.
    My grandson and I LOVE playing 31 together.

  2. I love the museum tour website. I "visited" the British Museum on Saturday with a few friends. We texted as we "walked" through the Museum. Not quite being there, but it connected us and was so interesting. Highly recommend it. Take care!

  3. Amen, sweet friend...Liam was sent home from the library (where he works). They are closing today until at least April 6 and then who knows after that. NY governor has issued new directives etc...this is all just so sad, not that I am minimalizing this.

  4. I love your suggestions! Many of these are on my list. We plan to rotate movie nights and science projects in the evenings. <3

  5. Your list is wonderful, Billie Jo. I feel for those that are going to have to stay home and find it hard to do so. I was a stay at home mom for many years, so it is second nature to me, and home is my favorite place to be. We learn from each other and we learn patience and endurance when a crisis is in our midst. I like the last one most of all. : )


  6. I love your ideas so much. YOU are such a wonderful nurturer for you family and us.
    I have no issue with staying home aside from the things that can't be put off. I feel (and pray) that this will be over very soon and we'll all learn some valuable lessons.

  7. What a great and positive post! We will all get through this challenge together. God's got this! Hugs from UT. Have a good week!

  8. These are lovely ideas! I know I am not too upset about having to stay home more...I love being able to potter about and get to projects I don't often have time for, and of course, be with my family.
    Have a blessed Tuesday, Billie Jo!

  9. We ordered three jigsaw puzzles from Walmart, and shh, bought my husband a table soccer (fooze ball) table, hidden until his birthday, or if we start getting antsy. My girls have plenty of schoolwork, and we plan to rake the yard, and get out for walks, and make the most of the time. I wish I had bought flooring and paint, we could renovate the whole house, ha.

  10. This isn't a hardship for me, as I am quite the introvert and I love being home, especially when I can't be made to feel guilty about doing so. One way I am keeping up with people and adding a bit of beauty and friendship to their days is by sending cards. I've sent over a dozen the last 2 days, and I have another 8 ready to go...I just need to get more stamps.


  11. What a very special post, Billie Jo. Thank you so much. hugs

  12. I am ready to walk out of the house every day even if staying home is what I am doing (which it is). My routine starts out that way. I am praying a lot and believing we are going to get thru this TOGETHER (apart)! Have a blessed day dear friend and thanks for this positive post! HUGS!

  13. My children and their kids have gone exploring everyday. Today my daughter called while they were taking a walk in the rain. They skipped rocks in the creek that is overflowing, something they have never done before. I'm loving the slower pace. I just can't believe how much your children grown in the past year. They are beautiful.

  14. Hello dearest Billie Jo! I love your advice and pray for the health and safety of you and your family. 🙏 It is such crazy and uncertain times. But I feel so blessed Aaron came home from FL. I have both of my kiddos home with me and we are safe and well. God is good and we keep busy with their schooling and getting lots of projects done around here. My special friend is in law enforcement and had just moved to MN but works every 2 weeks in AK and is now stuck up there. I pray for his safety and all of those that have to go out and serve and work for the welfare of the rest of us. Sending hugs & prayers to you all for safety and health. Love following Madison on Insta and helps me keep up a bit on you too. 😉 🙏 ❤️


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