August 23, 2019

Would You Believe

 ~ I would rather enjoy a good, juicy hamburger than the very best steak?

~ I know how to bait a hook and catch some really cool fish?

~ I know every single Brady Bunch episode by heart?

~ I will never ever eat any type of chili? Ugh.

~ I have never driven on the Interstate? You're welcome.

~ I only drink coffee, water, and milk?
(Except a Mr. Pibb at the movies.)

~ I would love to have an in-home daycare someday?

~ I prefer the mountains to the beach?

~ I have seen the John Carpenter 1978 Halloween movie over 100 times?

~ I cannot thread a needle?

~ I have traveled to Germany and absolutely loved it?

~ I have to have Icebreakers mints in my purse at all times?

~ I cannot eat in a restaurant with sticky floors?

~ I am a really good swimmer?

~ I could eat cereal for all three meals a day?

Well, it's true!

Happy Weekend!


  1. This is awesome!!! Some I feel like they fit you and didn't surprise me at all (Brady Bunch) and some were like, what?? (driving on the highway) and some were just delightful (at home daycare) What a great post idea! Have a great weekend friend!

  2. {{Grin}} I love chili, only it doesn't like me, grin. Ok, that was tmi. lol

  3. As much as you love fall, I'm shocked you don't like chili! Not even the Texas (no beans) kind? I, too could eat cereal for all those meals though. Couldn't function in this spread out city without driving on the interstate (though it can be scary). Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. So many interesting tidbits about yoU! I also do not drive on the interstate! I prefer a two-lane highway! I never ate chili until last year when I found a recipe for one without beans and it is yummy! Hope you have a super weekend!

  5. hahaha. I love this!!! We are so alike that it's crazy. well, besides the non chili and interstate driving. lol. Looks like I'm going to be the one driving to your neck of the woods. ps. I usually make fish or hotdogs for myself when I grill paul steak. people think that's crazy.

  6. Ha! I'm eating a big bowl of chili as we speak - or as I read! And your daycare would be the BEST!! Have a great weekend!

  7. I love learning more about you. I think I will try and get a list like this made for myself! Have a wonderful weekend with your people.

  8. You are so funny and I love that about you.

  9. I am smiling so widely! I loved this post! I may just write one like it sometime soon. You're adorable. I do so wish we lived close. Would you consider moving to Southwest Missouri?

  10. What a fun list! I might do that on my blog- so fun to read! We have a lot in common (burgers vs. steaks, loving Germany, cereal all day....), but oh my, I love chili (only the kind I make, no one else's!), I can't and don't want to bait any hooks or watch scary movies, and how in the world have you avoided driving on interstates?????? That one cracked me up!!

  11. Well check you out!! I'm with ya on the sticky floors, even go as far as a sticky menu. I don't do steak or hamburgers unless the hamburger is grilled at home and I'm the one grilling it haha. I'm a beach girl 100% unless we are riding in the mountains. There's just something about being in the mountains on horseback. What a fun way to get to know you better, you're a pretty awesome lady Miss Billy Jo!!

  12. Love, love this post, Billie Jo, you should see me smiling. I so enjoy learning new things about my blog friends, and finding we have so many things in common. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Lots of things on the list are SO me. But chili? I love a good bowl of chili with onions and cheese:) I drive on the Interstate, although I don't like it. Great post, I learned lots about you! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  14. It was fun learning more about you Billie Jo. Have an awesome rest of your week. xx

  15. I always love when I get to learn more about my sweet Billie Jo! I love them all - identify with many. But the chili're missing out. Lol My brown sugar chili topped with sour cream, cheese and fritos is the bomb! Just sayin 😉

  16. I love this so much!!!! I will teach you how to thread a needle if you teach me how to fish : ) And we'll have cereal for dinner!


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