July 9, 2018

The Fourth And The Seventh Of July 2018

Our first Fourth of July here has come and gone. I must say we enjoyed every single bit of our new celebration. We celebrated twice...first on The Fourth with an amazing lunch followed by a small town parade and fireworks, and again on the seventh with dinner and fireworks by the lake with family. Tradition is very important to me, as I believe it holds the key to lasting memories for our children. This year we began new traditions, ones I hope we continue for many years to come.

The End.
I hope you made memories your own way, my friends.
And that you will hold them in your hearts forever.

Have a cozy week ahead.
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  1. Perfection! So glad it was cozy and lovely and wonderful!! (With excellent food too of course!)

  2. The spread of food looked delicious, and I LOVE all of your spirited clothes- so cute together!!

  3. It was fun that everyone wore the red, white & white. All the food looked delicious and I know you had a wonderful holiday weekend.

  4. It has been such a festive and cozy time! xx

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  5. It looks like you had lots of fun, love all the matching outfits. And your food looks super yummy. Lucky you with two celebrations! What's the name of your candle? I can't quite make it out in the photos. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  6. Love, love this post. Smiles

  7. Food, family, fireworks, and new memories... looks like the perfect time to me!

  8. Wonderful pictures, wonderful food, and even more wonderful memories for everyone who was there!

  9. I can feel the love in these pictures. I didn't want them to stop!
    Everyone looks great and happy.
    Catch a hug, my friend.

  10. Here's to traditions old and new! Looks like a wonderful time! And the food! YUM!!!! I love the picture of you and Nicolas ♥ Happy 4th & 7th! Love it all!!! xx

  11. Hello Dearest! Catching up on all things Billie Jo (and all of your posts). Summer here has been crazy town - but in many good ways too...so I have been absent from blogland more than I thought I would be. I'm hoping to post tomorrow again and then take a break for a just a week or 2.

    But in the meantime I need to say how much I love this post! The patriotic colors, all of your adorable outfits, the amazing food. Well just the epitome of summer in all its glory. ;) Thanks for always sharing so wonderfully. xoxo


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