July 6, 2018

Really Random Photo Friday

So Friday is here. I think. I am slightly confused because of the holiday in the middle of the week, but the kids tell me it is Friday, so... it is time to throw up some random photos of the wild and crazy happenings around our cozy home. Minus The Fourth of July pics, because we will still be celebrating this weekend. : )

Look at us matching for our anniversary dinner!
Totally not planned, but I guess that's what happens after twenty seven years together! 
We had a great dinner and visit with our super good friends Heather and Dave.

Meanwhile, our kids went out to dinner and for ice cream!
We are so blessed that all our kids enjoy spending time together.
We have always put our little family first in our lives, and the fact that our children are each other's best friends is a direct result of that.

We continue to enjoy watching the babies grow.

My super sweet sister~in~law Beth has a cute s'mores basket in her house, and I liked it so much, I threw one together myself!

  And we are enjoying many nights outside with our fire and ooey gooey s'mores.

In-between , I am continuing my salad obsession.
This is perhaps the best salad I ever had.
We picked it up at a local restaurant, and it was amazing.
It was Teriyaki steak with greens, button mushrooms, hard boiled eggs, bacon, and fresh parmesan cheese. 

Welcome July!
Enjoy, my friends.


  1. So, Billie Jo, are you busy (grinning) planning a wedding yet??? Just wondering...I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for you all/Madison. smiles

  2. I love how close your family is, and enjoy seeing all of your activities. Happy weekend!

  3. Love the photos. Fun times and memories.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your weekend... love the smores basket.

  5. So fun to see all your children together (and future in-law)!

  6. I'm so glad you had a nice anniversary. I loved seeing your kids together and am so happy to know that your kids are still close as they've gotten older. My kids are 9 and 12 and I'm amazed at how close they are - I really don't think I've seen many sibling sets as close as they are. I know it wasn't/isn't the case with me and my siblings, so it's surprising. I really hope that with all the hard work we put into our family, we'll have an outcome like yours.

  7. We have come downstairs dressed alike quite a few times. It's so funny. Great picture of all the kiddos having a great time together.

  8. Beth (A Moms Life)July 6, 2018 at 9:01 AM

    I'm glad in not the only one who has been confused about what day it is!! I love that your kids love to hang out together!

  9. The smores basket is awesome! We had smores on the 4th! Have you seen all those smore "recipes" on Pinterest? The Peanut Butter Cup one sounds good but I am such a traditionalist I've never tried it! :)

    Love your matching, love your beautiful children, (and Nicolas though I imagine he can start to be included as your nowadays anyhow) love your joy!

  10. Love the smores basket idea. And I love the fact that your kids have a great time together. Have a great weekend!

  11. That salad does indeed look delicious! It's great that the kids are good friends and enjoy being together! Happy anniversary and enjoy the extended celebration this weekend!

  12. You both look so cute dressed for your anniversary dinner! I always enjoy seeing the happy times in your home.
    Love the s'more basket idea. We have the ingredients in the pantry, but this idea is sweet and so inviting. The younger grands are visiting and I must put this on our agenda. ♥

  13. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your life. The s'mores basket is super cute!

  14. Happy belated Anniversary! I love the matching outfits! Cute pictures of the kids! I hope my girls continue to remain close their whole lives, just like yours!

  15. Love that picture of your kids all out for icecream!


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