June 27, 2018

The Very Best Taco Dip. Really.

Sunday afternoon we were honored to have our pastor and friend over for a visit. I was really excited to try out a new taco dip recipe I had found online. I knew I would have to adapt it because refried beans are just not a thing our house! I planned on browning some ground beef and adding some taco seasoning mix instead. Which would have been great, except I didn't have any taco seasoning mix.

Here is where it gets fun. You see, I am a recipe follower. As in, step by step. I leave no room for creativity. Enter Fr. Ross, who happily offered to mix up a homemade taco seasoning mix with various items from my spice basket. Yay! Peyton browned the ground beef, and Fr. Ross mixed up the best tasting spice mix I ever tasted. Meanwhile I was chopping and shredding, and guess what? I went all rogue! No measuring! Imagine that!

The recipe then called for layers of sour cream and guacamole. But before we did that, I found some cooked white rice in the refrigerator. Fr. Ross immediately thought of spicing up that bland rice and adding it as a layer. He and Rhett went to work and soon we had some really delicious flavored rice for our next layer.

Fr. Ross assembled the remaining ingredients...and when we were done...we all agreed it was AMAZING!!! Did I feel bad about inviting our pastor for dinner and having him cook mostly all of it? Yep. Until I realized that he really enjoyed it. And that he is an awesome cook. I also realized that it is possible to stray from a recipe and do your own thing. And that it can be fun and delicious!

All lined up and ready to go!
I don't really know how much Father added of each one, but the end result was delicious!
(Photo Credit goes to him, too!)

Layer. Layer. Layer.

Look how pretty!

And man, was it good!

Ok. So. Here goes.
Brown some ground beef. Drain. Mix in some taco seasoning...
Store bought is good. Homemade is better.

Put it in the bottom of a dish.
Be sure to cool it off too.

Next up...
Add a little bit of water to some cooked rice and sauté it with some of that yummy taco seasoning.

Layer the rice on top of the meat.

Layer some sour cream next.
Then some guacomole.
Add a layer of salsa.
Then some shredded lettuce. We used green leaf.
Next up is a layer of shredded cheese. We used Mexican Blend.
Finally, top with a layer of chopped tomatoes.

Serve with your choice of tortilla chips.

*This recipe was adapted from a recipe that appeared on a website that adapted it from Allrecipes.com.
And all the credit goes to Fr. Ross and Rhett for this one!


  1. That looks fantastic and I know it was just that! Sometimes going 'off the grid' is fun!

  2. It looks amazing, what a fun way to spend with your guests.

  3. It looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  4. OH! Billie Jo-- That sounds amazing and like a lot of fun in the process. Those 'last minute food preps' are sometimes some of the best ever. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!! xo Diana

  5. I love a good mexican layered dip! But I really love that you got your priest involved! Very cool!

  6. Yum!! This looks so good! I'll mix up some daiquiris and be right over! So pretty too!
    Thank you for sharing! I'll be sure to try it next Taco Tuesday! I love Mexican food! ♥

  7. That meal is right up my taco-loving alley! I think some of the best times are spent in the kitchen; with guests and family of course.

  8. OMYGOSH...this is what I will make for our next Home Fellowship Mexican Food Night.
    Thanks so much for guiding us along to get this beautiful dip to the table. We'll do Margaritas with ours...and add fresh peppers....and fresh Cilantro will be a must.

  9. We always make our own taco seasoning, it' so great! (I admit that I use a recipe however to make it!) This is going to be great for football season!

  10. Oh yum! And perfect for the holiday coming up!

  11. Oh my goodness, does that look and sound good!! I LOVE tacos and really anything! I think you could scoop some of this out and put it in a taco shell to eat it that way too. Yum!!

  12. Oh girl! I want a Father/Pastor like that!!!
    It looks so delicious. I may have to try to make it.

  13. I have made that and it is SO GOOD! I know everyone enjoyed it. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  14. That sounds amazing! That is how the best recipes are created. Yum!! Thank you Father and Rhett ;)

  15. Very yummy! This dip was a hit. Thanks for sharing.


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