June 29, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Hello, my friends and Happy June 29th, also referred to as Steve and my wedding anniversary! Yep, twenty seven years ago today two very young people promised to love, honor, and cherish each other for the rest of their lives. Twenty seven years, four children here on Earth, one little soul in Heaven, one cat, two dogs, one apartment, four houses and countless wonderful memories later, we are still as much in love as we were that scorching hot June day. : )

Now, a look back at the past week or so here in our little world...

My youngest received her First Reconciliation!

Thank you to our wonderful priest, pastor, and friend for being a part of this special time!

After a delicious dinner, we returned home for dessert...
A yummy chocolate cake our family refers to as Sin Cake!
Years ago, when Peyton received her First Reconciliation, I made this simple chocolate cake for dessert. Somehow, it got named Sin Cake. And it stuck!

My lovely niece Hope Moose is a photographer, and she took all the amazing photos at her father's surprise party earlier this month.
So if you live around here, you really should look her up because she does beautiful work!
I love this one of me and two of my wonderful sisters-in-law!

My fam minus two~
One running around Copenhagen, the other running around the yard. : )

These two loved the boat ride Hope's husband took them on...

But I think this guy loved it most of all!

Because is it a Random Photo post without one?
Or two?

I am all about fresh fruit...

And salads.

But when my Flynn wants to make me pancakes...
I am all about them.

Steve made the most delicious dinner this week.
He made fresh walleye and it was amazing.
We added some plain rice and fresh green beans.
And it was good.

Thanks so much for visiting, my friends.
Have a great weekend, doing whatever it is you love to do!

One more picture to share...

Guess what this is???
It just might be the view from an airplane...
It just might be the view from an airplane flying from Copenhagen...
And you know what that means, right????

My Madison and her Nicolas are coming home!
For a year!!!
We are happy-happy-happy here!!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. A Very Happy Anniversary!!! Wishes for many more...and so happy to read about Madison. smiles

  2. Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful time with Madison and Nicolas!

  3. So much for you to be overjoyed about!!! Congratulations to Flynn and Happy Anniversary to you and Steve!! And I am just so happy for you that your baby is coming home for a year - with her FIANCE!!!

  4. First of all , Happy Anniversary, and many more. Second, loved all the pictures of your sweet family, and thirdly, I know how happy you are that your oldest is coming home, along with her fiance'. You are very blessed.

  5. Happy Anniversary to You & Steve dearest Gal! Blessings for many more wonderful years ahead. Love all the goodness in your random photo catch up on the week. ;)

    And yay for your beautiful Madison coming home and for so long! I see lots of wedding planning in your future. ;)

    Have a great weekend. Xoxo

  6. Congratulations to Flynn... how pretty she looks in that sweet dress. And yeah for you... home for a year!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Love all the photos.

  8. Coming home for an entire year?? Wow!! You have to be so thrilled!!

  9. Best wishes for many many more happy years together!

  10. Happy anniversary!! I loved seeing all your photos today and the food looks amazing! Having someone else do some of the cooking must be a real blessing! Yum!

  11. Happy Anniversary Billie Jo. And, I know you are beyond excited to have Madison and Nicolas flying home.

  12. Your posts always make me smile! Happy anniversary; 1991 was a good year to get married. :) You have such a great family; congratulations on your youngest and her accomplishment. I'm loving the sin cake vicariously. I'm sure you're over the moon that your kiddo is heading home; bliss.

  13. So glad your girl and Nicolas are there! (Because I saw on Instagram they are!) What a wonderful week. Congratulations to Flynn!! And yes, give me all the fruit right now!!

    1. And happy anniversary love birds! May my marriage be as successful as yours!

  14. What a wonderful collection of photos! YEAH on that view from the plane! I know you are SO excited! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

  15. Belated anniversary wishes. Beautiful photos and such thrilling news about Madison and Nicolas. Congratulations to Flynn, the sin cake sounds delicious. Have a great weekend.

  16. Happy anniversary and many more!! Love all the pictures and glad to hear she is coming home!! Have a great weekend!


  17. Happy Anniversary to you and Steve! And congratulations to Flynn on her first Reconciliation! Wow, so many celebrations! Looks like a wonderful week - and a perfect kick off to summer! So happy you are all home together, enjoying the season. Stay cool!! ♥

  18. They're coming home for a year?! You must be ecstatic! That fresh fruit looks so good! Happy Anniversary!


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