February 23, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Happy Friday, my friends! How will you be spending the last weekend of February? We have no plans except Mass on Saturday afternoon. Happy times. This last week was a mix of busy, productive,  days mixed with a few cozy, lazy ones. Here is just a few moments from our week...

Selfie fun on a road trip...

And a super fun visit with Steve's sister Sally and her awesome family.
(I'm talking about you, Greg!)
Flynn and Sally made brownies for dessert and we had the best meal of barbecue chicken, cheesy potatoes, and delicious broccoli. And...we ate outside! In Pennsylvania. In February.
We had the best time visiting and laughing and they even indulged me in my love of retro game shows. We had the best time playing Family Feud!

Two days later reality returned, and we were cozy inside during a rain to ice to snow storm.
Just the norm. In Pennsylvania. In February.

And then this.
You know the Holiday Barbies released every year?
The super fancy ones in the big boxes?
Well, Santa brings one for the girls each Christmas.
The old Mommy thought they were much too special to open and play with.
The more mature Mommy realized that having stacks of unopened Barbies was perhaps a bit ridiculous.
So...Flynn opened her Barbies!
(Except the beautiful one from 2009, the year she was born.)
Apologies to Madison and Peyton for all the years I told you to keep your Holiday Barbie in the box!

We have graduated to using notebooks for practice spelling tests in our little schoolroom.
Wasn't it just yesterday I was teaching a little preschooler the alphabet with our plastic little letters?!

Finishing up with my smoothie of the week...
I blended a frozen banana, a cup of Iced Mocha Coffee, and some nonfat plain Greek yogurt  So quick. So easy. So good!!!

Have a great weekend, my friends!
Stay cozy!


  1. Love a road trip with brownies:) YES to opening the Barbies! I would change some things if I could go back! Fortunately I have 7 Grandchildren and a great-granddaughter on the way to correct those things! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Flynn's smiley face after her name just warms my heart. I love it. I am glad that you are letting her play with the Barbies. Those are the kind of things I need to remember. Let them be little and all. :) Have a super weekend!

  3. I love all the tidbits from your day to day life. I can't believe you ate outside in February there. I grew up there and I don't think I ever remember a Feb day that was warm enough to eat outside. lol

    Hope you have a great weekend, Billie Jo! xo Diana

  4. It looks like such a good week, Billie Jo. You reminded me that I have a Misty Copeland (ballet dancer) Barbie still in the box that I have been waiting a couple of years to give to my daughter (she's 9). I think I'll give it to her soon, maybe for Easter, so she can enjoy it. I really don't need to be holding onto it anymore. I wanted to say I love your little graphic on your sidebar about staying home. I feel the same way. I just love to be home, with the things I like and the low-stress life I've made, and I can't make myself do the other stuff anymore. Sometimes I feel guilty about this, but I shouldn't. I'm glad to know you share my feelings. Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. Good for you for opening the barbies. Life is too short to stare at boxes.

  6. What a joy to be able to eat outside at this time of year. Wonderful that all the holiday Barbies are now open. It took me years to use my Country roses dinner service saving it for best. We now use it on a daily basis. Getting older is wonderful.

  7. Barbies....so many memories there for me. I loved my Barbies but when I was young and played with them that is what they were for, there was no special holiday Barbies back then. Times have changed....haha....and funny thing, I still have some of mine. If interested you can read about my Barbie clothes here.... https://pam-lifethroughmyeyes.blogspot.com/2017/08/barbie-doll-clothes_19.html ....I know is it strange how the weather has changed over the yrs. I am on the deck, shorts, short sleeves and enjoying it all.

  8. What a fun week you had, but you always do! Eating outside one day and by the fire the next....about the same way here....weird, but it wont be much longer until we both have warmer weather....surely! Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  9. We had that warm up for two days and then back to reality. I love that it that you let the holidays Barbies out for fresh air. I'm sure Flynn is loving it! ♥

  10. Hi Billie Jo!

    Barbies! My husband told me the other day that the really old Barbies, were worth thousands of dollars! I used to have one of the first Barbies that came out (I'm old), but didn't know what happened to it. I told my sister the story the next day, and sheepishly, she told me that SHE had my old Barbie!! She took it when I got married! She didn't even offer to give it back to me...;0) I'll pay her back...somehow! She has a huge Barbie collection, and she keeps them all in the box.

    I can hardly wait until I can eat outside - but that's crazy that you could eat outside and then have freezing rain!

    Have a great week-end!

    Hugs and Loves,

  11. Beautiful Barbies and so glad they were opened! Sounds like you had a nice warm respite from the cold nasty weather!

  12. Road trips, yes please!! And those Barbies are gorgeous! Isn't it funny how we get so much wiser as we get older?! Glad she gets to enjoy those Barbies now.

  13. A wonderful week for you....oh those holiday Barbies! My girls had many too!

  14. Hi Billie Joe... Sounds like a full week! Love the story about the Barbies. My #2 got one for her birthday one year and LOVED it. Mass. is going to have a gorgeous day today - hopefully Pa. too. Enjoy your weekend.

  15. What a fun visit. It's sure is nice to be held up in a crazy February storm with family and fun times. Those barbies are so fashionable, I never knew they came out with a holiday one each year, but then I'm a mother of boys. Legos, balls, and nerf guns were around our house haha! Your last post of your girls is just precious. I only have one sister and I can't image life without her. Sisters are truly a special gift from God.
    Have a nice weekend Billie Jo

  16. The thing that stuck with me the most in this post is your apologies to the older girls ;) LOL.
    All! The! Time! here.
    Glad y'all had a great family visit. Those visits are the best!

  17. Yes, all my Barbies are still in their boxes ... oh well! hehe :) Smoothies sounds amazing.

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  18. Your time in PA sounds like a lot of fun! Loved hearing about the Barbie's and their release from the boxes! :)


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