January 8, 2018

What We Are Watching...Winter 2018

In the interest of total and honest disclosure, I am going to admit that we watch a lot of television. I am actually not going to make excuses or apologize for it either. It is what we do. We gather together every evening after dinner, all  of us, and we spend family time together watching television. In the summer, we obviously spend more time outdoors, but during these cold, dark, cozy months of winter, our evenings revolve around blankets, cocoa and tea, and our favorite television shows.

Here is what we are watching this winter...some with our littlest family member...some after she is upstairs in dreamland. : )

The Kids Baking Championship is on The Food Network on Monday night.
We watch this every year, and really love it. : )

The Bachelor is also on Monday night.
I am a proud member of #BachelorNation.
Would I want one of my daughters looking for her husband on national television?
But I watch it and enjoy it for what it is...entertainment.
And I stopped being judgmental of others long, long ago. : )

Another Monday night show we love???
The Good Doctor on ABC.
This is a new show, and it is so good.
I am not usually a fan of medical dramas, but the storyline and acting in this one is amazing.
We actually DVR this and watch it Tuesday night, after Flynn is in bed.

The Amazing Race is on CBS Wednesday night.
I watched this years ago, but haven't for a long time.
It only started last week, but looks good so far.

And finally...The Four.
We stumbled upon this one last Thursday night.
We loved it!
It is similar to The Voice and American Idol, but better!
It moves faster, the audience has a role in the decisions, and it involves different genres of music.

Well, that is what is on our television this winter, my friends.
How about you??
Anything you are loving?
I wouldn't want to miss anything!!
Thanks for visiting. : )


  1. I watch little to no television, but my 13 year old son discovered The Four and we watched it together last week - looking forward to doing it every Thursday. We do it together and that's what matters!

  2. We watch way too much HGTV and shows like that. WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much, lol. I am actually looking forward to heading back to school next week, my brain is fried from watching to much tv, LOLOL.

  3. I catch the Bachelor on Hulu so I will always be a day behind. (My kids are still awake at 7:00 and while I enjoy it... it's not so much for littles.) I have heard such good things about The Good Doctor so maybe I'll have to try and catch up!!

  4. I love my television shows at night - Big Bang Theory, The Middle, American Housewife, Fresh Off The Boat --- and my favorite -- Walking Dead. !!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I'm always on the look out for new shows to watch. I found you through Wonderfully Made". I'm off to poke around your cute blog.

  6. Love the cooking shows -- even though I'm not much of a cook! Also watching The Bachelor -- drama! :) Also am so happy the Amazing Race is back. Top Chef is another good one and when Survivor is on, it is really my fave. Ooops -- almost forgot -- Hallmark movies --I'm hooked! Have a great week!

  7. Your comments about watching The Bachelor cracked me up. I don't watch it myself but no judgement here as I watch enough other silly (no offense) shows to make up for not watching that one. We watch a lot of TV here but we all have mostly different taste although my oldest son and I both love all the super hero shows on the CW (The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow).

  8. We don't watch a lot of TV shows preferring to watch a film these days. So nice to snuggle up together as a family and enjoy a show together.

  9. We just started watching the Good Doctor. We had been saving it until we had more time. I am reallllly behind but loving it so far.

  10. We are 'tv watchers' too, especially in the winter. I enjoyed the Hallmark Christmas movies, and now am watching 'The Crown' on Netflix and really getting into that one. I watch a lot of HGTV as well. Jim watches all the old westerns, over and over and over! lol I want to see the Good Doctor too, have heard good things about that show.

  11. Oh, yes, we love TV, too. Once the kiddos are tucked into bed, we usually watch a couple of shows. :) We've been watching Bluebloods and The Crown. I have my own shows, When Calls The Heart The Crown, and Drop Dead Diva. Everything we watch is on Netflix or Prime. :)

  12. We totally tend to be more cozy and watch more in the winter. I have to admit I am a YouTube fan.

  13. I for one think it is great you do this as a family! It's when all scatter and retreat off on their own that it bothers me personally. We love anything that has to do with cooking. Despite Gordon's foul mouth, we love Hell's Kitchen. However, the drama caused by one contestant brought back this season is grating on our last nerves!! We love Good Doctor, This is Us, watched the Voice, and Designated Survivor.

  14. Billie Jo, I'm counting the days until Walking Dead starts! ♥

  15. We watch a lot of TV here too! We watch Brain Games, The Dude Perfect Show, and cartoons with the kids. My hubby and I have been watching The Crown on Netflix-- so good! I also tend to watch a lot of animal documentaries, Disney movies, and sports. I hear really good things about This is Us, so may start watching that as well. :)

  16. Hi Billie Jo!

    Wow, you guys have your schedule down-pat! I also watch, The Good Doctor, I love it! I'm looking forward to, American Idol and the Olympics, but, I will definitely check out, Four! My husband and I have such a different idea of "good TV", he watched NCIS, and Blue...something...I don't even know?! He has his room, I have mine. We spend so much time together during the day, that it's good to have our own time at night... :0) I just started watching, The Crown, it's so good, and I also watch, Sister Wives on Sunday...no, I'm not a polygamist, I just think it's so strange, that it's interesting. I always DVR the cooking shows on Saturday PBS so I can watch them during the week. We also watch a lot of TV, but, that's just us, and it's all good!

    Hugs and Love,

    PS I forgot...Dancing with the Stars...oh my gosh I love that one!

  17. I'm waiting for Victoria (season 2) to come out. I love period pieces!

  18. I heard someone else mention the Kids Baking Championship and that sounds like something I would enjoy. I watch a lot of PBS when I am home alone or in my sewing room. When hubby comes in, it's football or gold mining. ha!!

  19. Beth (A Mom's Life)January 9, 2018 at 7:01 AM

    No judgement here! I watch a lot of tv, too!! We LOVE Amazing Race and Survivor! And I watch The Bachelor when Dan's at work.

  20. I just started watching the good doctor and I love it.

  21. I've been re-watching old movies and TV shows this winter. I'm on a Golden Girls kick right now. And before that I watched all of Doris Day's movies. I'm really out of the loop when it comes to new shows.

  22. You have my heart with this post! As you know, all I do is watch TV in the winter! ♥ I've heard great things about The Good Doctor but have never seen it. I'm dying to check it out. I'm on board with The Bachelor and Kids Baking Championship! I'm also watching season 2 of The Crown and we just started This is Us. It's very good! John completed his Pixar collection this Christmas and is watching all the Pixar movies in order. Tonight we watched Monsters Inc. So fun! Enjoy being cozy! It's the only way to do January! ♥

  23. Great choices. I am bad at making myself sit down to watch movies unless my family is home. confession I have even set an alarm to watch ellen -didn't work. I do watch A Lot of you tube- I'm addicted. I think because we don't have cable, I do want to watch the good doctor after seeing it at my SIL's home. Enjoy your TV time.

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