January 5, 2018

(Christmas) Week Wrap-up

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you are staying safe and warm and cozy during these cold January days. I would normally post some pictures of the past week here, but I thought I would spare you the excitement of seeing my house in a state of chaos and and clutter. We spent this week taking down and packing up Christmas. And cleaning. Because apparently, bathrooms don't care if it's Christmas. The nerve.  : )

I did find some pictures on my camera roll from Christmas week. And these will be the end of the holiday pictures. Promise.

We enjoyed our annual Christmas at Aunt Margie and Uncle Chris' house.
Pizza, wings, presents, and games in their adorable Christmas house is a part of our Christmas season every single year.

Aunt Margie surprised my girl with her first Barbie car!
But apparently Zip and Rubbie Duckie took it for the first ride.

Peyton got a new game for Christmas, and we have been playing it like crazy!
Do you recognize it???
I used to play it at my grandma's house years ago.
I love that these "retro" games are coming back.
I'll tell you what it is down below. ; )

I started this show and CANNOT STOP WATCHING!
It is sooo good.
For adults.
But sooo good.

And this.
I started trying to drink more water.

Have a nice weekend, my friends.
Thank you for visiting.
Stay warm and cozy!!!

Oh, I almost forgot!
The name of our new favorite game?


  1. Parcheesi! I knew it right away! We love that game!! I am also trying to drink more water this year. It's my only "resolution"" and not a super specific one at that. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Parcheesi yes I remember playing it! When I take our Christmas decorations down I feel like it takes days because I start purging and want to clean everything.
    Drinking more water...I am trying to do the same. Juliana gave me a cute new water bottle for Christmas so I hope this helps me...:)
    Happy Friday!!

  3. Wow...your son hit a growth spurt!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I have never come across that game before, but it sounds like fun. Beautiful pictures. Have a great weekend, stay warm.

  5. I guessed Parcheesi!!!! I can never tire of seeing pictures of your cute kids!!! I'm so glad that Christmas was merry. Gosh it went by so fast for me this year...Advent just seemed to fly...Glad to be back in touch dear friend!

  6. Stay warm, Billie Jo...its negative 24 here, the schools are closed. I always enjoy your photos, smiles.

  7. I, too, played Parcheesi as a kid. In a galaxy long, long ago and far, far away it seems.

    And what is it with bathrooms and the holidays? They have no consideration for our playing games, drinking hot beverages and reading good books.

    Love your pictures. Don't ever apologize for posting them! :)

  8. I love Parcheesi!! I used to play it with my mom when I was little. I love the retro stuff too! So much fun!

  9. I so need to follow your lead and drink more water....I start and then stop. Enjoyed your pictures and seeing the last of the holiday ones. Stay warm and safe if you are out in that beautiful snow.

  10. Parchessi is a fun game that our grands love. Such a sweet photo of Flynn and her Barbie car. We have finished putting away our Christmas decor as well. The outdoor swags and wreaths will have to wait for a warmer day. Lovely photos of your snow. ♥

  11. Wonderful pictures!! :-) I haven't watched the series yet, I was wondering if it was any good. Jerry and I watched a series on Netflix called The Five based on a Harlan Corbin book. That was really good! We binge watched it in 2 days :-) Also I watched the Marvelous mrs. Maisel (on Amazon Prime), that is really good too! Hope your new year is off to a great start!


  12. Hi Billie Jo~

    Oh boy, I know what you mean about bathrooms - seriously?! It always seems like more work putting things away than it does putting them up, don't you think? But, I love that I can just deep-clean a little while I am taking things down.

    Your photos were simply charming, I love the one of Mocha...just chillin'. And that Barbie car brought back a few memories of my own girls...love Barbies!

    All that snow! I have been worried about you with all that Eastern blizzard stuff going on - But I can tell that you are safe and sound in your cozy home.

    Parcheesi!! Yes, I remember that game! It was a fun game to play, I'm glad that they are bringing back some of those old retro games.

    Have a wonderful week-end!

    Hugs and Love,

  13. The more holiday pictures the better, in my opinion! Yay for the Barbie car! I remember exactly when I got mine! Love it! One of my resolutions is drinking more water (again...I'm with you!.) We keep trying! Your family Christmas looks amazing and I definitely will check out that show!
    Happy new year and happy weekend! Stay warm! It's crazy cold here! xo

  14. Enjoyed my visit here. Your doggie is too cute!!!

  15. We watched Man in the High Castle last year (uh, 2years ago..2016)and I was just checking to see when they were going to add season 3, getting impatient over here. I loved it as well. The book is interesting as well although not like the show (are they ever?). Cleaning the bathrooms, along with the rest of the house, is on my weekend agenda, blah!

  16. I love her barbie car! I loved mine as a kid. ;)
    Holiday pictures are so cozy! And I'm on the "more water" bandwagon, too.

  17. I haven't played Parcheesi in forever!
    Looks like you had a great Christmas.
    Barbie cars were the best!
    Thanks for sharing your cozy pictures.
    Enjoy January!

    Hugs, Amy

  18. How fun! It sounds like a wonderful week except for cleaning the bathrooms. I love Parcheesi. Following your fun blog.

  19. I remember the name of that game but I never had it.
    I can totally relate to the "drinking more water...again" comment. That is one awesome aunt to get such a timeless classic gift for Flynn.
    Always fun to sneak a peak into your everyday.

  20. Parcheesi!!! We love it its our most played board game alongside Sequence-have you played that one? both these games are played so often they are worn and torn hee hee but we hardly notice anymore.


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