October 20, 2017

Random Photo Friday

I just love this month. The weeks are passing quickly, but we are enjoying each and every October moment as best as we can. This is a look back at the past week here in our autumn home.

The girls and I had some time before Mass last weekend to enjoy the beautiful October weather...

And then we took a selfie and met my mom and sister for dinner at Pizza Hut, while the guys did whatever it is they do up at camp. : )

A few days later, we woke to find that this little guy had made his first visit of the year!

And my littlest was thrilled to get outside and see it!
So that is what we did.
And yes. 
That would be my girl in Halloween pajamas, a winter hat and gloves, and flip flops. 
Real life here, friends. : )

It was chilly enough for a cozy morning of coffee by the fireplace.

I got a cut and color too.
Doesn't that just make you feel so much better?

My mom came for a visit and spent the night.
It is always a happy time when Grandma comes!
Peyton made these delicious Pumpkin Stuffed Shells.
I posted the recipe here, if you want to try them.
She also made some delicious chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

My sweet mother needed to head home early the next morning, as Thursday is her busy day!
She helps in the Senior Center Kitchen before lunch, then she plays cards in the afternoon, and Bingo in the evening! 
She is amazing. : )

And speaking of amazing, my firstborn is currently exploring the world with her Nicolas and his amazing family. This week they were in Greece, and will soon travel to Italy. Madison is so happy and is looking forward to visiting the place where her great-grandfather Leo was born. Nicolas' mother sent me these beautiful photos, and she told me to look closely at the last one. : )

Last week was all about bats in our little schoolroom.
They are actually very interesting creatures.

But I think this little lady is much cuter!

Flynn and I paid a visit to our beautiful church one morning.
We are studying the virtue of Reverence, and we practiced and then we prayed.
And can I add, our pastor creates the most amazing altar decor every season.

Lastly, we are praying a decade of the rosary every morning before school during the month of October, and today Flynn asked to pray an extra one for her Grandma Flo. : )

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
Ours involves a trip to visit Grandma Flo, Mass, and a Steeler game...in person for some...on the couch with pizza for others...and some quiet cozy time together.

I hope yours is exactly the way you want it to be, spent with the ones you love.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. What lovely ways to spend your days. We've had a bit of a chill in the air here lately. Quite welcomed after so much hot weather.

  2. My husband is looking forward to our first frost, so the grass will stop growing ! I like Flynn's dress with her name on it... so cute. Your mom is the coolest and cutest!! I guess this is a perfect month to study bats. ha ha enjoy!

  3. All of you are beautiful! Love your Mama. Please give her a hug, from me. :-)

    Oh those Pumpkin Shells! Interesting! Only one thing, I'd change. And it's not even the recipe. We do _not_ use Pam spray any more. We simply smooth butter on pans, to help with non-sticking. Did you ever read what is in Pam Spray????<--Enough said.

    You had some frost!!! Not here. And we are more north than you. Upper NYS. They had some below us... Interesting... Below got frost. Ahhhhh, we can never figure out Mother Nature. ,-)

    Happy Haunting!!!
    Luna Crone

  4. It has finally gotten cool enough here for soups....I made Brunswick Stew and it was f in a big fancy restaurant....her food always looks so delicious. Good for Madison getting to see 'the world'. Have a lovely weekend. And Flynn is always a doll. I admire your Mom with all her activities.

  5. What beautiful photos! Such a cozy post, and you and your girls look lovely. I love that your puppy is in a cute fall sweater!!! I just love visiting your blog. Hugs to you friend. Juli

  6. Your cut and color look amazing!! And I've been living vicariously through Madison's Instagram as she's traveling. Italy and Greece are on my bucket list!

  7. A haircut and color always makes me feel bette,r yours is beautiful. Enjoyed all the photos, your Mom is precious, love her Halloween top. Your family is beautiful too, the warm fire with beverage sounds perfect to me.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  8. That pasta looks yummy. :)
    I love Mocha's outfit. How cute is that??
    Too funny that you all have your first frost. We have FINALLY reached the point where the upper 90's is not a part of our forecast. ;)
    Happy Friday!! :)

  9. Flynn's dress is a delight, she looked adorable. Although cold and windy here Jack frost has not paid us a visit yet. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Oh my, you have a porch swing! I always wanted one but never lived in a home that would accommodate the hanging of the swing. My grandmother had one at her home and it was always a special moment to sit on the swing and visit with her. If I close my eyes I can recreate that scene. A peaceful memory!

  11. Beautiful children. Great shots on everything else....adorable puppy! Hope you had a great week.

  12. Billie Jo, I love all of this so so much! Your hair cut is awesome and Maidson! So so happy for her!!! Happy October friend

  13. Hi Billie Jo~

    Beautiful fall post! You and your cute daughters always make me smile... :0) And your haircut is so pretty, I truly had to look twice to see if it was one of your daughters, you are gorgeous! Your recipes look so good, I really have to try the shells filled with pumpkin, they sound so good! Nothing cuter than little dogs, in little sweaters...adorable! I loved the photos of, Madison's trip, the ocean is just beautiful, and I love the photo of her and her sweetie walking on the beach, so precious!

    Have a wonderful week-end, sweet friend!

    Hugs and Love,

  14. Beautiful post. You made me smile!! Enjoy your weekend, it's supposed to be a beautiful one here in New England, Janie

  15. I came here to get some happy, and I got it!! My favorite? (besides the beach pics?) Your sweet mama in the Halloween shirt!!!

  16. You girls are so beautiful and i love your hair!!! Man frost already, snow will be falling soon I'm sure! Your mom is adorable!
    Have a great weekend

  17. Hello Dearest Billie Jo!

    I ended up going out of town the end of last week and I'm back to playing catch up again! I have been catching up on all of your posts and first of all, I want to thank you for sharing about OCD. It was wonderful of you and I just need to say I think you're one amazing Lady.

    Next, no one does Fall justice like you Doll!! And I love it!! I get to gobble up all of your fun tips, recipes and decorating. ;) So thanks for that too! I'm determined to watch Halloween this year! (after only seeing it once many years ago!) and to make those pumpkin stuffed shells. ;)

    I'm so blessed to have a Fall/Halloween kindred spirit blogging Sister like you. I always love to see what you and your beautiful family are up to...and I will be visiting Madison's blog again soon too, to catch up as well.

    Have a wonderful week ahead - oh and super cute hair Gorgeous!! xoxo

  18. So much beauty! I love what I can see of mochas little orange sweater. Peyton is just such a natural beauty, she reminds me of a princess with her long hair and fair skin. Love your hair cut friend!

  19. October days never disappoint us! Love your cut and color, my friend! ♥


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