October 27, 2017

Random Photo Friday...Halloween Weekend Edition!

The weekend is here again. The weekend before Halloween. And we are kind of excited! We love Halloween so much, we are celebrating all weekend long. And because she loves us so much, Marian is coming up for the entire weekend! Either that, or she feels sorry for me. Lol!

Here is a look back at our past week here in our country home...

Last week was all about Candy Corn in our schoolroom.
We read about it, watched a video on how it was made, did our favorite art project, and even did a few science experiments with it. We did everything but eat it! 

Before Mass pictures were fun on Saturday...

And watching the Steeler game on Sunday was too.
This bunch plus Uncle Chris went and had a blast.
Flynn and I had just as much fun during our special "Just You and Me" day at home.
We watched tv, snuggled, baked, and took the puppies for a long walk. : )

Tuesday mornings are McDonald's days...
And lately, I am enjoying a hot cup of French Vanilla Latte.
Sooo good.
And if you don't have it already, get the McDonald's app.
They have the best coupons!
I usually get my coffee free!

My girl has decided she needs glasses.
Good thing Madison had a pair of fake ones leftover from an old Halloween costume. : )

I got Peyton a ghost cake mold for her birthday, and this week our friend and pastor came over and we made this awesome cake! I am only showing you the front for a reason!!! 

Still so much beauty in our part of the world.
So cozy outside during the day...

And inside during the evenings too.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
And could I ask a favor...would you please send up a prayer for Steve's beautiful mother?
Mum is nearing the end of her time here with us.
She is so ready for her Heavenly Reward.
And I know it will be amazing.
Steve went to visit her this week, and as he sat beside her, she reached out to put her hand on her baby's knee.
I think about life coming full circle again...
Those same hands once held this man as a new born baby.
Now...they reach out to say goodbye.

Thank you, my friends.
Have a cozy weekend. 


  1. Meredith spotted the Minnie bow on Flynn's shirt from across the room. Lol! Have a wonderful cozy Halloween weekend and time with Marian! I love Peyton's ghost cake!

  2. Enjoy your Halloween celebrations this weekend, my friend! Stay cozy and have so much fun with Marion! I'm sending prayers for Steve's dear Mum. I pray she is at peace ♥ Love to all! xo

  3. Omg Flynn's glasses, I'm crying! Why is she so cute???

  4. Praying for Steve's mother. And I love that ghost cake! I'm expecting to see Peyton on the Food Network one of these days!

  5. Beautiful posts as always. Will continue to pray for your beloved mother in law. May Our Lord and Our Lady be with you all. Hugs and prayers. Flynn is growing up so fast and adorable.

  6. You always bring a smile, sweet friend...Keeping Steve and all of you in prayer, friend. Have a beautiful weekend.

  7. You have so much fun, at your house!

    Ohhh that ghost cake is fantastic!

    Who is Marion, please?

    Lots of gentle hugs to your husband, at this time...

    Happy Haunting!
    Luna Crone

  8. You just crack me up. Sorry about your hubbies mom. I loved that picture. Life does go full circle.

  9. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Prayers for your family and sweet mother-in-law.

  10. You sure have lots of fun at your home, Billie Jo,I wish I lived nearby I might just invite myself over to celebrate, at least enjoy some fresh coffee. And you didn't eat any and corn?
    I am so sorry about your husbands Mom, sending thoughts and prayers.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  11. Prayers for Steve's mom! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I can't wait to hear all of the fun activities you do over the weekend for Halloween!

  12. Billie Jo, I will add your MIL to my prayer list. May God grant her peace and comfort. Love all your decor. That Halloween book looks adorable. I bet my grandchildren would enjoy it. xo

  13. Such a beautiful post. I love your ghost cake!!! I will keep Steve's mother in my prayers. She will soon know happiness beyond our earthly comprehension. I will pray for you and your dear husband as well. Warm hugs my friend. Juli

  14. I love your cozy days and your even cozier nights. My days are not spent inside my home as they used to. I miss these walls but I'm okay too. It must be God's grace because I love making my classroom a warm and welcoming place for those 18 sweet 4th graders.
    So glad Marion is visiting for the weekend to make it extra special for you.
    Have the best Halloween ever! xoxo tara

  15. How wonderful to have your longtime friend coming to share this special weekend with you. Prayers are been said for your sweet Mother in Law.

  16. Prayers for your mother in law!
    Love all the pretty decor...and especially that glowing candle!
    Also...after reading this post, I made my way to McDonald's to try a latte. Delicious!! Thanks for sharing. =)

  17. All I can think to say is a beautiful post. Prayers for your mother in law too.

  18. Today's post hit too close to home. I just lost my Dad the last week of September and that's what he wanted to do too, just keep his hand on my knee. I also took pictures and will treasure them forever. So hard, I'm such a Daddy's girl!!! I know he's with Jesus and no longer suffering, but it doesn't make it any easier.

    Prayers for peace and comfort for your family through this difficult time!

    Blessings from the OH/PA Border........🌻🌻🌻

  19. You guys are so cute! I love the ghost cake and lol on not seeing the back! So what happened to the candy corn in all those water solutions? I love candy corn, that's why I haven't bought any this year. ha ha! Prayers for your family and hubby's mom. <3

  20. I have so much catching up to do! I love the candy corn school week, the family photos and the front of the ghost cake. lol. good job! I'm real sorry to read about your mother in laws passing. Wishing you all peace!


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