June 9, 2017

Weekend Plans

Happy Friday, my friends! I hope you all enjoy this beautiful June weekend whether it be by being busy with parties and other events, or by being laid back and cozy at home...my personal favorite. : ) Our weekend is actually a combination of the two.

Friday is our quiet day. We actually have no plans other than to do nothing. Saturday Marian is coming again! We have it worked out so that she has to come every few weekends or so. Thanks Mar. : ) Saturday evening we have Mass followed by a cookout and a movie night. That is if we can decide on a movie before midnight. The struggle is real, my friends. Ask Marian.

Sunday we are celebrating our sweet graduate, Peyton Rose! We are hosting a special dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant complete with a delicious, specially made, chocolate and peanut butter cake from an awesome bakery nearby. Our friend Father Ross is celebrating the seventh anniversary of his Ordination, so we are having a special cake made for him too. : ) I am so excited to celebrate my sweet girl and all her accomplishments with family and friends.

So that is what we have going on this weekend. But first, here is a quick look back at the past week in our country home...

Peyton made these cupcakes for the parish block party last weekend.
They turned out great, and I especially loved the way she used red for Pentecost. : )

We had several cozy days with awesome storm clouds...

And some with lots of beautiful, bright sun...

Which allowed for some early morning walks with all of my girls. : )

I came across this precious scene one day. And I was reminded how thankful I am to still have a little one in the house after all these years.

She makes my heart so happy.

We had a visitor in the backyard this week...

And we were able to get a quick picture of her before she raced back to her baby.

Peyton made these delicious no bake cookies for our Monday night Bachelorette watching party.
They are sooo good! One change she made was to omit the butter for the drizzle, and we got nowhere near the amount of cookies it said, but that was probably a good thing!

After those, I had a few of these last week.
And they were almost as good. : )

Have a wonderful weekend with your people, my friends!
Thanks for visiting!

Oh! A lot of you asked about the Berry Dish Soap by Dawn I had in my last post.
Funny story! We were at my sister Margie's husband's parent's house, and I was helping in the kitchen. I saw his mom had that dish soap and I got so excited about it, she came over, opened her cupboard, and gave me one! I tried to tell her no...but she insisted!!! So then, Margie's husband Chris brought me a three pack and said he never saw anyone get so excited over dish soap! Anyway...he found it at Sam's Club! : )


  1. My oh my, your Peyton is truly amazing! Will she continue on in the culinary world? She certainly has a gift for baking and creating amazing treats :)

    Have a blessed weekend, my friend. Love and hugs to you!

  2. Congratulations to Peyton, she certainly has a talent for baking. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and celebration.

  3. Congratulations Peyton! Sunday sounds like a wonderful celebration for her and of course Friday and Saturday at home always sound like perfection :)

  4. Congrats to your daughter! So exciting!

  5. As Stephanie above asked, is Peyton going to continue working in the culinary world? She is so talented in that dept. Sounds like there will be lots of fun and good foods this weekend. Enjoy!

  6. Sounds like a wonderfully fun weekend ahead!! And I think Peyton needs to open a bakery ;) Blessings to you All. xoxo

  7. What!?! Berry soap? Where have I been? lol I love Dawn- I think it cleans grease the best of anything. I even use it to spot treat greasy things on clothes before I wash them.

    Those baked goods look amazing. I love cupcakes! Oh-I-Do!

    It is sweet to see a little girl playing with her dolls and enjoying that part of childhood. Kids today grow up way too fast most times.

    Hope you have a blessed weekend with your sweet family- xo Diana

  8. Have a wonderful weekend!! Peyton's cookies look wonderful!!

  9. I do believe Peyton has found her calling, my friend, smiles. Flynn has grown so much, more smiles. Have a lovely weekend---looks to be in the mid 90's here in western NY.

  10. Hi Billie No!

    Congratulations to, Payton! You need to post her recipes!

    The Barbie photo was darling...I remember those days with my own daughters...and myself, I loved Barbies!

    Your photos were beautiful, and your weekend sounds grand, enjoy!!



  11. Wow...Peyton's goodies look so yummy!!! I love the little doll's play scene. There is nothing more precious than when a child make believes. Little girls and dolls are just darling. Thanks for sharing that photo, it brings back good memories of when my girls were little. Have a fun movie night. Hugs Juli

  12. Congratulations to Peyton!!! Have a wonderful day celebrating tomorrow!!! Sending love and hugs to all! ♥ xx

  13. I hope your celebration of Peyton is going wonderfully and that you had a most excellent weekend!

  14. Hello, I saw you on Nana Diana's blog. I love your blog and your sweet and simple posts. I thought I'd comment on this post because I am a Barbie lover. I still have mine from my childhood. These cookies look incredible. Me and my daughters also have a blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow, and I would certainly follow you as well. It's nice to meet new friends, and your blog design with a few choice words and pictures is similar to ours. I hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.

    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. ps I love your name also because I have coffee in the morning and afternoon, and tea in the evening. : )

  15. Oh Now I know I love you. I get so excited for gifts of this sort, My MIL will bring me a big tub of Olive Oil Or even dish sponges and Boy I am floating! lol that Barbie scene made me smile and also choke up- you see I'm in the last days of my daughter being home before she goes to college and my son starting high school. why I've been MIA We've been shopping, packing, making plans, condensing, and just trying to squeeze as much fun stuff in before next month. Glad I got to catch up on your blog while the family is out.


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