June 7, 2017

Thank You And A Few Favorites

First of all, thank you all so very much for your kind and loving comments on my last post. Please know I read and reread them all, and they were comforting to my soul. I am so very happy I hit "Publish" on my first post almost five years ago. This little space has introduced me to so many wonderful and supportive friends that I would never have found without it.

In addition, it is a wonderful place to exchange tips and ideas with so many others. On that note, I am sharing a rather simple list of some of the favorite things in my life right now. In random order...

Porch sitting.
Morning, afternoon, and evening...

This candle.
While porch sitting.
Morning, afternoon, and evening...

Summertime scents by my kitchen sink...

And summertime flavors of tiny suckers in a bowl on the kitchen table. 


The best.

And this.
For when I am feeling guilty for eating too many of those.

This body wash.
I bought it online without smelling it. 
And thankfully, it is amazing.

And finally...this.
After years and years of driving a minivan...which I loved, by the way...
I am the proud owner of this awesome Jeep Wrangler!
Steve actually surprised me with it!
I have always wanted one, and he never forgot.
So many people were totally surprised that I would want one!
Like totally!
I love it, and so do the kids.
My midlife crisis?
But it sure is fun!

So there you are...
A few random things I am loving right now.
How about you, my friends?
What are your summertime favorites?


  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing. Yay on the jeep.

  2. I just love the jeep, I have always wanted one of those, smiles. Its not quite feeling like summer here in western NY, been raining the last few days and its quite brisk out. I bet that candle and soap smells good, smiles.

  3. My daughter wants to trade her Cherokee for a Wrangler!!

  4. Wranglers are super fun! I dated a guy that had one and I loved to feel of the wind blowing through my hair. Awww memories! Porch sitting is the best. I am currently taking a little break from hosing off my porch.

  5. Such a fun post, I am a fan of Yankee candle too but have not come across Country Lemonade before. Love the jeep.

  6. Everything you listed are super summer! I love visiting your 'home' and seeing what is new, seems like every week or so. The Jeep is perfect and I know you will enjoy it for a long time to come.

  7. Oh my friend, I jumped up in delight when I saw your Jeep because guess what?! My husband and I just purchased a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon on Saturday! I have always loved Jeeps and from the time I was 15-years-old to now I have only dreamed of having one {{smiles}} Oh, what a small world! Too bad we don't live near one another. Happy Jeeping, my friend.

    Love and hugs to you!

  8. I love your candle recommendations. Always!
    Congrats on that fun jeep!!!!!!!
    Happy Wednesday. :)

  9. Beautiful car! And that porch swing!! I think that's my favorite thing about spring and summer, getting able to just sit outside and enjoy the fantastic weather.

  10. I love reading about your favorites, Billie Jo. I love having candles burning in our home and Yankee's are a favorite. I've never seen the Dawn liquid in berry breeze--I'll have to look for it. Congratulations on your new vehicle. Happy driving! ♥

  11. Hey Doll! I love your faves! Especially: a) your porch - I think I would live out there! And b) your cool new wheels - tear it up Girl!! Lol And you're so like me twinsy....I live for everything berry come summer!!

    I've also been loving my version of the porch- deck life. The beautiful sparkling bay in the sunlight. Walks with my Ruby smelling all the flowers blooming and the green grass of fresh cut lawns. Finally back to grilling outside (& that heavenly smell too!). The peepers (little tree frogs) are out singing at night and I love having the windows cracked open with a light breeze and that summer sound of the peepers singing. And now that my Girl's last day of school was today we've been planning fun things we want to do - like parks to visit, getting spa pedicures, playing sports outside, movie days when it rains, fun shopping, a picnic... sigh. So many wonderful things. Life is good in the summer. Amen.

  12. I love all of the favorites! I've got to look for that berry dish soap! Porch sitting. Oh how I wish I had that at my house. The car? Doesn't really surprise me. I was there when you were rockin it out on that way home from dinner, so I guess I knew there was a crazy, fun, wild streak in that family lovin, cooking, country decorating, heart of yours

  13. Love the pillows, candle, and new set of wheels!! Hot damn, Billie! I can totally see you in that Wrangler. Woot!

  14. Hi Billie Jo~

    Oh my, I love your summertime favorites! Who cannot resist lemonade and berry sorbet?! Your new ride is amazing too! I just got a new car as well, it's also white, my favorite color for a car. Enjoy those fun rides!

    I also need to comment on your last post, it was so precious. As I read it with tears streaming down my face, I had so many thoughts about you, and how much you influence others with your sweet spirit. Grace, is indeed a lucky little girl to have a mother who she will someday put her little arms around and thank for her goodness. I can only imagine how many other women your sweet story touched. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Hugs and Love,

  15. I never would have pictured you as a Jeep person but it's fantastic! I'm sure it will make all those times you are forced to leave your nest more fun!

  16. Love your favorites! I have a jeep too - but it's an older Jeep Liberty! Fave car ever! Yours looks very cool. Have a good day sweetie!

  17. Oh Billie Jo I LOVE your Jeep! Congrats!

  18. Billie Jo, what a SWEET ride! I do not think I could park something that big. I could just plow through the parked cars!!! Love all your summer sights and scents. I need to look for that dish soap! xo


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