April 21, 2017

Weekend Plans

A spring weekend is upon us. And as much as I love those cozy autumn and winter weekends snuggled inside, I am ready to throw open the screen door and enjoy some time on the porch. Although looking at the weather, I think that will have to wait until next weekend. Supposed to be a bit chilly here.

Friday night is free. I have some tilapia in the freezer, so I think we will have that with some brown rice and broccoli. Then we'll have a quiet night in with some movies. And maybe popcorn.

Saturday during the day, I have some organizing tasks waiting for me. Tough decision between cleaning the mudroom, which entails packing away the winter coats, hats, mittens, and boots, or organizing the linen closet...Which of course involves attempting to match sets of sheets and then folding balling up the fitted ones. And trying to make it look half tidy in the process. Then we have Mass, followed by a trip to visit Mum and dinner out. My mom is coming with us and hopefully spending the night. : )

Sunday Steve will mow our yard for the first time. And I am planning on some pasta with fresh tomatoes and garlic for dinner. Peyton will make a yummy dessert as well. And then we will end another weekend and prepare for a brand new week ahead.

Here's some random pictures from this week here in our cozy home...

Spring arrived.
And the first chance we got, we were outside with one of our favorite spring and summer activities.
And...spring also means going outside just as you are...
Even if that is in last year's sundress and with yesterday's unbrushed hair. : )

Sidenote: I found these amazing battery operated bubble things at our Dollar General for six dollars each. Love!

In "Believe It Or Not" news...
Guess who laced her sneakers and started walking this week???
That would be me.
Why would a lifelong exercise-resistent, nap-loving, middle-age woman  suddenly decide to start walking?
Well, it could be due to a combination of things.
Mainly, a puppy who likes to get up at daybreak...a few extra pounds that keep creeping on...and a call from my doctor that my cholestrol and triglycerides are simply too high, despite my medication. 

Surprisingly, I enjoy it.
Walking in the quiet, as the world begins to awaken, watching the sun come up to start a new day...
It is actually relaxing.

And beautiful.

And although I will never love exercising,
I do enjoy this little time alone in the morning.

Well, not totally alone. : )

That's about it, my friends.
Thanks so much for visiting!

Have a cozy weekend!


  1. Good Morning, sounds like a fun Friday to me! So sorry about the high cholesterol it seems to be happening to all of us! I am reading a book called Wheat Belly, they say it is the wheat causing all of us to be getting high numbers and weight that won't come off. Glad you have a little buddy to walk with at least!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. Love bubbles too and they are one of my favorite things as the weather finally starts to warm up here too! Fingers crossed!! Your girl's hair is getting so LONG and is so pretty! I need to start walking too -- maybe we can walk "together" from afar as the quiet mornings are also my favorite! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  3. Just catching up and as always a delight to visit. Sorry to hear about your cholesterol levels but on a positive note you certainly have some beautiful views for a walk. Have a great weekend.

  4. Bubbles are so much fun! We have been out and about in the yard for the past two weeks. We have even had to mow several times already! This weekend the temperatures will be cooler. Which is really normal for this time of year! If you must walk at least you have a stunning view. :)

  5. {{{grinning}}} I keep on inviting folks to walk these blasted hills here on campus, but no one take me up on the offer, lol (just teasing)---I'm no skinny meanie, but it sure has helped this middle aged woman drop weight.

    Have a beautiful weekend, Billie Jo...we had much needed thunderstorms last night and it has left us cooled off once again.

  6. Good for you for walking! That is my favorite time to walk, too, except where we live it is too dangerous to walk the roadway at that hour (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) Love all the pictures and we spent last weekend blowing bubbles at my daughter's house. That was a lot of fun with the kids.
    Hope your weekend is happy even if it is a cool one. We are only in the high 50s anytime this weekend. Right now we are in the low 40s. xo Diana

  7. Happy weekend! When did that sweet little lady's hair get so long (and start making her look NOT so little)?! Another beauty! Enjoy those walks :)

  8. Walking I can do. I do like a good walk. Your companion makes it even more wonderful I think. So glad you told me about the dollar general, because that first picture of Flynn with the bubbles and I thought that looked like something my kids would LOVE. We adore bubbles. It's cool here too this weekend. Snuggle your family and give lots of love to mum!

  9. Billie Jo, your weekend plans sound very nice and refreshing as Spring visits your area. Flynn looks so happy with her bubbles. It's a great past time for children of all ages. I am not a big exercise fan, but have walked for years. It's great this time of year to be out and enjoy nature. Have a great weekend with your family. ♥

  10. First Bubbles!!! So happy that Flynn is out and enjoying the warm days!!! And walking. In the morning. Alone (well, with Mohca) is the best! I love my quiet time. Walking or running. It does feel relaxing and feels like it clears my mind a bit. Which I so need! Maybe we'll be walking the same time of day! xoxo Have a happy, cozy weekend! Hope your Mom sleeps over. Enjoy your visit with Mum!

  11. I started walking this week, too! Well, I went 2 days in a row, then my legs hurt the next day, and then it rained today, sooo....
    Anyway, I got the same call from my doc about high cholesterol. Not fun.
    As for your weekend plans, I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

  12. Well you certainly have wonderful plans for this weekend! Good for you for walking and being able to witness a sunrise is awesome. I've been walking/slow jogging during my lunch break. I go home for lunch and take my dog for a walk - to speed things up a bit and in the interest of time I started doing a bit of a jog. I've got a mile down to 11:00 minutes haha no Boston Marathon in the making for me.

  13. If we must exercise, then that's the way to do it... with a puppy and a beautiful sunrise : ) Good for you! Your weekend sounds delightful. Our weather has been back and fourth - one day it's perfect spring and then other days (like today) it's cold and we are back in sweaters. We are slowly working out way outside as well. Rob has been doing yard work and I open the windows when I can ♥ Have a great weekend with your mom. Talk soon. Miss you!! xo

  14. That sunrise is gorgeous! I almost bought tilapia for Easter dinner but decided on salmon instead. Easter morning my daughter told me that Allie - my granddaughter - only likes tilapia. Oh well. :) Hope you have a blessed weekend.

  15. Have a great weekend Billie Jo! I really need to start doing some exercise myself. :(

  16. Sounds like a great weekend ahead Lovie! And I think exercise can be lovely, as long as you find something you enjoy (or that perfect time of day to do it like you said). ;) I just need to "enjoy" my perfect time a bit more often. I still struggle with consistency. Lol
    Cheers to your health my Dear! Blessings on your weekend. xoxo

  17. Hi Billie Jo. Good for you for starting a walking routine! have been walking daily for years and now I am addicted. My husband and I walk every evening and it is our "special" time together every day. Sounds like you have a nice weekend planned. It is fun to see your family welcoming spring! Have a good one!

  18. Good for you, Billie Jo! I was walking but "walked" away for a while. Little Bear can't really go on walks any more. Using the treadmill is just not the same as walking outside.

  19. I wish I could walk with you then head back to sit on the porch with a nice coffee. Miss you. Just checking in. Hugs


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