April 24, 2017

Back To 1987

So...Ummm...This year is my 30th Class Reunion. I won't even lament the fact that when my parents had their 25th Class Reunion, I thought those people were ANCIENT. It literally seems like yesterday I was lying on the floor of my bedroom, talking to my best friend Jennifer on my phone...which was attached to the wall...listening to my favorite Hall & Oats cassette tape on my stereo, planning what movie we were going to rent at the video store.

Thirty years have passed, but many memories remain. And just for fun I put together a look at some things that were a major part of my life as a seventeen year old senior in 1987. Wonder if any of these awesome things brings back a memory or two for you...

Yep. This was me. Except ours was in the kitchen. And it was yellow.

Opening your locker to find one of these from that super cute guy in Calculus class?
Best. Thing. Ever.
 For the record, Steve didn't go to my school. ; )

Best after school snack.
After you ran it under water to melt off the ice.

Do these even exist anymore?
We actually had a class with the librarian teaching how to use it!

Anyone remember these???
We had to own at least two pair at all times during majorette season.
In case you got a run, you know.

Every Sunday afternoon.

I can't even.
But yes.
I had several pair.

These were my favorite.
Soooo good.

I remember going to the drugstore to get these to match my outfits.
Just why?

And this guy.
Do you know who he is???
Two words.
Jake. Ryan.

Ok...add your 80's memories.
I'm waiting!!!


  1. Yes!! I am 6 years ahead of you, but yes these are great!!

  2. Yes, I do remember talking on the phone,but I told it to the closet nearby so no one could hear me. I even worked in the Library in the 12th grade. Thanks for the memories, Billie Jo!

  3. Well, I was 37 in '87 but I go way back with the panty hose.. I had to take a part time job in high school to be able to afford mine I went through them so quickly...our wall phone was in the hall so yes I laid in the floor outside my parent's room.. no privacy at all!!! I didnt go for the matchy matchy eye shadow. but I did have every shade of blue! In "87 my daughter was 2 and I was too trying to juggle parenting with going back to my teaching job... no time for heart throbs.. but if I can take it back to '67, it would have been Mark Lindsey from Paul revere and the raiders!!!

  4. Those are great and definitely bring back some memories! We still have a gold wall phone in our kitchen -- I couldn't get rid of it! :) The library -- loved that place! Great flashback!

  5. I was a teen in the 70s and I do remember the phones, notes, pantyhose and eye shadows.

    Frankly the 80s were a bit of a blur as I has babies in 81, 82, and 84 and was kind of busy. 😍

  6. Oh- what a fun 'visit' here today. I had babies back in the 80s, too, so it was a busy time of life for me. I did love the music though! lol xo Diana

  7. My 30th reunion is this year as well and I just can not even wrap my mind around it. I'm only 21, how can I possibly be having a 30th reunion? I was just telling Sarah yesterday that I used to wear my fair share of purple eye shadow and she was very appalled at the though! I loved my stirrup paints! And what about jelly shoes? Remember those??

  8. That sure brought back memories! I am part of the class of '89. I loved those pudding pops! When I think of the 80's I think of perms, aqua net hairspray and Molly Ringwald. Also Dirty Dancing, the make out movie of the late 80's!

  9. Well I am a little younger but I do love me a good 80s movie! Anything Molly Ringwald is fine by me!! So yes, Jake Ryan is pretty dreamy to me.

  10. I was an Army wife in the 80's living in Germany with three daughters, looking back I wonder how I ever managed.

  11. I was a child of the 80's myself. I remember crimped hair, loves baby soft, lip lickers lip gloss (the ones in the sliding tins) The Gogo's (not sure I spelled that right.) Aqua Net for my big hair. I love the childhood memories. They are so fun to look back on. I still remember my best friend's phone number from way back when. Hugs friend. Juli

  12. What fun to relive your high school days. I almost hate to type it, but I am a child of the 50's, so my memories would be 'weird' for sure. lol Have a lovely evening.

  13. Every single one of those is a memory to me. Growing up in the 80s was THE BEST!!!

  14. Billie Jo, I just realized you are the age of my daughter. I lived all of those times with her and my son in the '80's. I did talk on a similar phone to my friends and hubby to be! ♥

  15. Hmm...Okay, I remember a lot of these. But, I was only 9 in '87. We had a phone attached to the kitchen wall and I would sneak out on the deck to chit chat. I absolutely loved pudding pops, why did they quit making those? Panty hose are so uncomfortable! And once I reached High school I wore blue eye shadow! Oh and I loved making mixed tapes...My kids look at me odd when I reminisce about my younger days. They were the good ol'days!
    Thanks for the throw back...

    Enjoy your week Billie Jo!


  16. I was a senior in 1979 but I definitely remember all of these! And the Leggs! Oh my word! Those brought back memories of drill team and yep, having to have more than one in case you got a run! Loved this!

  17. I was 9 years old in 1987 too (in Singapore)! It would still be a few years before I got to the stage of tying up my parents' land line ("cooking telephone porridge" they would say in Cantonese) and sitting poised over the "Record" button every Sunday for American Top 40, but I remember my mum's pantyhose and shoulder pads, and the home perms my aunt would give my grandma. Yes even in Asia we had the '80s pretty much the same...

  18. I am 10 years ahead of you, but some of those still apply!

  19. I graduated in 1990 - so right behind ya Sista! Oh my gosh - could I love this more?? I got several chuckles! Aaacckk - stirrup pants! I forgot about those. I have many of those folded notes that Ad and I shared between each other in a box I kept. ;) Our phone was in the kitchen too - but it was white. The best sweet 16 gift ever was getting MY OWN PHONE in my room!! That was beyond dreamy. Lol And Jake Ryan! SQUEAL - I'm dying!! John Hughes movies were everything!!

    I remember lots of big hair. Curling iron action and lots of hairspray. I remember folding over my pants and rolling them up one notch. Layered socks and pins with little beads. My GF and I had matching acid washed jean jackets too! Hair bands! Jelly shoes and bracelets. Neon everything. I could go on and on.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane Doll. I think your reunion will be great fun! I think you should like totally rat your hair up and look like totally awesome for the occasion! That would be so choice. :P

  20. I graduated in 1995, so yes, all of these look familiar! Thanks for the walk down memory lane. And the making the mixed tape off of the radio - kids these days have NO IDEA how easy they have it to get their favorite playlist put together. Other favorite things from then - rolling my jeans (what on earth we we thinking!), not being able to talk on the phone (yes ours was in the kitchen too) because mom was waiting for a call from the Doctor and she didn't want to tie up the line and we didn't have an answering machine, cabbage patch dolls (okay, that is more early 80s, but still), and big glasses - although those seem to be coming back in...why? ;)

  21. Ha ha ha! This TOTALLY cracked me up! A blast to the past!

  22. My 30th is the year as well...87 was a good year! I remember every one of those!!

  23. Billie Jo, the 80's were a blur to me. All my 4 children were born in the 80's. I am sure I was sleep deprived most of the decade. the 70's was my era. I don't think I ever wore stirrup pants. They don't look terribly comfortable. I do remember the phone connected to the wall (of course) and pudding pops. Yum!

  24. Yes to all—but who is Jake Ryan?
    I don't remember him.

  25. You hit home girl!! I'm an 80's girl myself and everyone of those pictures are spot on. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    Have a great week

  26. Yes on all these things!!! The phone in our kitchen was powder blue and the cord was long enough to stretch all the way around the corner into the dining room! I miss those days! I wore electric blue eyeliner (with blue mascara to match : ) I used to have a basket of those notes in my teenage bedroom. They were the best! Yes, I wore the stirrup pants and also genie pants (do you remember those?) with two or three different colored socks scrunched down so you could see all the colors. And since I was a fashionista (not!) I had jelly bracelets to match! Throw a banana clip in my hair and a gallon of aqua net and I was good to go! Thanks for the memories! Happy Wednesday! ♥


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