March 22, 2017

When Your Child Realizes Her Dream

You are filled with joy. And happiness. And love.  My Madison went after her dream. It took her across the ocean to a foreign land. She met new people who spoke a different language. With the love and support of her boyfriend Nicolas and his dear family, she studied, practiced, worked hard and eventually realized her dream.

Madison is a certified professional make up artist. And through a friendship she made, Madison is now making makeup application and tutorial videos for a wonderful new make up line...Third Culture Cosmetics.

She writes about this exciting adventure on her own blog here.

And if you would like to view her video demonstrating how she uses these products to achieve that natural look follow this link

Thank you so much my friends.
One of the things I love about this wonderful blog world of ours is sharing in the joys of each others' lives. : )


  1. Congratulations to Madison!!! So exciting! I'm a huge lover of makeup and I am so excited for her :-) I wish her many years of success!!


  2. ...and sweet friend, she is beautiful, just like her mother, smiles.

  3. I love you so so much! Thank you for always being my #1 fan and makeup model <3

  4. Way to go Madison!! How exciting for her!

  5. How wonderful! Your daughter is beautiful and talented!

  6. Oh yay Madison!! I couldn't love this more!

  7. Hi Billie Jo~

    Wow! Madison is gorgeous - just like her mom...:0) What a creative and fun way to go to work everyday. And the best bonus, She's your daughter! I'll bet you guys have fun with makeup when she is home!


  8. So so happy for Madison! I love her video on natural makeup and her tips are the best. I know that God will use her to enrich so many lives because even from the videos you can tell that she cares about people and helping them feel good about themselves. Sweetest girl...

  9. Your daughter's video was so professionally done! I enjoyed it very much. I wish her much success! ♥

  10. Oh how exciting! She did a great job, looks like a "natural" behind the camera. Way to go, Madison!

  11. She. Is. Amazing!!!! I've visited her blog and watched her videos. She's so talented and clearly loves what she does! So happy for her (and mom too! : ) #followingherdreams ♥

  12. Sorry I've been late visiting. Been a bit under the weather. It's so wonderful to see Madison so happy and truly chasing her dreams! So excited for her!! ;) xoxo


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