January 6, 2017

Weekend Plans

January weekends are cozy, don't you think? The excitement and preparations of the holidays are  now happy memories tucked into our hearts, and we have a chance to relax and savor the peacefulness that is winter.

Friday evening we are free. I'm thinking of a simple dinner of pasta with sauce and garlic toast. After that, we will most likely settle in for a cozy evening of games and movies.

Saturday we have Mass in the late afternoon. After that, we are heading to my sister Margie's house to celebrate Christmas with her, her husband, and their new puppy Cocoa! We had planned on getting together earlier, but the twenty four hour stomach flu had other plans. We celebrate with them every year at their house with pizza, wings, and presents. She has the coziest Christmas house ever!

Sunday is a quiet day here. Well, for some of us. Steve and Rhett are heading to Pittsburgh to the Steeler's playoff game! The rest of us will put on our jerseys and cheer them on from here. I'm thinking some good football food would be fun...maybe taco dip, stromboli, and brownies. : )

That's what we have planned for this weekend. And here are a few pictures of the past few weeks here in our country home.

Madison snapped this precious picture on Christmas Eve as Flynn helped Nicolas make his delicious coleslaw salad.

Our Peyton Rose was surprised with her Christmas gift this year.
She was so surprised and so very thankful.
Next up...the permit test!

Santa brought perhaps the best present ever for my little Flynn.
If you've read here for any amount of time, you know about her love of all things Cinderella.
One thing she always mentioned is that she could never find anything with Cinderella's "cleaning" outfit...
Santa must have known, because this was under the tree for her.
And she was thrilled!

She and Nicolas worked with the other kids and prepared a delicious meal from Flynn's Disney Princess cookbook...

And it was delicious.

Madison and I have enjoyed several days of afternoon tea together.
And I am happy.

In other news...
I got my hair cut.
And it feels sooo much better.
For some reason, the front was much shorter than the back.
Madison encouraged me to do it,
And even went with me.
My hairdresser is wonderful, and did a great job.
It's funny.
I used to take Madison to the hairdresser, and now?
She takes me!

Who is watching The Bachelor?
Come on. You can admit it!
We have a date with Nick every Monday night.
My friend Heather comes over and we watch his "journey to find love" together.
And to watch my friend Chris Harrison tell us that "This is the final rose tonight."

Have a cozy winter weekend, my friends!
Happy January!


  1. Happy Weekend! Yay for Peyton and her new car. I will NOT be telling Billy that tidbit of information. I got a new (used) car last week and it is fun! I can only imagine how much more exciting it is for her at her age.
    Glad you have your girl home with you for a bit longer. I love your haircut!! Looks great on you. (I think your previous post had a great pic of it) I got mine cut last week, too. I hate it. Think: Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka. Yep. That's what I look like like. Oy!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Love your weekend plans! You always have fun and great food! Oh my word -- your hair looks fabulous!

    New car looks very cool -- what kind is it? Ford? Maddy is old enough to get her driver's permit, but too cold and icy right now and she hasn't studied for it, so am thinking it will be a summer project. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

  3. Yaay for January weekends! I love your haircut! I think that's my length. I took that plunge last year and I've been happy ever since. It looks beautiful on you! ♥ I love these weekend plans/weekly recap posts you do because I love getting caught up with you. I need to do that more often on my blog ♥ I'm trying to be better about taking pictures. Anyway, I adore Flynn's Cinderella cleaning outfit! I have never seen that before....and believe me....I've been to the Disney store more times than I care to admit : ) How cute is that! I love that she and Nicolas get on so well. It's very cute to see! And Peyton's car!!! Wow! Very generous of Santa! Wishing her well with her permit test! Looks like good things are to come for everyone in 2017! Have a wonderful weekend celebrating at your sister's house and enjoy the football game. Taco dip sounds awesome to me right about now!!! #bachelorforever ♥♥♥

  4. Your hair looks awesome!! I love Flynn's cleaning outfit! Was it an Etsy find? Hooray for Peyton and her new wheels! Have a WONDERFUL weekend friend.

  5. Have a wonderful time at your sisters house this weekend! And yeah!!!! for Peyton and her first car!!!! What a huge step for her. Love the cooking pictures with Nicolas in the kitchen! Enjoy your cozy Sunday with football food! love ya

  6. I can't imagine that your sister's home is any cozier than yours! It must run in the family. And I will admit to watching the Bachelor but I have to watch in on demand when no one else is home. They all give me a hard time about it. I started watching when during Ben's season so I guess this is my 3rd time. So far so good! Have a wonderful weekend. We are supposed to get snow here and I am NOT happy about it!

  7. Congrats to Peyton on her new car. Exciting times. Love seeing the kids cook together. Your new haircut is adorable. Have a great weekend. We are expecting snow!

  8. What a cozy warm post, Billie Jo. I love hearing about your weekend plans. All the things I enjoy doing. Peyton has a new car! How wonderful! And sweet Flynn in her Cinderella cleaning outfit is too cute. I need one of those when I clean! We watch the Bachelor---don't tell anyone. I personally think my husband likes it more than I. It's really a ridiculous way to find a spouse, but fun just the same. Have a wonderful afternoon. ♥

  9. That took me back several years I can remember us buying our girls their first cars and the worry of having them pass their driving tests. Love you new hairstyle, it really does suit you. Have a great weekend.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead. We are also having pasta, bread, and a salad tonight with a game and movies. It is raining here so we will be cozied up. Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi, Billie Jo!!

    A new car! How exciting, that has to be the ultimate best gift ever! Its hard to believe that she's old enough to drive...:0)

    Darling photos of, Flynn, my goodness...she's growing up as well! What fun to have someone to cook with.

    Love your hair cut! Isn't it funny how hair grows faster in the back? Mine does that as well, that's how I know its time for a trim. Aren't daughters wonderful?!

    I read a great article about, hyugg, and I immediately thought of you sweet friend...have a cozy week end!


  12. That should say...hygge...coziness!!

  13. January weekends are wonderful for snuggling in - aren't they? Especially when our weather continues to be a balmy many degrees BELOW zero!! ;) Sounds like you have a wonderful one planned.

    I'm looking forward to ours too - but not the plans to take down the Christmas trees and decorations. Always hard for me to part with it all.

    Blessings Hon. xoxo

  14. Your haircut is beautiful! I need to hop down to the beautician myself. ;)

    Also, that Cinderella maid outfit is just too cute for words. So fun!

  15. Wow an SUV for Christmas!! I think I got a leather coat at her age :). What awesome parents you are.

    Love Flynn's outfit and your new hair. Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. What an awesome Christmas gift for both girls! Hayley will soon be taking driving courses and I'm still not ready... hard that my little girl is growing up, I think I'm in denial, lol. Looks like your year if off to a great start :-)


  17. How sweet is Nicolas always helping Flyn, he's a keeper. Your hair looks great! Getting my hair done is one of my least favorite things to go and get done but is always worth it afterwards. Your weekend sounds wonderful, enjoy!!

  18. Thank you for the smiles( I know I am sounding like a broken record, friend). I will be getting my hair done soon--before the start of the semester...it sure needs it. smiles

  19. Sounds like a nice cozy January. I love your new hairstyle. Have a great weekend!

  20. Love your hair! Have a terrific weekend.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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