January 4, 2017

New Year's 2017

Christmas week flew by in a flurry of...ok...so maybe flurry isn't the word to describe our days filled with movies, naps, pjs, and games. In any case, New Year's Eve arrived and we were ready to celebrate!

New Year's Eve began with a few presents for each of the kids.
Since Santa brings the presents on Christmas, Mom and Dad like to add a few at New Years.
Just a little something to keep the spirit of the season alive. : )

Later that morning, we began preparing for our annual family New Year's Eve party!

We set the table...

And put Peyton's delicious cupcakes right in the middle.

Flynn was happy that our little elf Zip was here to celebrate with us.
Normally, he would have returned home with Santa on Christmas Eve, but this year, Flynn received a letter from the North Pole stating that Zip had special permission to stay until New Year's Day!
She could not have been happier!

As was Zip. : )

Then it was time to get ready for Mass.
These two are always the first ones ready!

Eventually, they all make it down. 
And are always willing to pose for a picture for Mom. : )

After a beautiful Mass, we were home for the night.
And ready to ring in the New Year!

Our good friends Heather and Dave came over to celebrate with us...
We ate, drank, and played too many games of trivia.

These two made my night extra special by telling me they arranged to stay an extra week!!
I don't need to tell you how happy that made me!

Soon it was almost midnight, and we were ready to say hello to a brand new year. 

We visited a bit more, and then we called it a night.
And soon enough, it was the first morning of a brand new year.
The day dawned clear and cold.
Just as a January day should.
Steve took Madison, Rhett, and Nicolas to the Steeler game.
And Peyton, Flynn and I enjoyed a day of leftovers and The Twilight Zone marathon.
 I snuck in a nap too. : )

Happy and Blessed New Year, my friends.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful new year's eve. Can I ask where you find all of Flynn's themed clothing or do you make them?

    1. Thank you...
      And I wish!
      I am thankful for others who share their talents on Etsy!
      That's where I find her clothes.
      This was the same one she wore last year...I like to order up a size. : )

  2. I love the idea of giving "mom and dad" gifts for New Years. Helps spread the cheer out a bit longer. Our oldest's birthday is the 3rd, so we tend to stretch things out a bit anyhow. Glad you are getting to enjoy your girl a week longer. I know that makes a momma's heart swell.

  3. Happy 2017! So fun that Nicolas and Madison can stay a little longer! Maybe one of these years I will plan a real party and not the "watch a movie just to say we stayed awake" New Years thing we've been doing!

  4. Hi Billie Jo~

    Oh boy, what a fun time I had reading your last 3 posts!! Love, love, love your New Year Resolutions . . . perfection!

    Christmas at your house looked magical, and I especially loved the Rudolf plates, how adorable!

    Your New Year celebration looked like a lot of fun, and as always, I loved seeing pictures of your beautiful family!


  5. Let's start with your hair... LOVE!!! And your night, how perfectly perfect! So so love Peyton's sweater (kinda matched Flynn's dress!) And I love how those two are always ready first... sweet. Yeah for Madison and her guy staying another week, so so happy for you all. Cheers to 2017!!! It's gonna be a good one!

  6. I love that they arranged to stay an extra week! So sweet! And we watched a couple of Twilight Zone episodes too. I find them a little creepy yet oddly entertaining. I guess I like the simpleness of that era! :)

  7. Perfect way to ring in the New Year! HOw sweet that Zip could stay. ;) I love Flynn's New Year's dress too! And so happy your Madison is staying another week. Looks like it was a happy intro to 2017 with many blessings all around.

  8. It's been hard to get new traditions started here. Now that the kids have families of their own, they are here, there and everywhere. It was different this year than even last year. They didn't remember that we did holidays when I told them last year and again this year that I wanted to do Christmas Eve with our family. I had to run to church for Christmas Eve service, David was having heart palipations and get back to do Christmas dinner. I've not gotten over it yet. Hooray for your continued traditions. Maybe we'll fall into some kind of traditionally rythum soon.

  9. I really enjoyed seeing your lovely New Year's celebrations. Your lovely photos of your precious family are so special. I'm so happy that your daughter is staying for another week. What a great surprise for you and your family. Happy New Year, my friend. ♥

  10. I love reading about your family's Christmas and New Year's traditions. I love how weekly mass is always a part of your life. So glad your daughter and boyfriend got to stay an extra week. Happy New Year to you all!

  11. How wonderful to have your little family all together for another week, such a joy. I love the idea of New Year presents, something to keep in mind for another year. We tend to give advents gifts each Sunday, little crafts sets and such for the children to engage with the festive season.

  12. Happy New Year, Billie Jo! I'm thrilled for you that your daughter will be staying an extra week.

  13. Sounds like a lovely way to bring in the New Year! You have a gift for making special moments for your family. Hugs. Juli

  14. Happy New Year to your lovely family. Zip is really a "julemanden"(I assume Nicolas has told you that LOL)

  15. Blessings for a happy new year to you and all your beautiful family!!! ♥ xoxox


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