August 9, 2016

Keepin' It Real...Because. Fun.

Every now and then I feel the need to lighten things up a bit around here. So here you go. More about me than you probably care to know. : )

Yep. My friend Marian can attest to this. Last time she was here, we were digging around for a lid to a yogurt container to send some food home with her in. We didn't find one. But we found about ten Cool Whip lids. Go figure.


True. So true.



Come September, this is me. Honestly.
I do shower. I just put on really nice jammies after.
You could call them Leisure Outfits I suppose.

So. Yes. Pretty much.

And this. Yes. Yes. Yes. Would you believe I LOVE this movie? Only the original though.
The others? Ugh.

Speaking of much longer do I have to wait to decorate before people really think I'm weird? Oh...Who am I kidding? They already do!!!

Have a great day, friends.
And weird or not...just be yourself!

Pinterest for the pics. As always. : )


  1. You and I have the same allergy to people and crowds! So much yes with those! And September 1 is when I think Halloween decorations are a go. (But I am super biased because my birthday is end of August so truthfully I won't judge if you decorate earlier than that!)

  2. Ooh a Tuesday post! Yay!... So ME everywhere here! I font get to wear my jammies during the day but I just might make that a goal for this year for leisure that is much needed, lol!

  3. Ooh a Tuesday post! Yay!... So ME everywhere here! I font get to wear my jammies during the day but I just might make that a goal for this year for leisure that is much needed, lol!

  4. As soon as I read the title I knew this was going to be good, and that first Tupperware funny...I can relate. Hope your having a great week Billie Jo : )

  5. Hahaha!! This made me smile. I'm the same way about fall decorating. I found a cute fallish door hanger for my front door, and hung it up already. I'm dying to put out the rest. I think I will this weekend. ;)

  6. {{{Giggling}}} Funny, I was just thinking similar thoughts about decorating for fall, smiles. Thanks for keeping it real...I did not get out of my pj's until after 10 am, lol.

  7. You crack me up!! SAME problem with tupperware and lids!! Where do the matching partners go anyway?? My girl is already wondering what to be for Halloween -- so we are with you there! Have a fun day!!

  8. Love all of these!!
    Nicolas and Juliana started school today...summer is over here so I say bring on fall!!

  9. I saw bits of myself here, just not the Halloween stuff though. :)

  10. I wish we were neighbors then I would come over and we could watch all our favorite shows and Christmas movies in our pajamas everyday!! :)

  11. Very cute, Billie Jo! I am in the mood for Halloween but I will wait until after the grandchildren's visit in two weeks. I don't want to frighten them! ♥

  12. I love how much you love fall but nooooooooooooo it feels like summer just started and now it's almost over. I'm not ready yet!!!!!

  13. We call those fancy jammies *loungers* around here. I even have a *lounger* bra!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. Loved these memes! I could relate to... most of them! :)

  15. Yes, yes, yes to everything! You are my soul sister! I was nodding and smiling all through this post! I have had all of these emotions at least once...just today! : )

  16. Good morning Billie Jo,

    You make me laugh. I particularly like the one about being busy - very sound excuse.

    It is already the middle of the week. Wonder where the time goes.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  17. Lol... these made me smile :-) Gotta love Pinterest!


  18. I can relate to about all of these! Especially the pjs one! Lol. There is nothing like being in your cozy home sweet home in your pjs. Hugs my friend!

  19. These were so fun. Could relate to all. My favorite's are the Tupperware and not going outside because it's too peopley. Thanks for making me smile today.


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