June 24, 2016

Random Photo Friday

Ahhh. Lazy summer days. We don't do much. We slow down. We rest. And we enjoy the laid back vibe that fills the air. Here are a few pictures of the past week to show you what I mean. : )

We celebrated Dad on his special Day with a few gifts...
some bought...

Some made.
Like these AMAZING Blueberry Muffins from Madison...

And this Delicious Strawberry Jello Cake from Peyton.

The rest of the week found us on the porch
snapchatting relaxing with our breakfast.

After breakfast, we spend some time outside.
With jammies on.
But fortunately, the jammies and sandals are both from Carters.
So. Matching.

Just keeping it real here, friends. : )

Evening tea with some Mickey Mouse cookies...

And the return of my summer guilty pleasure!!!!
Would you believe I have watched every single season since it began sixteen years ago?

Back on track after a week of vacation eating...

But it's really not so bad. : )
Madison and Nicolas made this delicious pizza for dinner one night, and I added a fresh fruit salad.

The weather has been perfect for evening bubbles...

Which is great because what better time for sticky bubble fun than right before a bath and fresh jammies?

Oh, and someone was happy to be home with her little Mocha. : )

Have a splendid summer weekend with your people, my friends.
Picnic, hike, watch a movie, go to mass, bake a pie, mow the lawn, swim, sleep, laugh, and love.
Whatever it is that makes YOU happy. : )
Thanks for visiting!


  1. I always enjoy your photos and I didn't comment but I looked at all your Disney photos. I'm glad you all had such a nice vacation.

  2. Fun post and photos! Sounds like the summer is off to a picture perfect start! :)

  3. I always enjoy your posts, Billie Jo...smiles

  4. Good morning Billie Jo,

    Oh yes, so wonderful to enjoy these lazy summer days! Nothing like savoring good food and simple pleasures with your family.


  5. Looks like the summer is off to a great start, spending quality time together is amazing. The simple pleasures in life.

  6. I love the bubble pictures. :-)

  7. You captured feel good summer perfectly Billie Jo! And I'm so glad someone else's guilty pleasure is the same as mine - I've watched all of Big Brother too! (even though it often makes me feel old!) Lol Love it!! Happy weekend. xoxo

  8. Love love all your posts. Look forward to them each week. You are so inspirational and wonderful. Your blog keeps me hopeful and happy as We now face my husband's recent cancer diagnosis and treatment journey. Thank you for this treasure of encouragement family life and everyday blessings you share with us. Thank you! Yes, happy weekend and birthday wishes for your lovely daughter!

    1. Emelia,
      Thank you for your kind words, And for reading! I am sorry about your husband. Please know I will keep him in my prayers, and I will offer my Holy Eucharist tomorrow evening at Mass for him and for you all. Have a cozy weekend. : )

    2. Thank you and for your kindness. You are an inspiration. I will tell Joe.He is an EM so he does extra masses and we will keep you all in prayer as well.💕🙏🏻💕OX

  9. Looks like a great summer week! And those muffins look so very good!

  10. Oh, the joy of sweet summer days :) I love that you slow down and enjoy every moment, dear friend.

    Have a blessed weekend. Hugs!

  11. Delicious looking food! :-) I watched one or two of the Big Brother's years ago I can't believe it's still on the air! Have a great weekend!


  12. I never want your posts to end. They bring such a smile to my face.
    Happy weekend, dear friend.

  13. Oh my goodness...I SO want some of those blueberry muffins!

  14. Billie Jo, what a lovely week! Too many of us are rushing through life too much of the time. I think we all need to make some bubbles!

  15. Was that Life cereal?? Our favorite around here! Love your photos!

  16. Your Summer looks perfect! I need some slow days relaxing at home like your days right away!!

  17. Okay, so now I want pizza, something sweet, to blow bubbles and a baby like Mocha!

    Thou shalt not covet thy blog neighbors....

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage


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