June 22, 2016

Magical Memories...Part Two

Our fourth day at Disney ended with the arrival of Madison's boyfriend Nicolas joining us from across the ocean! He finished his exams at University in time to spend the last part of vacation with us. And Madison was excited, as she hadn't seen him since February. We were happy to have him join us as well.

Madison was right...
He loved the shirt I got him! : )

Day five was the big day...Dinner at Cinderella's Castle in Magic Kingdom! We slept in and ate a late breakfast at our hotel before getting our little princess ready. Madison and Nicolas dined together in another restaurant and met up with us after for our traditional Main Street USA photo. But first...

On our way...

Flynn spied her favorites Jaq and Gus Gus while we waited to meet Cinderella...

Pure joy.

After visiting with our favorite princess, we went upstairs for dinner...

And it was amazing.

During dinner, Cinderella's friends come around to say hello...

And Flynn wanted me to get a picture with MY favorite princess...Aurora.

After dinner, we changed our little princess, met up with Madison and Nicolas, and had our traditional "Picture in front of the Castle" taken. : )

My littles.
Not quite so little anymore. : )

Young love.

We spent the evening in Magic Kingdom...our favorite...

And enjoyed the parade...

And fireworks. : )

Day six found us slowing down a bit...

With swimming...

And breakfast by the pool.
Followed of course by showers and fresh jammies and afternoon naps.
For all of us. : )

Then we got ready for an evening at Hollywood Studios!
She couldn't wait to meet Woody and Buzz!

Trying to get a good picture of me and Steve...

"For the Blog" you know. : )

First glimpse of Tower of Terror...
And you can see the flags flew at half staff all week long.

First up.
My favorite from the entire trip.
Being that I am a 1950's gal at heart. : )
At the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre, you actually eat in cars while watching old movies.

And they serve the BEST milkshakes. Ever.
I mean EVER.
I'm still dreaming about them.

After dinner the big kids went off to ride the scary rides, while Flynn and I waited in line to see her favorites.

And they did not disappoint. : )

Buzz loved her dress...

And she loved him.

Woody felt bad about her dress, until I told him she wore a dress with him on it last time.
He remembered!

Hollywood Studios.

Day seven. Our last day.
We returned to Magic Kingdom.
One more time.

We saw a parade.
Peter Pan.

And had a great dinner together at Tony's Italian Restaurant.
I always eat here.
Every time.
In honor of my Daddy.
He loved it. : )

These two. : )
We spent our last night walking and visiting and riding our favorites one final time.
And a few tears were shed as we left that magical park as the music played and fireworks filled the sky.

Suddenly it was Day eight.
Time to come home.
The kids released their Disney balloons with wishes before we headed out...

Then we loaded Disney's Magical Express for the ride to the airport.

Along with the wonderful memories, I brought home some magic to remind me of this amazing trip...

Because you don't have to be in Disney to feel the Disney Magic...

You carry it in your heart.
And into your home.
And home is the most magical place of all, don't you agree?


  1. What a wonderful adventure together, all those wonderful memories to look back on again and again. One of my favourite places to go on holiday, idyllic.

  2. The last time our family went to Disney World was about seven years ago. Your photos are making me want to go back! We only have done Walt Disney World and Epcot. I really think the drive in style restaurant looks neat! I love the little treasures you brought home! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things you do! Juli

  3. Sigh, to be young again!!! I just love Flynn and her happiness just shines, doesn't it? Wonderful to see Madison's friend...smiles

  4. What a magical trip. And such a perfect post to capture it all. Thanks for sharing some of the twinkle with us. ;) xoxo

  5. Ahh, such great memories and pictures!! Love Flynn's Buzz Lightyear dress!

  6. Oh my -- your posts are taking me back too! Love all your photos and seeing the special memories that were made! Your photos turned out fabulous! Such a special place!

  7. Perfect!! I am kind of meh about the attractions at Hollywood Studios but man they have the best food! Now you have me super duper in the planning stages. We watched Cinderella last week because we knew you were at WDW and that was Flynn's favorite. I love that each of you lovely ladies has a different favorite princess!

  8. Billie Jo,

    I'm almost crying... you told the story of your week there like it was a story book. I so loved all of the pictures! Thank you for taking me along with you! I love the look on Flynn's sweet face with Cinderella, Peyton your sweet sixteen girl so lovely, the best big brother right there in the action with family fun, and you and Steve, the glue that holds it all together and the ones who really make it all so magical. I can't even tell you how much I loved this post!

  9. So wonderful!! I didn't know you could meet Woody and Buzz! So glad you made so many great memories and all enjoyed it so much!

  10. Oh my Goodness I love Disney! Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is my favorite place to eat there, I'm still dreaming about the milkshakes and I haven't been there since New years in 2012!
    It looks like everyone had a good time :) Disney is magical for all ages!

  11. Oh my Goodness I love Disney! Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is my favorite place to eat there, I'm still dreaming about the milkshakes and I haven't been there since New years in 2012!
    It looks like everyone had a good time :) Disney is magical for all ages!

  12. I feel like I just went on the most amazing trip :) I enjoyed your photos and seeing your joy and family fun and bliss so much! And Madison and her love are so sweet. Their happiness shines through each photo of them.
    What a truly amazing place with so many wonderful places to make memories.
    Love your bracelet, also!


  13. Brings back many great memories from when our family went!! :-) Wonderful pictures looks like a lot of fun!


  14. Ahhhh I love every photo!!!! Oh my gosh where to start, Your sweet Flynn wearing her Cinderella dress and hugging her at the same time, such a girls dream. And as for you, you could be Aurora's mother you both look so much alike, oh, such pretty girls! Then there is the Tower of Terror, did you ride it? - man it freaked me out especially every time it dropped. We just went in September and your pictures are making me want to go back again! Those pillows are great, love the 'Never grow up' one!! You guys sure had a magical time!! Thanks for sharing your trip!

  15. Loved loved loved all your pictures...you captured it all so well. And Flynns face with Cinderella ❤️. Love all they toddies you brought ho,e, especially the bracelet!
    One of these days I hope to visit Disney World.

  16. An amazing place for making amazing memories!

  17. I agree, your post was like I was reading a sweet tale from an enchanted story book. Oh friend, what precious, precious memories! I was swept away with your adventures and I am so glad all of you were able create such delightful memories. Thank you for sharing with us.

    I loved seeing the Tower of Terror since the last time I was there I rode it with my dear Grandma Betty who was about 80 at the time. She LOVED Disney World and the magic it contained :) Hugs to you!

  18. Oh I loved this!! The picture of her hugging Cinderella melted my heart... and then it just kept getting better! Your photos, the way you wrote, it made me feel like I got to go along with you! Now I want to go look through my own Disney album! :)


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