June 10, 2016

Random Photo Friday

The weekend is here! And that means a post about nothing but full of random photos. Fun, right?

When my girl and I are the first ones ready for Mass...
We SnapChat about it...
and then we wait outside...
and spin around and take phone pictures until everyone else is ready.
Me and my littlest. : )
After Mass we take Grandma to her favorite place...
And they have Blackberry Lemonade!
Who knew?
(Still SnapChatting...)
Sometimes we all pile into Madison's car and go on a drink run.
To Wendy's.
For Blackberry Lemonade.
And sometimes my Madison makes breakfast.
And it is good.
We've been watching some of our favorite Disney movies in preparation for our upcoming trip!
Any guesses on which classic Disney movie this is?!
(And clearly...I could spend more time dusting and less time watching TV. But. Priorities.
Have a wonderful summer weekend with your people, my friends!
Thanks for visiting!
And for the record...
We were watching Beauty and The Beast. : )


  1. Always enjoy your family activities and pictures. So Disney World is in the family future huh? What fun for all. Happy Friday and upcoming weekend.

  2. Always enjoy your posts and visiting here. Have a beautiful weekend friend.

  3. Love all of your random pictures. I'm slowly starting to learn snapchat. I don't love it yet but I do chat with my sweet Sarah. She thinks it's hilarious that I'm not quite sure how to use it yet. I'm an old dog but eventually I'll learn this new trick!

  4. I hope to vicariously live through your Disney trip so promise me a post! Especially of Flynn's outfits! I hope you all enjoyed Beauty and the Beast. We don't have that one so the kids have never seen it but now I really want to introduce them! I don't know that I have ever had blackberry lemonade but now I am going to make it happen!

  5. Hugs to you and your Flynn.
    How fun to go on drink runs. I think we need to start doing that here. You're such a fun mom. And those waffles look delicious.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I love seeing your photos and the fun you and your family have! We are on vacation this week! I'm ready to get back home! Have a great weekend! Hugs. Juli

  7. Love your random Fridays! And Beauty and the Beast...FAVE! Have a great weekend!!

  8. It was a delight to visit, I don't think I have ever had blackberry lemonade I must give that a go. The Beauty and the Beast show in Hollywood Studios is amazing, not to be missed. Have a great weekend.

  9. Love your random Friday posts...I enjoy getting to see your everyday life. Boy how I wish I could hop in the car with all of you to grab a drink!

  10. Good afternoon Billie Jo,

    Love the random photos. Yum, yum - that breakfast DOES look good. I am thinking of making homemade waffles tomorrow (Saturday morning - Sunday morning is too busy because homemade waffles take a bit of time to make).

    I love the feeling I get from that happy family having a cookout by the pool :)

    Happy Friday to you and yours!

  11. Aww you and your children are so beautiful! I 💖 the vintage photos! Sometimes I believe my soul is from the retro era, lol! Don't you just love these ordinary family days? I don't know who I'd be without them! 😊

  12. Blackberry lemonade, wow sounds fantastic!! We saw Beauty and the Beast on stage at Disney World - they were amazing, just the way you and your cute daughter look all ready for Mass, not to mention that yummy breakfast! Such good times, glad you posted it!

  13. Hello Lovie! Love the randomness of your Fridays. Lol Great photos as always. I'm still trying to decide what I think about snap chat and if I want to enter that realm? I do miss you on insta though!! ;)

    Blessings on the rest of your weekend my Friend. xoxo

  14. Lovely moments! Hope you had a good weekend!


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