June 6, 2016

If You Need Me This Summer...

This is where I'll be. Where we will all be, most likely. The front porch. During the cool autumn days and evenings, and throughout those long, blustery winter days and nights, we are happy to be snuggled up cozy in our country home. Once the warm mornings of summer arrive and stretch into those long and lazy days of summer and then into the quiet, comfortable evenings...we open the door and make ourselves at home on the porch. This year I did a simple redo on the front porch. It is now less cluttered, brighter, and cozier. And that is were we shall spend our fleeting summer months...enjoying the vivid green grass and rolling mountains that surround us, staring at the bright blue sky filled with billowy, white clouds, sipping coffee and tea, reading and rocking, talking and visiting, watching our little one chase bubbles in the front yard during the day and count stars in a glistening sky at night. And we will be together. : )

The spot where Madison and I start the day with our morning coffee...

And the sweet wicker rocker that once belonged to my grandfather...when he was but a little farm boy...

Steve and Peyton still prefer the rockers...

And Rhett and Flynn love the gliders and the swing. : )

Etsy is a wonderful place to find just the perfect summer themed wreath.

And Plow and Hearth had just the pillows I was looking for. : )

Ahhhhh. Summer.
Hello, again.

Tell me, friends...
Where will you be spending your days this summer?
And thanks for visiting.
I'm always glad you do. : )


  1. Gorgeous!! I hope it is a wonderful summer for you! Do you move your checkers out there in the summer too?

  2. Love the pops of yellow and I will be enjoying my front porch and days by the pond this summer. :-) Super happy I won't be seeing snow for awhile, lol. Enjoy my friend!


  3. Such a wonderful place to sit and enjoy. I love to sit in the garden and use the BBQ.

  4. Beautiful. We like the back porch ...have a beautiful day friend.

  5. I love your front porch!!! I would spend my mornings, nights and days(if it's not too hot) there too. Wishing you a wonderful relaxing Summer on that pretty porch.

  6. Hi Billie Jo!

    Your porch is beautiful, I don't blame you for spending so much time enjoying the summer weather! I think the little wicker chair is just adorable, and what a treasure for you to be able to see it each day, and remember your grandfather.

    Have a wonderful day!


  7. Hello, Love the porch, love the small town parade. Precious times with family and those we love. I miss my best friend like crazy she moved far away. Sweet sixteen! Thanks for stopping over today, blogging has been a bit quiet, after all it is summer... Enjoy
    Hugs, Roxy

  8. How beautiful! Your post was so poetic. You created a stirring in me for something more.

    You're making a beautiful home. God bless you!

    Please drop by and say hello again!
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!

  9. We are porch folks too! Love watching the world go by, and the 'price' is right! Your make over on your porch is lovely and I know everyone enjoys the time spent there.

  10. That's a spectacular porch! I'd spend a lot of my time there as well!

  11. Good morning Billie Jo,

    Wow! What a lovely porch you have on that beautiful home in that amazing yard! Those must be marvelous lazy summer days. I am happy for you all. It looks like such a comfy place. (And of course, you new background is perfect for this post.)

    We spend lots of time in our backyard on our little deck by our little pool. My husband regularly cooks on the grill - such a delicious aroma, always makes me feel so spoiled like I am on a vacation :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. I love the splash of yellow you have out there. Is it new this summer? The porch looks welcoming and cozy, a perfect way to start the day with a cup of coffee :)

  13. So lovely! I love all the pops of yellow and the flower pots are perfect! It just looks so cozy and inviting! The scenery is breathtaking, too! Happy summer!

  14. Oh the yellow... it's calling me! I love the redo Bilie Jo... it'll be worth the drive... can I come and sit with you? You did an amazing job. It love the new pillows, the wreath, the potted flowers, simple and welcoming. Cozy as always, and calling me...

  15. Oh yes. I think I could sit out there for an hour...or 5. ;) LOVE the golden touches of yellow this year. So bright and pretty. Pure cheer.

    Since you are too far dear Friend - I'm comforted with the serene beauty of my deck and bay living. But I'll pretend that we could pop back and forth to visit each other anytime we'd like. ;)

    blessings. xoox

  16. Your porch looks divine! I absolutely love, love, your pop of color choice - you can never go wrong with yellow!! Let see, summer days....riding my horse, visiting our grandchildren, quilting, and keeping up with your fabulous blog!
    Happy Summer!

  17. Your porch is SO likened to mine! White house, black shutters, exact same screen door, porch swing and pillows! Only my porch floor is cream and my rockers are white(for now)! I spend literally HOURS out there! Oh how I wish I could invite you over for tea on the porch! This is beautiful!

  18. Your porch is SO likened to mine! White house, black shutters, exact same screen door, porch swing and pillows! Only my porch floor is cream and my rockers are white(for now)! I spend literally HOURS out there! Oh how I wish I could invite you over for tea on the porch! This is beautiful!

  19. Your porch is idyllic! I absolutely love it and would spend every morning in one of those chairs sipping my coffee and watching the clouds go by. Enjoy every second of it! ♥♥♥

  20. Billie Jo, if I had a porch like that I would positively *live* on it all year in all kinds of weather! Gorgeous! That porch is just made for one o my tea parties.


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