January 22, 2016

Random Photo Friday

Frost...but not much snow...

We wear winter coats anyway. : )

Look at me...eating all healthy for lunch...

And then having this for dessert. : )
That would be a brownie with coffee ice cream and chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream.
Yes. You should make one. At Once.

Winter mornings are for snuggling in bed...

And watching Matchgame '78 on TV.

Pictures from my Madison enjoying her time in Denmark always make me happy. : )

Have a cozy weekend, my friends!
And stay safe and warm. : )


  1. Love all of your pictures. Flynn looks adorable in that coat.
    Madison looks like a model in her picture.
    You are like me....I often eat light so I can splurge later on. Less guilt that way, right?
    Have a great weekend, Billie Jo.

  2. If you want snow, then you come here and visit us in western NY, if you like, smiles. When we went down to campus yesterday--wholly moly---they have tons more then we do and we have quite a bit.

    Thank you for sharing your photos, Madison looks so pretty, Billie Jo. Have a happy weekend, friend.

  3. Still no snow here either. The temperatures did drop for awhile and we did have a couple of frost but we are now back to rain. I love that pretty coat. Take care.

  4. We've gotten a little snow and ice and everything is shut down! Gotta love N.C. Enjoy your cozy weekend!

  5. I think I want that ice cream sundae for lunch today ;) Keep warm this weekend!

  6. No snow but lots, too much actually, rain. I prefer the snow. Madison looks so happy and pretty too. Have a warm, snuggly Friday night.

  7. Hello dear Billie Jo,

    Your little Flynn looks very sweet in her adorable blue polka dot coat.

    I love your lunch and -yum- your dessert!

    Happiest weekend wishes to you,

  8. That coat!!! So beautiful!!
    Your ice cream looks delicious!!! My freezer is stocked full of all our favorite flavors as we await our much-anticipated snow storm.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. that one snuggling in bed? Ohhh you're gonna be so glad you have that shot ten years from now! And her COAT! BJ!!!! Just amazing!

  10. Love these photos!! You had me with the ice cream, etc. Yummy! Madison is absolutely gorgeous and it appears as though Flynn is too. Such a cutie in bed! :) Hope you're staying warm and cozy!


  11. Have I ever told you I'm obsessed with game shows of the 70's & 80's?. Match Game is one of my favorites! I spend waaaay too many hours of my day watching Family Feud, Tattletales, and Let's Make a Deal! I love everything about them! LOL ♥♥♥

  12. The frost picture is referred to "snow" down in our neck of the woods by one 4 year old :)

    I bet you miss Madison!

  13. Beautiful photos, your daughter and her boyfriend look so cute in the photo-they are such a great looking couple.


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