April 16, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I am thinking about...

...the past week. And how much we enjoyed it. We had a visitor, and we could not have asked for a nicer young man to welcome into our home. My Madison met a friend through one of her social media accounts, and began talking to him on the phone. They talked for hours and hours and became quite good friends. Steve and I spoke with him as well, and also used Skype to meet his parents. When Madison and he asked if he could come to America from Denmark to visit, Steve and I agreed that it would be a good experience for both of them, as well as for our entire family. And so last week, Madison, Steve and Rhett drove to the airport to meet him. : )

All ready to go...and not a bit nervous. ; )

The moment they met in person at last. : )

We welcomed him with an Italian dinner...what else?!...and spent the first evening talking and laughing and visiting.

The week flew by with dinners and games and movies and even visiting Steve at the dealerships. Saturday night he joined us for Mass, and then we invited some of our family and friends in for a super casual evening of Subway subs and fun. : ) We could not have been happier for the two of these young people. Nicolas was polite, respectful, pleasant, classy, intelligent and fun. His parents did a wonderful job of raising him! He taught us as much as we shared with him, and it was a wonderful week.

Oh, and I made an apple pie...because is there anything more American than apple pie?

The morning of his last full day here, I surprised them with a special breakfast for two. : )
And they were so thankful and cute!

In other news, Kirby got a bath for the occasion...

and Flynn was thrilled with the new jammies that the Easter Bunny forgot to put in her basket and had to mail to her. : )

First outdoor-before-Mass-photo of the year!

And just some of the women in my family who came to visit and meet Nicolas on Saturday night!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!!!!


  1. How exciting for them and your family!! I went to Danish camp when I was younger and I always wanted someone to practice Danish with. Did you have him say refrigerator? It is my favorite word to have Danes say. The "r" in Danish has a different tongue shape in the mouth and so refrigerator is a hard word for them. I love Flynn's jammies! Santa and the Easter Bunny have certainly mailed me my fair share in their time.

  2. What an exciting time. So happy that the family met him and approved.. would he consider moving to America? or maybe should I say, is she considering moving to Denmark?

  3. How cool is that?? I'm so glad the visit went well. You are so nice to welcome him to your home. I bet he felt right at home from the very start. Love the breakfast for 2.

  4. Hi Billie Jo!

    What a wonderful post, and what an amazing experience for both of them, and what a cute couple they make! Social media isn't always a bad thing . . . :0) I think it's wonderful that you and your family made him feel right at home! Apple pie was the perfect dessert to serve, and the breakfast for two was such a cute idea! You must be an amazing mom.

    Easter jammies are the best, even if the bunny forgets!


  5. Very exciting! So kind to welcome him (and brave! ). I'm sure he enjoyed himself tremendously!

  6. Thanks for sharing this. How neat to meet someone and then meet them in real life! You sure know how to make someone feel welcomed in a home. I love seeing your family...so sweet that Flynn is.

    Have a great weekend, bloggy friend!

  7. How exciting! And they make the cutest couple!

  8. Oh they are so adorable together Billie Jo! In this modern age of how people can meet each other....and others might be tentative of it.....I think you handled it so perfectly as parents and I think it's so cool how open you were to the whole thing.

    When I was in Europe, many years ago now, we stayed with some family in Poland and I was able to meet many of the younger cousins (still in high school at that time) and I was beyond impressed with what better manners, respect, and maturity they had then kiddos back home. Not all kiddos in our country, but many I have met. Not to mention the Polish cousins also knew their geography & current events so impressively well...and they all spoke 3 languages!! They were in the minority I could even converse with there because they did speak English, unlike the older Polish relatives! Lol

    Thanks for sharing - so much fun to get a peak into your beautiful and impressive family. xoxo

  9. Wow, how special! Looks like your whole family gave him a very warm welcome!

  10. What a cute couple! So great everything went so well :-) Loved that the Easter Bunny mailed the PJ's so she could enjoy them ;-) Have a wonderful day!


  11. Oh I can't wait to hear more about this young man (hopefully there will be more? I presume?). Awe, the Easter Bunny was sure nice to mail the package, smiles. Blessings

  12. So wonderful and what a cute couple. You are such a special family and I know you showered him with love and kindness. Love your beautiful family!❤️

  13. How exciting for everyone! I am not sure if they are a couple, but may I just say that they are sooo cute together! What a blessing for the two of them to meet.

    Hugs to you!

  14. How wonderful!!! It sounds as though you all had a wonderful time!! xx

  15. Such an adorable couple -- what fun to have him visit! I'm sure he and his parents really enjoyed your hospitality! Always great to have someone to show around and see your town or area through their eyes. Your bitty girl is so adorable!! And apple pie -- you're killing me here -- so hungry for some!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. How sweet! They are so sweet together. What an honor it must have been to stay with y'all and experience your wonderful hospitality, and for y'all to have such a guest in your home. Madison looks so happy.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  17. What a wonderful story! I just love that you all skyped with his parents too:) It sounds like he had a great week in America! Keep us posted:)


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