January 22, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...Time. And how quickly it passes. I have learned to stop lamenting that fact and have tried to embrace it by living in the moment. Time passes, things change, children grow. So why not hold on and enjoy? Here are a few pictures of the past wintry week in our part of the world...

My beautiful mother...she loved the pillow I had made for her with pieces of my dear father's favorite ties...
My sisters and I shared our memories of my father wearing each one with her. She recognized them right away, and told me she will treasure it always.
My Madison had her first Mary Kay skin care class, and Peyton was happy to help her out with the refreshments! Not pictured would be these amazing brownies. Because they were devoured as soon as I put them out! Thanks, Sarah! : )
My baby...with braids...
and the next day without. : ) And yes...she took a paper shamrock to Mass. And it sang. : )
Just me...
and my coffee.
Have a wonderful January weekend, my friends! : )


  1. Yep. Time is the theme of the day I think. What a lovely week you had.

  2. Enjoyed spending 'time' with you through pictures.

  3. What a beautiful idea with the pillow. What a treasure that is!
    Congrats to Madison on the start up of her business. Good for her!

  4. Have a great weekend! That is a beautiful gift to your mother. How she must miss her beloved so.
    Your Madison sounds like an amazing your woman. Best of luck to her and her business. She sounds like she has talent...tell her Christine couldnt sell anything even if it was free!!! really I cant!

  5. Oh how beautiful...thank you Billie Jo for the smiles...yep, I think it is time for me to make a fresh pot of coffee. Blessings

  6. Best wishes for Madison! I can't sell anything either, like Christine mentioned. I tried selling Melaleuca before and only my mom and mother in law would buy from me.
    Love the pillow you made for your mom.

  7. What beautiful photos. That tie pillow is such a great idea! Absolutely love it. My mom is trying to have teddy bears made for my brother and I out of a couple of my grandparents shirts. This makes me even more eager to get them. Even as I type, I can still smell my grandparents and feel the last time I held their hands. It's right there, so obvious, just like they still are. What a wonderful gift to your mom.
    I'm so glad that you found that recipe because I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT! No kidding. Oh my gosh, why have I forgotten??!! I think I better get some ingredients and make that for National Chocolate day, right?

    Enjoy your weekend, sweet lady.

  8. Lovely photos Billie Jo! The tie pillow you made for your mom is just precious. What a wonderful way to keep your dad's memory alive! xoxo

  9. Yes, treasure those moments. I wish I had kept my dad's ties and shirts. I've seen so many doing this and I love it. What a treasure!

  10. Billie Jo, your mom is adorable! Such dear pictures. Congrats again to Madison!

  11. Oh Billie Jo, the pillow made from your dad's ties is precious! And it's beatifully made, my friend. I am sure your mother was thrilled with it and how wonderful that she can have it near her...

    Hugs to you!

  12. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful and amazingly thoughtful gift you gave your mother!! I can just hear all the sighs and sniffles and laughs as you all gazed over that beautiful gift!

  13. Absolutely beautiful, Billy Jo!
    Your dear mamma will cherish that pillow for the rest of her days. Awesome!

    Have a beautiful blessed day.


  14. Love the pillow you made for your mama! So fun for all of you!

    Now why do you show yourself in black and white? Where are those pretty blue eyes? You are beautiful!

  15. Love your moms pillow. And yay for Madison ...I need to take a look at their stuff. I used it years ago and loved their lip stick.

  16. I love that pillow! What a lovely gift for you mom. Wish I had done that with my dad's ties. He was a business man and had so many really nice ties - I'm not sure whatever happened to them, now that I think about it. I love the snow picture - how cozy! Enjoy the week ahead!


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