January 19, 2015

Make Your Winter Fun...Celebrate!

It is no secret we love to celebrate holidays in this house. I began celebrating these little holidays when I had three little ones five years old and under with a long, cold winter stretching out before us. It was a way to give them something to look forward to, as well as add some fun to our winter days. As with most things, it became a tradition we continue to this day. Why not start your own traditions this year?

Below are the upcoming holidays you can plan for and celebrate any way you choose! Remember, it doesn't have to be Pinterest inspired or expensive...just fun and festive and yummy! I get my supplies online from Party City. I have seen items on Oriental Trading Company and at Walmart as well. Often times I have leftover supplies, so I keep them in labeled Rubbermaid containers. Each January, I look and see if I need to replenish any for the upcoming holidays. Easy and fun! : ) So...mark your calendars and begin the planning. There are a lot of special days coming up!

Super Bowl
Sunday, February 1
Even if you are not a huge football fan, it is fun to watch the commercials! We usually make some fun snack food and a sheet cake to celebrate.

 Groundhog Day
Monday, February 2
Rise and shine! You can catch the real Punxutawney Phil around 7:00 Am EST. We also read these books, and use this adorable cookie cutter to make groundhog cookies. We like Molasses cookies with a mini chocolate chip for the eye. You can visit the official site here to find the cookie cutter as well as printable activity pages for the kids. : )

Valentine's Day
Saturday, February 14
What better reason to celebrate than Love? We make a nice meal of stuffed shells and garlic toast every year. Peyton also makes a special dessert to celebrate. I purchase the BEST chocolate hearts to place at each setting. I have done this since Madison was little, and the kids look forward to that little heart every year. You can find them here.

Mardi Gras
Tuesday, February 17
This is a fun one! We decorate the table with beads and masks and have a blast. Peyton and I make our version of a King Cake and we celebrate before Lent begins.

Chinese New Year
Thursday, February 19
What better excuse for Chinese Take Out? We love to decorate and eat and read about the Chinese new year traditions. Working on the chopsticks, though. : )

St. Patrick's Day
Tuesday, March 17
This is another fun one! We wear our green and gold and have a good Irish meal of Red Potatoes, Cabbage and Bacon. And of course, our traditional Lime Jello Poke Cake. : )

So there you go! Some special days to brighten your winter. Mark your calendars. And please post about your celebrations, too! : ) 


  1. You could open a business with all your good ideas on how to decorate, what to cook, etc. I thoroughly enjoy coming to your site to see what is going on in your home. Happy Monday.

  2. Can I come over and play too, wink???? You are awesome to make this winter so much fun. Thank you for the smiles. Blessings

  3. Girl you are on it!!! I'm off today to hopefully find lots of Valentine's Day goodies. I'm gonna keep an eye out for Groundhog day now too ;)

  4. I'm gonna be holding on to your ideas now that I have little ones to celebrate with.

  5. And that is why I come here... period!

  6. We are planning a Super Bowl mini-party too! I also love holidays and can't wait for my kiddos to get a little older and start to really love them too!

  7. Billie Jo, I would have loved to grow up in your house! What fun and so many delicious things to eat! Thank you for the celebration ideas!

  8. ~thought of you today as I drove by Party City for the fourth time in one day... you can almost see it from our house! You'd love it!!! (but I'd rather live where you do) :)

  9. We are big on holidays here too. My youngest has been working on her Leprechaun trap for this year already ;-) Have a great week!

  10. It's wonderful to have something to look forward to and celebrate! Your party supplies are adorable! Have fun!! xo

  11. What fun stuff you have!!!
    Thanks for the Groundhog's link! I'm close to Punxsy, and have been debating about heading there next week to participate in some festivities with my kids :)

  12. You are such an inspiration…seriously, I want to be like you when I grow up! ;) Thanks for the ideas and the links.

  13. Great ideas! I'm sure your kids appreciate it all so much!


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