January 10, 2015

This Makes Me Happy...Retro TV Shows...And A Giveaway!

Santa added to our Retro Television Show collection this Christmas, and we are glad! I want to share a few of our favorite shows that we enjoy watching together as a family. These shows are the ones I grew up watching with my sisters, and am happy to say my own children enjoy them as well. It is no secret that I place a large value on the importance of family time, and this is one way to spend it. Each night, after dinner and after the kitchen is cleaned, we gather together and spend some time watching these classic shows. I encourage you to try it, especially during these blustery, cold winter evenings. Here are some of our favorites...

This is our newest addition...the original Batman. So much fun!
Always a favorite...right Kathleen? : )
We haven't started this one yet, but I am waiting!
Fave. No other words necessary.
And this one...simply love.
All of these are available at Walmart or Amazon...perhaps even Netflix or Vudu...but if you want a head start and would like to win a brand new set of Little House on the Prairie Season One,  just leave a comment below. It is one of our favorites, and I would love to gift one to one of my readers. We will draw a winner Wednesday, January 14, and announce the winner on Thursday, January 15. Good Luck!
So remember to gather together and find a show you all enjoy. Spend time together as a family. It may seem silly, but retro television shows make me happy.


  1. How fun and a good idea. I make Bewitched references and my kids have no idea what I mean. We love I Love Lucy too.

  2. Those shows were always my favorites too!

  3. They make me so happy, especially The Brady Bunch. You are right!! I watched all of these as a kid, but aside from B.B., we don't see much of the others these days. My girls have seen Little House and love it, but to have the collection of the first season would be great.
    There's not much wholesome TV for family time, so thanks for the great reminders on these shows.

  4. We love to do this too!! We would love to add Little House to our collection. I was Jan Brady for Halloween in 5th grade and had The Brady Bunch calendar for several years in a row. :)

  5. What a great post!! I loveeeeeee all them but the Brady Bunch..(I hear Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!) WINK. ANYWAYS--we love retro shows or as my son calls them, 'Old Shows'. Blessings

  6. Loved them all! We collected the ENTIRE set of Little House. Took a few years but totally worth it!

  7. I grew up watching LHOTP...my fav! I also have the Pink Panther on DVD and The Muppets! Classics! I really want The Flintstones and The Jetsons. Loved those shows. We still watch a lot of Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry etc...

  8. oh Little house on the Prarrie... I know every episode, every season, every word. I still want to be Ma when I grow up! Can we come over and watch Bewitched and the Brady Bunch with you all? Please!

  9. Oh how fun, my friend! You have listed some of the greatest classics :) I am with Tara, can I come over to watch Bewitched? Hugs to you!

  10. I'll be right over to snuggle up and watch!!
    love them ALL!!
    have a happy day billie jo

  11. Back when we had TV (we only do Netflix now) we watched all the Little House's on the Hallmark channel, on every single day....just like when I was a kid.

    My all time favorite...but Brady Bunch is pretty close...

    Loved all the ones you do...except might have to check out Batman!!
    Gosh, I loved Bewitched too...

  12. I haven't thought about Bewitched in years!
    Great idea, especially in the winter months. We love to pile into the living room and watch something together.


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