December 1, 2014

24 Things To Do Until Christmas Comes...Number 1

December is here! The month we wait all year for has arrived. I am looking forward to spending this month celebrating the magic that is Christmas with my dear family here in our country home. And I am encouraging you to do the same in your own home. This December, why not claim this time for your family? The month passes so quickly. Soon it will be but a memory. And what better way to create memories than by spending special time with your family?

Beginning today, December 1st, and continuing through Christmas Eve, I am going to share with you 24 things we do as a family to celebrate this most special month together. I will post one simple idea, recipe, or tradition each day. These are not new, complicated, Pinterest-worthy ideas...I am not an expert on Christmas, nor am I a professional crafter or baker. Rather, I am a mother who for the past 18 years has tried to create the most magical family-centered Christmas season possible for her family.

I realize this month is a busy one, filled with obligations and parties and programs. But remember, the most important group of people in your life is your family. And January is a long month with much less excitement. Perhaps save some of those parties for then, and reclaim this month for your family. Make memories, start traditions...You will be so glad you did. Promise.

So join me here every day through Christmas Eve. And we will enjoy this magical month together.

Number 1...Begin The Season With Chocolate Advent Calendars

We use these fun Advent calendars every year. I purchase them from Bronners, and am always very happy. The chocolate is delicious! I have seen similar ones at our Walmart as well. We always open the door and eat the chocolate in the morning, and then read and discuss the little sayings behind each door. Just a fun little way to bring Christmas magic to the start of the day. : )


  1. Yes mam! You have your priorities in the right order. Those babies are our gifts to hold and treasure and teach and nuture in the ways of the Lord. Hold them close.

  2. We have an Advent calendar but it's not chocolate. Too bad because that's a great idea!!

  3. Oh, wow! I am so excited about this! What a huge undertaking to post for 25 days! Thank-you, thank-you for sharing all your December traditions with us!

  4. I put mine out for the kiddos last night for a morning surprise....I wish I could find holy ones...I can only find them at Fleet Farm.Ha! I even sent one back with my college boy!!!! hows that for a cool mama???!!

  5. Ohhhhhh (squealing) I'm soooooo excited! 24 dream posts for me to read!!!! Did I say so excited yet?

  6. Have you ever been to Bronner's in Frankenmuth, Billie Jo? Now that is really something to see! ;)

  7. Looking forward to your posts over the next month.
    We have chocolate advent calendars here as well.
    Happy holidays!

  8. Wow - chocolate advent calendars! I've not seen these before. We always had the little cardboard ones with the cardboard doors (that didn't quite close right after the first year).


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